How to get a TEFL Job: The 4 Easy Steps.

How to get a TEFL Job: The 4 Easy Steps. Getting started in the TEFL market can seem scary at first for those of you who aren’t too familiar with it. There’s a lot of confusion about how you get into this exciting and ever growing industry. Here we can help clear up some of […]

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TEFL Guide: South Korea


TEFL Guide: South Korea South Korea has been a popular place for people to teach through TEFL for many years. A country that attracts more than ten million visitors from abroad each year, coupled with a long history of culture and tradition, means Korea has a lot to offer to travellers too. Korea can be […]

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TEFL Guide: Japan


  TEFL Guide: Japan Japan is becoming one of the biggest TEFL destinations by far these days. A powerful IT society, a fantastic selection of foods like Sushi, and a youth who are clamouring to learn the English language to be part of a more global community. In Japan there are plenty of places to […]

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TEFL in Spain


TEFL in Spain Spain has long been a massive draw for people to TEFL. Fantastic climate, incredible culture, vibrant cuisine, and the TEFL industry is one of the largest in Western Europe and the world. With plenty of teaching English positions available, it also means there are plenty of places to teach in. And if […]

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A Beginner’s guide to PremierTEFL

A Beginner’s guide to PremierTEFL Feeling a little lost when it comes to all this TEFL terminology? Allow us to explain some of the important stuff you will find on our site. Certifications Certifications can be described as a seal of approval for what you have managed to accomplish. In the big bad world, it […]

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