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12 Best Countries to Teach English in 2018

Don’t just teach abroad—teach abroad in great places! Here’s our roundup of THE go-to best destinations for teaching abroad in 2018. North, south, east, west—we’ve got the globe covered. All that’s missing? YOU. Argentina Argentina is a historical powerhouse kicking with new life. From colorful barrios and tango at pop up milongas to understated art […]

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Teach English Abroad with a Degree

You’ve just wrapped up college and are ready to take the world by storm. Oh wait—the real world is kind of a bummer, and finding a job (even with your fancy uncle’s great connections) is turning out to be a lot harder than you thought. We get it—it’s tough to juggle your final exams and […]

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You’ve Never Met a Pole Like This! Interview with Oliwia Geisler

Oliwia Geisler is a young Polish woman currently teaching abroad in Catalonia. As a kid, she always dreamed of becoming a writer. Now that she’s older—and has a few world countries under her belt—she dreams of being a writer… and a humanitarian. Let’s learn more about her windy path towards teaching abroad and how she […]

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How to increase my chance to be a TEFL intern?

You’ve scoured the internet for hours on end trying to find the “next big thing” in your life — when, behold, you discover the TEFL internship! Not only did you stumble upon the often-hard-to-find paid internships, you really hit the jackpot. You can get paid, learn a ton of new skills, make a positive difference […]

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5 Things NOT to Put On Your Resume Before Teaching Abroad

You are tap-tap-tapping away at your desktop, whiling away another afternoon in the office, working on projects that no longer fit into the “I’m feeling incredibly fulfilled by my work” category. You have been at the company for years, and while you are proud of how you have progressed (promotions, baby!), and appreciate the level […]

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TEFL Job vs. TEFL Internship

You’ve been scouring the internet for months, idly scrolling through blogs of current and past ESL teachers, daydreaming your life as one of them. Suddenly, a new concept fills your computer screen: “A TEFL internship?… a PAID TEFL internship? What’s that?” No need to rub your eyes or put your glasses back on. Your peepers […]

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Hottest Paid TEFL Gigs of 2018 ✈️

Here’s our roundup of THE hottest paid TEFL gigs you can score in 2018. Bookmark and book flights, baby! Then enjoy the exotic, grammar-filled-life of being an expat English teacher abroad. You’re gonna love it. Thailand Much like its spicy noodles bowls, English teaching jobs are HOT in Thailand. In fact, the market for TEFL […]

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7 Reasons Why You NEED To Visit China ?

In case you didn’t know, we LOVE travel! We especially love China. From it’s beautiful scenery, to it’s immersive culture, you might say we’re China-holics! Here are 7 reasons why you NEED to visit! 1. Authentic Chinese food is amazing! Everybody loves some good Chinese food, now imagine eating authentic Chinese food straight from the […]

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Don’t Mind if I Cheng-Du! Insider Tips on Teaching English in Sichuan, China 🇨🇳

What is it like teaching English in China? Smack dab in the middle of the Middle Kingdom lies the city of Chengdu, an often overlooked (and incredibly underrated) destination to have your own teaching English in China experiences. While it’s 13 million people are certainly impressive, I found myself more drawn towards its furry residents. […]

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