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Philadelphia to 🌴Chaiyaphum🌴 – Thailand Intern Alyssa Rowley 🇹🇭

Alyssa Rowley hails from Philadelphia, USA. She is currently teaching in a rural part of Thailand called Chaiyaphum at the school, AnubanChaiyaphum. She is a recent graduate from Shippensburg University where she studied Early Childhood Education. Alyssa loves getting to experience new cultures and places, she recently started Muay Thai with a non-English speaker (and […]

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11 Tips Before Teaching English Abroad with Kids 👶

You’re determined to not become “those” parents—the ones that lose themselves (and their whole identity) once a bouncing baby comes lovingly bumbling into their lives. We all know the type. They’re great people, they’re great guides and mentors for their children, but let’s be honest… they’re a tad, well, boring. Not you. You’re COOL parents. […]

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Luck of the ☘️Irish☘️ in Vietnam! Meet Paul Cunningham

There’s never been a better time of year to be Irish—let alone an Irish living abroad in Vietnam. Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day as an expat is a rite of passage for many young Irishmen and women. Why? You’re bound to find dozens of your fellow countrymen who want to kick back with a Guinness with […]

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5 Reasons To Travel Alone 👣

Are you young, free, and single? Sick to death of seeing boring couples on their boring holidays? They say that travel sets you free. While this is very true, we think the best way to experience it is all alone. Sounds daunting but hear us out here! #1) Complete freedom What’s the worst thing about […]

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12 Best Countries to Teach English in 2018

Don’t just teach abroad—teach abroad in great places! Here’s our roundup of THE go-to best destinations for teaching abroad in 2018. North, south, east, west—we’ve got the globe covered. All that’s missing? YOU. Argentina Argentina is a historical powerhouse kicking with new life. From colorful barrios and tango at pop up milongas to understated art […]

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Teach English Abroad with a Degree

You’ve just wrapped up college and are ready to take the world by storm. Oh wait—the real world is kind of a bummer, and finding a job (even with your fancy uncle’s great connections) is turning out to be a lot harder than you thought. We get it—it’s tough to juggle your final exams and […]

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You’ve Never Met a Pole Like This! Interview with Oliwia Geisler

Oliwia Geisler is a young Polish woman currently teaching abroad in Catalonia. As a kid, she always dreamed of becoming a writer. Now that she’s older—and has a few world countries under her belt—she dreams of being a writer… and a humanitarian. Let’s learn more about her windy path towards teaching abroad and how she […]

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