Premier TEFL reviews – Our Favorite Verified Reviews of 2023

With 2024 fast approaching, it’s about time we look back and assess all of our reviews in 2023.  It’s very important for a company to reflect on what its customers have to say in order for the company to thrive, and here at Premier TEFL, our customers and their reviews mean everything!

In this article,  we will showcase some of the best-verified reviews of 2023 and what they mean to us as a company.  To kick things off, here is a featured video from TEFL teacher Madelyn on why she chose to study a TEFL course and travel the world.

Why I Chose To Live & Teach Abroad | TEFL Teacher Madelyn

Premier TEFL Reviews – Why Online Reviews Matter

In the last few years, there has been a huge increase in shopping online rather than in-store. But with the increase in online shopping, there has also been a huge increase in fake websites and scams across the internet. Our reviews mean so much to us because it increases our trustworthiness for customers and ensures that we are a safe website.

How Customer Reviews Impact Us

Reviews are a huge part of our company and they can be extremely helpful to us, whether they are positive or negative. Positive reviews give us a sense of self-achievement and satisfaction that we have provided the best possible service to our customers. Negative reviews always help us too, as they can point us in the right direction and help us to improve our products and services. If new customers visit our website and see all the reviews, it can reassure them that we are a trustworthy business and that we provide good results.

Our New Plant-A-Tree Scheme

In the past year, we have started a new program which is environmentally friendly and good for the planet. For every review we receive online, we plant a tree to show our gratitude and appreciation to the customer. So far we have planted 100 trees, which is a great step towards helping to stop global warming and pollution. Off-setting the effects of our travelling TEFL teachers is difficult to do, especially when we have over 50,000 graduates, but planting these trees is a step in the right direction.

Premier TEFL reviews – Our Favorite Reviews

Mariam’s 5-star 10-Hour Classroom Methodologies Course Review

Mariam completed her 10 Hour Classroom Methodologies course with us and was thrilled that she did so! She found the classes to be helpful and beneficial as she received an in-depth learning experience. She highly recommends this course for beginners who would like to become a teacher. Mariam felt she really benefited from the very knowledgeable and professional teacher, Michelle Benson who kept her engaged and invigorated. She cannot recommend Premier TEFL enough, it seems!

premier TEFL reviews

I just had my 10-hour Classroom Methodologies course with the instructor Michelle Benson. The course was very helpful as I was able to practice what I was learning and it covered all the skills a teacher would need in their teaching journey. What made the course more fun was the instructor, Michelle was very professional and knowledgeable, she explained the syllabus in detail and she always made sure that everybody was engaged, also her sense of humor made the course more fun and less stressful. I’d like to encourage anyone willing to become a teacher to go ahead and take this course.” – Mariam

Isabella’s 5-star Review – Premier TEFL is “The Best in the Business”

Isabella was thrilled with the service provided by Premier TEFL, especially the option of live chats, which helped her when she was wondering which course to choose from. She then completed her 10-hour virtual course and found her teacher Michelle very valuable as she made the class interactive and extremely fun! She is really satisfied with not only our online courses but our customer service too!

premier TEFL reviews

Premier TEFL is really the best in the business, they helped me every step of the way from their live chats (Aveen is just awesome) when I was enquiring about which courses to choose from for the job and location I wanted to apply ESL jobs for to the course itself. I enjoyed my 10-hour virtual course with Michelle Benson as our teacher she made the class very interactive and fun not to mention very valuable!! she is a gem and I will sing Premier TEFL’s praises to anyone that has ears to listen!” – Isabella


Daniel’s 5-star Review About how Premier TEFL has “Met his Expectations”

Daniel had just started his 180-hour course and he was already very impressed with how organized and clear the material that was presented to him was. He claims he had researched many different programs from other companies, but says that Premier TEFL is the company that has met his expectations. He does not seem to regret his purchase with us!

premier TEFL reviews

Just started the 180-hour course. The course designers have done a very nice job of organizing the material and presenting the material with clear learning objectives and in a manageable format. I researched many different programs and Premier TEFL has met my expectations.” – Daniel


Kayleen’s Review of How Amazing her Teacher was

Kayleen had chosen the 10-hour Classroom Methodologies course and it’s safe to say she wasn’t disappointed! Kayleen had lots of praise for her teacher Michelle, who she said was extremely knowledgeable and did a great job of teaching the class. She states that she has much more confidence teaching a class now. She definitely recommends adding this TEFL course on top of your normal TEFL course!

Verified TEFL Review

Michelle Benson was absolutely amazing in teaching the 10-hour classroom methodologies course. She was extremely knowledgeable and really did a great job passing that knowledge on to the class. She treated us how she would her normal students. This gave us the opportunity to learn by observing. I definitely feel much more confident with teaching a class and would definitely recommend adding this course on top of your normal TEFL course.– Kayleen


Vida’s Review About how his Course “Brought him out of his shell” 

Vida was very impressed with his teacher Michelle and could not thank her more, as she helped him to come out of his shell and made him feel part of the group. He says that he was a very shy and anxious person at first, but this course was very interactive and fun!

Verified TEFL Review

The classroom teaching class with Michelle Benson was incredible! I am a bit of a shy and anxious person but she made us all feel so welcome and come together properly as a group. I had a lot of fun with how interactive it was. It actually brought me out of my shell more than I expected! I had a lot of fun and was sad when I got to the end of the 2nd day. 100% recommend anyone to give it a go!”

Ready to Choose Your TEFL Course?

Has reading these reviews inspired you to study with us at Premier TEFL? If it has, we would be delighted to have you join us! You can see what courses we have to offer and find out which course is best suited to you and your goals. It’s never too late to start!

If you choose to complete a TEFL course with us, it can enable you to work from home or anywhere in the world. Teaching English abroad can establish amazing memories that will last forever, and allow you to live your best life and to experience many different cultures while making lots of new friends. Who wouldn’t want to travel around the world and earn at the same time?

In addition, TEFL accreditation is lifelong, so no need to worry about time! So, what are you waiting for? If you’re interested, take this short test to see what course suits you best and begin your adventure today.

We would like to thank everyone who left a review in 2023 and we hope to get the same response from our customers this year! (Hopefully, your name will be at the end of one of those reviews)

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