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Meet Victoria our Traveling TEFLer 🌏✈️

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Originally from Liverpool—and armed with a BSC in Psychology—Victoria Bennett has been traveling the world, eating all-the-foods (she’s a self-proclaimed “food enthusiast”), and sustaining her epic lifestyle by teaching English online. Sound like a path YOU want to pursue? Read on to learn more about her journey to becoming an online ESL teacher! Tell us […]

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8 Must-Have Experiences while Teaching in Romania

Do you seek crossroads of culture when you travel? Do you sometimes wish that board game money was real? Do you love fast internet connections but *hate* crowded spaces? Then no wonder you chose Romania for your teaching job abroad. Sitting at the intersection of Ottoman, Hungarian, and Soviet influences, Romania is the only country […]

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Why a Non-Native English-Speaking Teacher Can be Better than a Native English Teacher

Many schools around the world will prioritize hiring teachers that are passport-holders from countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. And boy, are they missing out. Not only do non-native English teachers bring a new cultural element to the classroom, but they bring a lot—we mean, a LOT—of expertise and skill. Luckily, not […]

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Barcelona or Bust – Interview with Maddie Scanlan 🇪🇸

Tell us about your path to TEFL teaching in Spain. What was the most exciting part? I heard about internship opportunities through a friend in the United Kingdom. I set about researching for the most reliable and affordable TEFL organization that I could find. I checked out Premier TEFL’s blog and immediately felt that it […]

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Interview with Brianna Flores in Thailand 🇹🇭

Brianna, we’ve been following you on Instagram and it looks like you’re having an amazing time. Tell us, why Thailand? Had you ever been there before or even traveled much? Before deciding to intern in Thailand with Premier TEFL, I had never been to Thailand before! It was always one of those places that I […]

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TEFL Job vs. TEFL Internship

You’ve been scouring the internet for months, idly scrolling through blogs of current and past ESL teachers, daydreaming your life as one of them. Suddenly, a new concept fills your computer screen: “A TEFL internship?… a PAID TEFL internship? What’s that?” No need to rub your eyes or put your glasses back on. Your peepers […]

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TEFL Interview with Seth in Shanghai 🇨🇳

Tell us about your path to TEFL teaching. What inspired you to move pursue teaching English? Throughout my childhood and until the completion of my years at University, I wanted to teach English. It was always my strongest subject at school and I have always loved the language dearly. Upon completion of my university studies […]

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