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Legalizing Documents – Teaching English Abroad

Visa regulations are never static. As the world continues to grapple with political or terror attacks and refugees and immigration woes, it’s not uncommon to find national securities across nations tightening their grips. But, what does this all mean for TEFL teachers abroad? One—it kind of sucks and can be a big source of stress. […]

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Where can I teach abroad without a degree?

No degree? No problem. YOU are a total badass for choosing to carve your own route to success — and we want to help you get there. From what you need to know to the hottest countries (and the best programs for you to consider), here’s everything you need to know to answer the question: […]

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Interview with Georgia Bennett, A No-Degree TEFL Success Story ?‍♀️

Greetings! We’re here today with Georgia Bennett, a Kiwi native now calling China home. After living with her family in the USA for five years, Georgia decided to hit the road again — this time to Asia. We love Georgia for a lot of reasons (we don’t just let anyone into our paid China TEFL […]

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Can I Teach Abroad as an 18 Year Old?

Teaching abroad after high school/A levels If you’ve turned the tassel on your graduation cap, but aren’t quite ready to go to college in the fall, you should consider spending a year teaching English abroad. Even as a newcomer to the land of “adulthood,” there are many profitable English teaching jobs for 18 year olds. […]

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