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TEFL as a Non-Native

Interview with Ana Silva — Proof You Don’t Need to Speak English Natively to Teach Abroad

Sure, it’s true there tend to be more opportunities for native English speakers to teach ESL abroad, but that doesn’t stop the determined. Take Ana, for instance. She’s a 20 something year old from Portugal, proving every single day that you don’t need to be American, British, Australian, etc. to succeed as an international English […]

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Interview with Monique Petiot, a Non-Native English Speaking Career Breaker ?

Don’t buy into the stereotype or the wrong information — not every destination only hires ESL teachers that are from native English speaking countries, nor do they always require that you’re a recent-college grad, bright eyed and bushy tailed, making headway into your first job out of uni. Take Monique, for instance. This French woman […]

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