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Teaching English in South America

Our Favorite Brazil Nuts – Meet Margot & Erik, Two TEFLers in São Paulo 🇧🇷

Meet Erik and Margot, two amazing Canucks who went south (way south) for adventure. After studying Economics at McGill University, Margot wanted to see a developing country in action. Similarly, Erik, with his degrees from the University of Ottawa in English and Anthropology in tow, knew he could make a difference in young students’ lives […]

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Teaching Internships in Peru – The 3 T’s To success

Teaching internships in Peru give you the opportunity to see this beautiful South American country without worrying about booking hotels and managing travel costs. Although Peruvians often struggle with financial opportunities and about 25% of the entire population lives in poverty, the country is rich in culture and wildlife. If you decide to embark on […]

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How to Find Well Paid Teaching Jobs in Bolivia ??

Teaching jobs are a great way to travel the world on a salary and experience new cultures. Bolivia is one of the most unique landlocked South American countries with a very diverse population, in spite of having only 10 million habitants. The official language is Spanish, but in total there are 30-34 different indigenous languages in […]

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