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Hottest Paid TEFL Gigs of 2018 ✈️

Here’s our roundup of THE hottest paid TEFL gigs you can score in 2018. Bookmark and book flights, baby! Then enjoy the exotic, grammar-filled-life of being an expat English teacher abroad. You’re gonna love it. Thailand Much like its spicy noodles bowls, English teaching jobs are HOT in Thailand. In fact, the market for TEFL […]

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7 Reasons Why You NEED To Visit China ?

In case you didn’t know, we LOVE travel! We especially love China. From it’s beautiful scenery, to it’s immersive culture, you might say we’re China-holics! Here are 7 reasons why you NEED to visit! 1. Authentic Chinese food is amazing! Everybody loves some good Chinese food, now imagine eating authentic Chinese food straight from the […]

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How IELTS helps your TEFL career

TEFL has been around for a while now – we’ve grown up with it, and it’s a recognised way of earning money to help with travelling. However, many have not heard in the TEFL industry of IELTS, and how it can help your TEFL career. So here’s a short post on the background. Taken from […]

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So why should I start TEFL?

So why should I start TEFL? You might still be on the fence on whether you actually want to take up the TEFL challenge. Well, let me tell you why you should start a TEFL career! For the Challenge For some people, taking part in TEFL can be almost like a calling. English is in […]

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A Beginner’s guide to Premier TEFL

A Beginner’s guide to PremierTEFL Feeling a little lost when it comes to all this TEFL terminology? Allow us to explain some of the important stuff you will find on our site. Certifications Certifications can be described as a seal of approval for what you have managed to accomplish. In the big bad world, it […]

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What to do once I finish my TEFL course.

So now you have completed a PremierTEFL course, you may be wondering what to do with your shiny new certificate. Here are some handy tips for any budding English teachers out there.   Start contacting schools using PremierTEFL PremierTEFL gives our users the chance to use an Express Application form to get their name out […]

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