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Meet the team

Meet Emma Barry, Five-Time TEFL Addict! 🎓

Emma joins us during the final stages of her Marketing & International Business degree at Cork Institute of Technology. She has a passion for experiencing new cultures and is fascinated by linguistics. She taught English in Catalonia for five consecutive summers and managed the academic side of the summer school for 2 summers. She loves […]

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Meet Premier TEFL All-Star Riley Price

Riley Price is a Premier TEFL all star—for real. She is somewhat new to the world of teaching abroad, but she already has proven herself a natural. Her love for wanderlust and helping people find (then cure!) their own is absolutely contagious. Just give us a quick call and find out for yourself! Hailing from […]

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Our Favorite Brazil Nuts – Meet Margot & Erik, Two TEFLers in São Paulo 🇧🇷

Meet Erik and Margot, two amazing Canucks who went south (way south) for adventure. After studying Economics at McGill University, Margot wanted to see a developing country in action. Similarly, Erik, with his degrees from the University of Ottawa in English and Anthropology in tow, knew he could make a difference in young students’ lives […]

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Get to Know Kate Popova, Thrice Certified TEFL Superstar ?

We’ve heard of educators deciding to teach abroad. We’ve heard of teachers getting TEFL certified then teaching abroad. AND we’ve heard of travel-lovers getting their CELTA then becoming an ESL teacher abroad. But we have YET to hear of a young-ESL master check all three qualifications off the list. Until now. If you’ve always wanted to […]

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