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How To Approach A TEFL Internship

Thankfully, you don’t need a lot of money, materials or experience to be ready for a TEFL Internship. Other than completing an online course and becoming TEFL certified, you...

Marcus taking in the view of the Romanian countryside.

TEFL Interview with Marcus Hatcher

Hailing from the UK, Marcus Hatcher has an adventure-loving attitude and plenty of passion for English teaching. Read on to find out about Marcus’ experience teaching English in Europe,...

Emma posing by a river

Amazing Emma Living it Up in Vietnam 🇻🇳

Emma Slomkowski is a South African woman and graduate of the University of Pretoria—After studying law for a few years, she decided to try the life of an English...

Selfie of Audrey

Interview With Audrey – The TEFL Superhero

You might think that the only way to use a TEFL certificate is to teach English abroad or to teach English online, but you’d be wrong. Meet Audrey and...

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