The advantages and opportunities of working in another country are well known. In the competitive landscape that currently prevails in the working field, working in another country helps you forge a differential value that will make you stand out from other candidates. In addition, it gives you a huge improvement in language and communication skills, as well as knowledge of other cultures, resulting in a more global mindset.

In addition, you will benefit from the opportunity to learn what your industry is like in other parts of the world, increasing your work experience and expanding your range of knowledge.  Getting out of our comfort zone, “living” in another language and, in short, increasing our professional skills are some of the best reasons to develop professionally abroad.

For many years now, due to demographic reasons, among others, Spanish is becoming increasingly popular. It is a language with a strong international presence, both in the education sector and in international relations.

According to data from the British Council’s “Languages for the future”, for some time now, U.S. and British companies have been more positively evaluating candidates who speak and have knowledge of this language.

Spanish is also the official language of major international organizations such as the United Nations, the Organization of American States, the Union of South American Nations, the International Criminal Court, and the International Labor Organization. In addition, the United States already has more than 50 million native Spanish speakers, and as a curious but also surprising fact, according to the Cervantes Institute, in its report “El español en el mundo” (“Spanish in the world”), by 2060, the United States will be the country with the second-largest number of Spanish speakers in the world.


Spain is waiting for you

By developing your professional training in Spain, you will be able to develop a rich linguistic path that will be the passport to new and future job opportunities anywhere in the world.

Its genuine character and cultural openness make it unique in Europe. Thanks to its cultural diversity, you will be able to get to know different traditions united in a single and rich land.

As soon as you arrive, you will be able to enjoy succulent delicacies typical of the traditional cuisine through a great variety of restaurants and typical bars.

Spanish cuisine

Its cuisine is an international reference to the famous Mediterranean diet and its tapas and long meals are a very popular ritual. Among its star ingredients are foods of great nutritional value such as olive oil, vegetables, fish, and fresh meats. Among its most famous dishes are paella, gazpacho, or cocido.

Tourism, which increases every year, makes the country receive millions of travelers from all over the world who decide to start their journey by land, sea, or air. Spain is home to many places of great beauty. With its imposing mountains that offer famous hiking trails such as those found in towns like Ronda, Cazorla, or Cangas de Onis, among many others. What not to say of its world-famous beaches, with their typical blue trails, fine sand, and relaxing waters.


“De Madrid al Cielo”

Madrid stands as one of the best destinations to work in Spain. Being the capital and located on the central axis of the Iberian Peninsula, it offers a key point to move to other known cities in the country. It has several means of transport that allow you to travel to discover other autonomous communities. In addition, by plane, Madrid is connected to major European cities such as London, Paris, Milan, and Berlin.

Strolling through Madrid allows you to directly enjoy its great historical wealth through its architecture and most emblematic monuments. Its squares, such as the Plaza Mayor, are full of bustle and life. You’ll get to see buildings of great artistic value, such as Cibeles, Puerta del Sol, the Royal Palace, or the Temple of Debod (near the American Language Academy). As for its acclaimed museums, do not forget the Prado or the Reina Sofia Museums.

Madrid city

The warm climate, the terraces, and the contagious joy of its people, as well as its multiculturalism, are other must-sees that make this city a safe bet for working abroad. Madrid is a financial, cultural and artistic capital.


American Language Academy: a safe bet in your professional career

American Language Academy is located in the heart of Madrid and in one of the most historical areas of the capital, such as Chamberí, Canal, Moncloa and Malasaña. It has a wide range of means of transportation (numerous subway lines and buses). It is also located in an environment surrounded by the emblematic Jardines del Almirante Pascual Cervera.

With more than 50 years of academic excellence and innovative educational methods, the American Language Academy has been awarded the most important prizes in the Spanish educational sector, such as the one granted by the Spanish Federation of Language Teaching Centers (FECEI) for Good Teaching Methodology and Customer Satisfaction. It has also received the Best Methodology and Student Satisfaction in Spain, in 2020, and its e-learning platform was recognized by the prestigious Tech Ed Prices (2021).

American Language Academy

By working at American Language Academy, you will be eligible for thousands of professional benefits in the best of work contexts, linked to enhancing your career in education, by providing language training to adult professionals.

Our more than 100 English professionals come from various fields such as Education, Human Resources, Innovation, and Technology. ALA teachers are provided with continuous development training and professional development programs, as well as a range of materials and great resources to facilitate their classes.  Each lesson is characterized by a dynamic method that focuses, above all, on the communicative part, and on the acquisition of resources that lead to fluency in the language.

In addition, ALA employees will always have the support of the school’s Director of Studies, who will always provide them with everything they may need. The salary offered by American Language Academy is another advantage to highlight. An amount of 1200-1700€/month (NET) is available, based on experience, results, satisfaction, and availability.

Another of the many benefits of working at ALA is that you can choose the schedule that best suits you. Classes vary from 8:00 am to 9:30 pm.

American Language Academy


Working in Spain: everything you need to know

In order to be able to work in Spain, a series of conditions are necessary to do it legally. Although at first, it may seem that the bureaucracy is complicated, if you follow a series of steps, it will not be so difficult. If you decide to go with American Language Academy and work with us, we will help you in all phases of the application to make the process easier. We will help you and show you what options you have, and we will guide you through the whole process in case you have any doubts.


The main options are:

Opt for a student visa which allows you to reside legally in Spain and apply for a part-time work permit. With this option, you will be able to work up to a maximum of 20 hours per week. In addition, through this route, you can apply for a full VISA after a period of 3 years. With this option you can, for example, take a Spanish study program and thus obtain this visa which will also allow you to combine it with a job.

– Another option is the student VISA in a university program. Through this option, you can have access to a paid internship while you are with a project that is linked to a particular university. After 3 years with a student VISA, you will be eligible to have a full VISA.

Another way to access a VISA is the entrepreneurial option. Through this you will be able to opt for a freelance contract and, as with the previous options, after 3 years you will be able to access the full VISA.


At American Language Academy we offer the best working conditions so that your stay in Spain is optimal. In addition, we offer you the possibility of working online, from your own country of origin. We will be connected from the first moment, giving you all the support and help you need so that the process of getting your work permit can be as simple as possible. Throughout the academic year, we help and guide professionals from different nationalities and parts of the world who decide to choose Spain as a place to work.

PS: And if you are not yet decided to come to Spain, American Language Academy also offers the possibility of working online.


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