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Teaching English in Europe

Spain or Bust – Interview with Desirae Sutherland

Desirae might’ve wanted to be an architect as a kid, but she is absolutely LOVING her life as a TEFL teacher in Catalonia, Spain. And can you blame her? There’s churros, there’s cute kids, there’s adventure around every corner. And let’s just say – she’s hooked. Not only does she want to continue teaching abroad, […]

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Nothing Wong in Spain – Interview with Isabelle Wong

Isabelle Wong – remember her name, because she’ll be a famous violinist someday. Her passions for writing, music, and of course, teaching, have lead her to the northeast of Spain. She now calls Barcelona home, but is keen to explore even MORE opportunities to work abroad. Let’s learn what she’s been up to and how […]

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You’ve Never Met a Pole Like This! Interview with Oliwia Geisler

Oliwia Geisler is a young Polish woman currently teaching abroad in Catalonia. As a kid, she always dreamed of becoming a writer. Now that she’s older—and has a few world countries under her belt—she dreams of being a writer… and a humanitarian. Let’s learn more about her windy path towards teaching abroad and how she […]

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Interview with Maranda Andersson — A Texan on the Loose! 🇺🇸

Maranda is a Texas-girl through and through. No, we don’t mean she’s gun-totin’ or obsessed with cattle (but let’s be serious, that beef is gooooood). What we mean is she’s incredibly passionate, hardworking, game for anything, and yes, says the occasional “Howdy!”. All that combined led her on a three week whirlwind TEFL adventure in […]

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Interview with Graeme and Victoria — Calling All Brits: UKan Teach Abroad as a Couple ?

Greetings! We’re here today with Graeme and Victoria, two creative souls who’ve put their collective arts skills to work as ESL teachers. The best part? They’re a couple, too! We love love. 🙂 Graeme and Victoria have respective backgrounds in music and performing arts/creative writing. For now, they’ve traded in their easels and music stands […]

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How To Find The Best TEFL Jobs in Poland

TEFL jobs in Poland are a great opportunity to live abroad whilst earning money. Since the country entered the EU, in 2004, the demand for English has been on the rise. There are multiple international schools, language academies and a great focus put on teaching English to business staff. For instance, a student that wants […]

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