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Your English teaching adventure made simple. There’s no two ways about it, we love teaching English abroad! Passion for what we do at Premier TEFL is in abundance. Every. Single. Day.

TEFL & Travel Experts

Aveen Healy

TEFL & Travel Specialist

Aveen has a diploma in PR, Advertising, and Financial management. Next to planning your TEFL experience, her favorite thing to do is spend time with her family. This live music lover is also keen on a big fan of European city breaks!

Top Travel Spot: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Favorite Food: Pizza or Pasta

Best Part of Travel: Visiting new sites and immersing yourself in local culture

Would Love to Visit: Dubai and Mykonos

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Sandra Lane

Student Affairs Manager

Travel addict Sandra has visited more than 30 countries, it’s her favorite thing to do when she’s not playing guitar, baking treats or crafting. You’ll often find her nose in a great book or rounding up the family to set off on a refreshing hike.

Top Travel Spot: Bella Italia

Favorite Food: Empanadas con queso from the oldest Latin American restaurant in Berlin

Best Part of Travel: You learn to trust your instincts, learn new things (also about yourself). You can reinvent yourself and meet lots of interesting people.

Would Love to Visit: Patagonia and New Zealand

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Megan Cronin

Marketing, Affiliates & Community Manager

Megan is dotty about polka dots and rockin’ n’ rollin’ with her roller derby team. Media Meg also enjoys learning different languages, but never stuck with one long enough to become fluent! Fun fact: Megan collects an accordion fan from every country she’s been to!

Top Travel Spot: Greece

Favorite Food: Nachos (with all the toppings!)

Best Part of Travel: Experiencing different cultures and celebrations

Would Love to Visit: Mexico

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Academic Team

Jacob Thomas

Academic Director

DELTA trained Jacob’s international career has taken him across Thailand, Germany and Spain teaching English. His specialist teaching experience includes Cambridge assessment as well as IELTS preparation and online teaching.

Top Travel Spot: Koh Phangan, Thailand and Miedzyzdroje, Poland (his partner’s hometown).

Favorite Food: Thai street food – moo da deow (fried pork) & guy phet met ma muang (fried chicken with cashew nuts)!

Best Part of Travel: Having experiences that take your breath away!

Would Love to Visit: Australia, Fiji, Cook Islands and the Southern Pacific Islands…

Luke O'Dea

Academic Assessor

CELTA trained Luke is on the path to a Masters in Education & foreign language teaching. This soccer fan teaches English (and German) in Argentina and Ireland. Our favorite saxophonist is passionate about diversity and is also an avid reader.

Top Travel Spot: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Favorite Food: Medium-rare steak with a glass (or two) of Malbec

Best Part of Travel: Experiencing the diverse riches of other cultures; acquiring lifelong memories with expats and locals alike

Would Love to Visit: New York (I’m half American) and Cuba

Nikki Foley

Academic Assessor

Nikki’s experience teaching in Barcelona means she’s walked in your shoes and is
full of advice. This TEFL-qualified, Applied Languages graduate also cooks up a
storm, making traditional, local dishes from her travels.

Top Travel Spot: Berlin, Germany

Favorite Food: Lasagne (Di Carne o Vegetariana)

Best Part of Travel: Experiencing a new culture, especially the food, while broadening your own horizons

Would Love to Visit: Argentina (or anywhere in South America)

Laura Graham

Academic Assessor

Laura has been an English teacher since 2009 and worked as a TEFL teacher while traveling South America and China before settling down permanently in southern Spain. This has given her a wealth of experience in all ages and levels, class sizes, teaching methods as well as having designed courses for individual, private students

Top Travel Spot: Ecuador, it’s an amazing country on every level – food, people, scenery, everything blew my mind when I was there!

Favorite Food: The famous Xi’an lamb and cumin noodles, slurpy deliciousness!!!

Best Part of Travel: Pushing my own limits and putting myself in new situations

Would Love to Visit: I would love to visit Georgia or the Kingdom of Bhutan

Michelle Benson

Teacher Trainer

Michelle’s TEFL career spans over 20 years. After graduating with a BA Degree in English, a Post Graduate Diploma in Education, and a TEFL qualification, she decided to teach English abroad for six years both in Botswana Africa and Tel Aviv Israel. Since then Michelle has been teaching English to adults in Limerick City. Her students come from over 30 different countries from Afghanistan to Brazil.

Top Travel Spot: Italy

Favorite Food: Lebanese

Best Part of Travel: Having adventures into the unknown

Would Love to Visit: India

Michelle Kauffman

Teacher Trainer

Meet your personal tutor, Michelle! She’s excited to share her years of international TEFL experience as she teaches your course. Michelle spent 15 years working, living, and traveling overseas.

Top Travel Spot: Istanbul, Turkey, where she lived for 1.5 years.

Favorite Food:  The vegan restaurants of Ubud, Bali. These places specialize in taking the freshest ingredients and making them into exquisitely delicious dinners.

Best Part of Travel: Adventure. Meeting new people, experience their day-to-day lives.

Would Love to Visit: Brazil and Russia.

Partnerships & Development

Rosie Mansfield

Managing Director

Rosie has an impressive business career spanning 10+ years in the ESL training field. Always her favorite subject, she studied for an English degree in Scotland. Her passion for travel and exploration is infectious, and her expertise is second to none.

Top Travel Spot: Vietnam – all of it!

Favorite Food: Anything spicy, extra spicy

Best Part of Travel: Diversity… of food, culture, people

Would Love to Visit: Japan

Ian O'Sullivan


Ian’s educational travel career spans almost 20 years. In his opinion, travel is one of the most valuable educations you’ll ever get. This adventure loving, dog-owning fitness enthusiast has a passion for living life to the fullest. Make every day count.

Top Travel Spot: Peru (and Greece)

Favorite Food: a Vindaloo!

Best Part of Travel: The unexpected

Would Love to Visit: Everywhere, I’m 1/2 way there at 100 countries

Deidre Bounds


Deirdre’s inspirational TEFL journey saw her teach abroad in Japan, China, Australia and Greece. On returning home she began work to share the knowledge she’d gained from her time teaching English abroad, developing the world’s first online TEFL course in the 1990s.

Top Travel Spot: Greece

Favorite Food: Yakitori

Best Part of Travel: The surprise

Would Love to Visit: Bali

Digital Team

Przemysław Solan

Web Developer

Chess-addict Przemek is our Web Developer. This movie buff enjoys Lord of the Rings and The Shawshank Redemption but they’re not the only classics he loves. Przemek also has a keen interest in literature and ancient manuscripts. #checkmate

Top Travel Spot: Kraków

Favorite Food: Chicken Tikka Masala

Best Part of Travel: Exploring new places

Would Love to Visit: Rome

Darragh Mangan

Lead Designer

#VisCom specialist Darragh is responsible for making sure our website looks on point. This guitar owning rock music fan also loves a good soccer match. He’s the office comedian and has absolutely no guitar-playing skills.

Top Travel spot: Rome, Italy

Favorite Food: Beef bourguignon

Best Part of Travel: Meeting cool people that you can have a good laugh/beer with

Would Love to Visit: New York


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Our Story

So, what’s our history? Well, since you ask, it all began more than 25 years ago when one of our founders, Deirdre, landed back in the UK after four years abroad teaching in Japan, China, Australia and finally the mountains of Greece.

Her life had changed so profoundly that she wanted to pass her knowledge and ideas to others. And so, she did. With passion and determination, she founded a TEFL company that was to change the concept of teaching abroad for hundreds of thousands of people. She set about creating the first online TEFL course and worked with thousands of volunteers from all over the world.

She still has that same passion and knowledge today, but perhaps more importantly, empathy with fellow hopeful travelers as she has been exactly where you are now… standing at the beginning of something truly life-changing!

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