PremierTEFL Stories: Teaching and Travelling in Poland with Joseph Walker


Joseph hails from Darlington, England, and recently participated in our AngloTEFL Scholarship programme with our partners Angloville in Poland. Here’s what he had to say about his experience. What’s one thing that everyone should know about you? I am an insane dancer, I’ve mastered the worm, even whilst standing up. What career did you have […]

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What It’s Like to Teach English in China


Opportunities to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in China are as abundant as the country is expansive. A huge country with a massive population, China places strong emphasis on learning English, either for the future advantages it offers students or for specific purposes used in professions like business, piloting and science. There is […]

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PremierTEFL Stories: Teaching English in Romania, Hungary & Poland

Mentee Presentation

“I would absolutely recommend the Anglo-TEFL scholarship to others as a means to upskill and gain valuable teaching experience.” Iain Carson is a trained mathematician and statistician from Warington in the UK. He loved teaching English with our partners at Angloville so much that he undertook three different programs, including the Anglo-TEFL Scholarship. The Scholarship […]

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How IELTS helps your TEFL career

TEFL has been around for a while now – we’ve grown up with it, and it’s a recognised way of earning money to help with travelling. However, many have not heard in the TEFL industry of IELTS, and how it can help your TEFL career. So here’s a short post on the background. Taken from […]

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How to get a TEFL Job: The 4 Easy Steps.

How to get a TEFL Job: The 4 Easy Steps. Getting started in the TEFL market can seem scary at first for those of you who aren’t too familiar with it. There’s a lot of confusion about how you get into this exciting and ever growing industry. Here we can help clear up some of […]

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PremierTEFL Stories: Alexandra’s Anglo-TEFL Experience in Poland

Alexandra Kalogeropoulou

Alexandra is a Psychology and Counselling graduate originally from Corfu, Greece, who decided to make a change from working in mental health to teaching English abroad. She completed the Anglo-TEFL Scholarship, a program that we’ve established with our partners Angloville that enables English speakers to combine a TEFL qualification with practical experience teaching English in the […]

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