Get to know the Premier TEFL team

The Premier TEFL team is on a mission: to create the newest, most unique live teacher-training experiences in the TEFL market.

With 25 years of TEFL journeys between us, we know the ins and outs of teaching English abroad. We train our English teachers to be confident, impactful travelers who are ready to explore the entire world. Our internationally recognized, fully accredited online courses are comprehensive, easy to follow, and give you the exact information you need to start teaching English as a foreign language.

We’ve had our adventures – now it’s your turn.

TEFL & Travel Experts


Emily Humphreys

TEFL & Travel Specialist

Emily loves a balanced life, always following an intensive period of work or study with some soul enriching travelling. TEFL has funded her trips all over Europe and South America. Talk to Emily to open a new chapter in life, travelling and teaching worldwide.

  • Top travel spot: Anywhere Spanish speaking. I am an Hispanic addict.
  • Favorite food: Sourdough bread
  • Best part about travel: How it always trumps working or studying. It is basically freedom!
  • Would love to visit: India! The culture, religion and history fascinates me.


Teresa Lenane

Placement Application Specialist

When Teresa’s not helping you secure your dream TEFL placement you’ll find this social media nerd scrolling through Twitter or cheering on her favourite sports teams.  She’s an avid gig-goer with a love of travel, sports and puns!

  • Top travel spot: Heidelberg, Germany
  • Favorite food: Indian
  • Best part about travel: Discovering new cultures and getting the chance to live like a local!
  • Would love to visit: Morocco 

Partnerships & Development


Rosie Mansfield


Rosie has an impressive business career spanning 10 years in the ESL training field. Always her favorite subject, she studied a degree in English in Scotland. Her passion for travel and exploration is infectious, and her expertise is second to none.

  • Top travel spot: Vietnam – all of it!
  • Favorite food: Anything spicy, extra spicy
  • Best part about travel: Diversity… of food, culture, people
  • Would love to visit: Japan


Ian O'Sullivan


Ian’s educational travel career spans almost 20 years. In his opinion, travel is one of the most valuable educations you’ll ever get. This adventure-loving, dog-owning fitness enthusiast has a passion for living life to the full. Make every day count.

  • Top travel spot: Peru (and Greece)
  • Favorite food: a Vindaloo!
  • Best part about travel: the unexpected
  • Would love to visit: everywhere, I’m 1/2 way there at 100 countries


Sam Garvey

TEFL Manager

Sam has worked & travelled internationally for over 30 years. She originates from Manchester, UK and to this day loves the multicultural and diverse city where she grew up. Now based in Ireland, her passions are textiles, art, music, & people.

  • Top travel spot: New York (City and Upstate)
  • Favorite food: Lancashire Cheese & Onion Pie & Indian food
  • Best part about travel: Experiencing new culture, food, meeting locals, music and art
  • Would love to visit: India

Digital Wizards


Frankie Kiely

Lead Developer

Frankie “The IT Guy” has been involved in the TEFL industry since 2013. He’s on a mission to make your digital journey better, but he also knows a thing or two about helping people find their dream job abroad. A soccer-loving well-traveled, techy who sometimes “needs to stop frowning”.

  • Top travel spot: Boracay, The Philippines
  • Favorite food: Fried Chicken
  • Best part about travel: Trying the different food and sitting in a new place, with a beer, watching the world go by.
  • Would love to visit: Tokyo, Japan

Adam Gilroy

Junior Developer

Photography enthusiast Adam hails from the home of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey. That’s all we need to say about that. This IT graduate is a huge music and sport nerd with a love for Hip-Hop and Manchester United. He has a keen interest in all things social media!

  • Top travel spot: Barcelona, Spain
  • Favorite food: Anything Italian
  • Best part about travel: Submerging yourself in, and experiencing another culture
  • Would love to visit: Los Angeles

James O'Mahony

Junior Developer

Cork native James is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast with a big personality. A lover of trance music and live gigs.  An IT graduate who’s enthusiastic and dedicated; James has a love for new travel adventures and spending time in nature.

  • Top travel spots: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Favourite Food: Steak
  • Best part about travel: Experiencing different cultures
  • Would love to visit: Thailand

Darragh Mangan

Lead Designer

#VisCom specialist Darragh is responsible for making sure our website looks on point. This guitar-owning rock music fan also loves a good soccer match. He’s the office comedian and has absolutely no guitar-playing skills.

  • Top travel spot: Rome, Italy
  • Favorite food: Beef bourguignon
  • Best part about travel: Meeting cool people that you can have a good laugh/beer with
  • Would love to visit: New York

Hugo Rettien

Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing consultant and web developer Hugo hails from France. This keen athlete is a multi-marathon runner and sports fan. He makes a mean crepe and would never say no to good wine and cheese.

  • Top travel spot: France, of course!
  • Favorite food: Tartiflette
  • Best part about travel: The chance to take good French wine and cheese around the world
  • Would love to visit: The Himalayas