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Luck of the ☘️Irish☘️ in Vietnam! Meet Paul Cunningham

There’s never been a better time of year to be Irish—let alone an Irish living abroad in Vietnam. Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day as an expat is a rite of passage for many young Irishmen and women. Why? You’re bound to find dozens of your fellow countrymen who want to kick back with a Guinness with […]

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First Stop TEFL, Next Stop 🇰🇷Korea: Ashton Perry’s Journey to the Far East

Ashton wishes he could teleport, but for now, he’ll work on fulfilling his dream of molding young minds as an ESL teacher in South Korea. After wrapping up his TEFL certification in Poland, he wanted to trade in pierogis and potatoes for bibimbap and bulgogi. So what did he do? He headed East—like, the far […]

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Interview with Waseem Ahmed Abbasi — A Pakistani in China 🇵🇰 🇨🇳

Waseem Ahmed Abbasi is literally #goals — not only does he has a Masters in Linguistics, but he is currently studying in China while teaching English on the side. Someday, he hopes to teach English full time in China. Let’s get to know Waseem even more! Tell us about your upbringing. What was life like […]

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Interview with Shantha, A South African in India

Nishaat Choonara, lovingly known as Shantha, is a South African currently teaching in India. At fifty years young, she’s living out her dream of becoming a teacher and motivational speaker. And dang, does this gal have inspiration to spare! Read her stories to learn more about her life abroad and how YOU can have a […]

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You’ve Never Met a Pole Like This! Interview with Oliwia Geisler

Oliwia Geisler is a young Polish woman currently teaching abroad in Catalonia. As a kid, she always dreamed of becoming a writer. Now that she’s older—and has a few world countries under her belt—she dreams of being a writer… and a humanitarian. Let’s learn more about her windy path towards teaching abroad and how she […]

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