Get to know the Premier TEFL team

The Premier TEFL team is on a mission: to create the newest, most unique live teacher-training experiences in the TEFL market.

With 25 years of TEFL journeys between us, we know the ins and outs of teaching English abroad. We train our English teachers to be confident, impactful travelers who are ready to explore the entire world. Our internationally recognized, fully accredited online courses are comprehensive, easy to follow, and give you the exact information you need to start teaching English as a foreign language.

We’ve had our adventures – now it’s your turn.


Rosie Mansfield


Rosie has an impressive business career spanning 10 years in the ESL training field. Always her favorite subject, she studied a degree in English in Scotland. Her passion for travel and exploration is infectious, and her expertise is second to none.

  • Top travel spot: Vietnam – all of it!
  • Favorite food: Anything spicy, extra spicy
  • Best part about travel: Diversity… of food, culture, people
  • Would love to visit: Japan


Rosanna Belmonte

Managing Director

Rosanna has a master’s degree in Literary Translation. Firmly believing in the importance of international experience, she studied and worked in Spain, England and Wales before moving to Ireland. She truly enjoys writing about literature and travel.

  • Top travel spot: Cambridge
  • Favorite food: Pizza
  • Best part about travel: Unexpected events
  • Would love to visit: Portugal


Emma Power

Courses Manager

Emma studied English and History at undergraduate level in University College Cork before specializing with a master’s degree in Creative Advertising from Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland.

After gaining experience in leading Irish advertising and marketing agencies, Emma’s embraced wanderlust – along with fashion, film and social media – and her role in kickstarting people’s adventures abroad.

  • Top travel spot: Toronto
  • Favorite food: Cheese
  • Best part about travel: Taking in the country’s food and architecture
  • Would love to visit: New Zealand


Ciara Carroll

Lead Designer/Developer

Ciara heads up the design and development, graduated from the Cork Institute of Technology with a BA Honours Degree in Visual Communications, from Italy to Scotland she enjoys travelling the globe but you’ll find her behind the camera rather than in front of it. She has a passion for eLearning, travel, graphics, web development, apps, branding and more.

  • Top travel spot: Rome, Italy
  • Favorite food: Anything Mexican
  • Best part about travel: Art, culture and love visiting museums
  • Would love to visit: Canada


David Martinez

Spanish Recruitment Coordinator

After working in Sales and Marketing Management in Spain, David decided to go abroad and work in a sharing economy company, which then led him onto PremierTEFL. He is a dynamic person and if you meet him, it’s always a great idea to have a beer together.

  • Top travel spot: Seoul, South Korea
  • Favorite food: Homemade croquettes
  • Best part about travel: The opportunity to discover new cultures and live other experiences
  • Would love to visit: Any interesting place


Martina Fava

European Recruitment Coordinator

Martina graduated in Marketing and Communication in the University of Milan and decided to move abroad to experience a foreign work dynamic. An enthusiastic and passionate person, Martina loves to meet new people and her aim every day is to spread a little happiness with a smile because “a day starts better with a genuine smile”. Now based with us, she helps coordinate TEFL internships in Italy.

  • Top travel spot: Berlin, Germany
  • Favorite food: Italian, of course
  • Best part about travel: Meeting new people and visiting new places
  • Would love to visit: Thailand


Shunichi Kanda

Asian Recruitment Coordinator

Having worked in Japan in sales, Shunichi now works for us as our Asian Recruitment Coordinator, helping coordinate TEFL positions and internships in Japan and Asia.

  • Top Travel spot: Helsinki, Finland
  • Favorite food: Japanese noodles
  • Best part about travel: Discovering new experiences
  • Would love to visit: Cape of Good Hope


Federica Braga

Digital Recruitment Manager

Federica has a degree in Foreign Languages applied to Business and Tourism, and she speaks fluently English, Spanish and French, in addition to Italian of course. She is our Job Board Manager and she is always working to find the best opportunities all over the world. She really values working experiences abroad, that’s why she spent one year studying and working in France and now she’s here with us.

  • Top Travel spot: Teotihuacán, Mexico
  • Favorite food: Asian food in general
  • Best part about travel: Meeting wonderful people and living unforgettable experiences
  • Would love to visit: India and Eastern Asia