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Meet the team

Meet Nikki Foley, Your Premier TEFL Pre-Departure BFF

Nikki’s first travel love was teaching abroad in Barcelona (although Berlin remains her top travel spot). Now, she’s channeling her passion for travel by helping other adventurous teachers—like you—find your very own teach abroad love story as Premier TEFL’s pre-departure expert. You’ll love Nikki’s sweet stories from the road (no doubt influenced by her favorite […]

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Meet Emma Barry, Five-Time TEFL Addict! 🎓

Emma joins us during the final stages of her Marketing & International Business degree at Cork Institute of Technology. She has a passion for experiencing new cultures and is fascinated by linguistics. She taught English in Catalonia for five consecutive summers and managed the academic side of the summer school for 2 summers. She loves […]

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Meet Premier TEFL All-Star Riley Price

Riley Price is a Premier TEFL all star—for real. She is somewhat new to the world of teaching abroad, but she already has proven herself a natural. Her love for wanderlust and helping people find (then cure!) their own is absolutely contagious. Just give us a quick call and find out for yourself! Hailing from […]

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Our Favorite Brazil Nuts – Meet Margot & Erik, Two TEFLers in São Paulo 🇧🇷

Meet Erik and Margot, two amazing Canucks who went south (way south) for adventure. After studying Economics at McGill University, Margot wanted to see a developing country in action. Similarly, Erik, with his degrees from the University of Ottawa in English and Anthropology in tow, knew he could make a difference in young students’ lives […]

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Get to Know Kate Popova, Thrice Certified TEFL Superstar ?

We’ve heard of educators deciding to teach abroad. We’ve heard of teachers getting TEFL certified then teaching abroad. AND we’ve heard of travel-lovers getting their CELTA then becoming an ESL teacher abroad. But we have YET to hear of a young-ESL master check all three qualifications off the list. Until now. If you’ve always wanted to […]

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