Are you young, free, and single? Sick to death of seeing boring couples on their boring holidays? They say that travel sets you free. While this is very true, we think the best way to experience it is all alone. Sounds daunting but hear us out here! We will share you the Top 5 Reasons to Travel Alone in this blog.

1. Reasons to Travel Alone – Complete freedom

What’s the worst thing about travelling with a group? Everyone wants to do different things. This results in nobody getting to do everything they want.

With solo travel, you can have your cake and take it wherever you want! You have the absolute freedom to do as you wish, Don’t get too overly and do something you might regret.

However, the feeling of having no one bat an eye about what you do is a huge plus given you are young.

2. You’re forced to get creative with it

It’s not going to always run as smoothly as you might hope, it happens. You could look at this as a bad thing but we think it’s great.

Imagine all the doors it can open. Some might call it getting lost, but we call it an adventure! You learn basic survival instinct, how to interact with people as you are forced to be cooperative to survive on your own.

It might be difficult to open up at first to other people but that should be the main obstacle you should try and recover over.

3. Your Insta game will be THROUGH THE ROOF

You’ll have all the time in the world to get that perfect shot without someone rushing you on. Take your time to find the perfect angle and lighting before shooting.

No filter is needed! Social Media has been the main influencer during these times, You can post everything you did while travelling solo, Content like these is very pleasing to the audience these days as vlogs of many day-to-day life are becoming quite famous.

People with the same mindset as yours would relate to your content

4. You’ll bring home so many stories

Never be stuck with nothing to talk about again. Impress your next first date with the time you rode a camel in Jordan or walked the Great Wall of China! Make sure to live to tell the tale.

Capturing memories is way easier for this generation we have tons of gadgets to do what was thought to be impossible during ancient times. Take a camera and just capture!

You will never be the boring person in your family’s get-together as your tales will be filled with the interesting stories that happened along the way.

#5) You might not go the whole trip alone

Truth is, you’re going to meet so many faces on your solo travel. Some that you’ll enjoy more than others. Some that you’ll enjoy so much that you may opt to turn your solo adventure into a team effort.

You make friends that might be the best people you will ever meet but remember there are always two sides to the coin, there is the probability that you will meet many other people that doesn’t mean ever one out will be there for you!

And who knows, maybe the real journey only begins here!

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