Teaching internships are one of the most lucrative ways to mix work and travel. If you want to see the world, get some international working experience and earn at the same time, teach English abroad and what a better place to do it than in Mexico! This Latin American country is the largest Spanish speaking nation in the world with a very high demand for advanced English lessons. Since they are so close to United States, the Mexican population is very interested to achieve high levels of English.

Teaching English in Mexico City

Mexico is a beautiful country with a scenic background making it perfect as a travel destination. There are a number of small and big cities in the country, with plenty of opportunities for English teachers. The payments are good everywhere but they are best in Mexico City, as well as the second largest city of Guadalajara. An accredited TEFL course can do wonders for someone looking to earn whilst they explore this historic country.

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and is the business hub of the nation. It has a number of schools and universities that are constantly looking for native English speakers to give young learners a hands on experience with the language. Hiring season in Mexico is at its peak in the months between January and September.

How to Teach in Mexico

The Mexican government doesn’t allow anyone to work on a tourist visa. So, if you want to work here, get a work permit beforehand. You can get it from the Insituto Nacional de Migracion, in the form of a Forma Migratoria 3 (FM3). Your employer can help you with this, but do ensure to be well prepared since the process is quite lengthy and sometimes complicated. The best way is to visit the country and explore a few opportunities, once you have a few offers you can then go ahead and apply for a work visa/FM3 which will cost around $150. In Mexico, never try to teach illegally, because the rules are quite strict and you might get deported.

Teaching Internships in Mexico City and Guadalajara

Mexico City and Guadalajara are the top cities for earning as an English teacher in Mexico. Here, you will find various teaching jobs that pay well and some come with long contracts as well as perks like accommodation.

Teaching English in Public Schools and Universities.

  • Good job security
  • Possibility to get free accommodation
  • Salary between $800 and $1500

Teaching English in Private Schools

  • Higher pay ($12-$20 per hour)
  • More job opportunities
  • Temporary contract options

Teaching English for Business

  • Higher pay ($15-$20)
  • Possibility to earn more if you also speak Spanish

Living in Mexico

Most teaching internships in Mexico include accommodation, but if you prefer you can find your accommodation independently. You can live with a Mexican family as a paying guest and explore the Mexican culture to the core. The cost of living with a family is approximately $100 a week for a room and 3 meals a day.

There are a number of dorms and hostels also, which cater to tourists here. A room in a dorm costs $90 and is the most preferred choice of students and travelers. There are also many hotels and inns, which charge based on the facilities they provide.

Food in Mexico

Mexican food, apart from being incredibly tasty and diverse, is also affordable. Mexico has everything from 5 star hotels to street food stalls, and it’s rather easy to find satisfying and affordable meals on a budget. The street food culture is quite popular.

Teaching English As A Foreign Language in Mexico

If you love teaching as well as travelling, start by getting certified with one of our TEFL courses. You will learn everything you need to know about teaching English abroad and then you have the opportunity to travel to Mexico and enjoy life like a local in a culturally rich country with a breathtaking and diverse landscape. Add to it the Mexican food and there cannot be a better proposition. Mexico has mountains on one side and the beaches on the other. To explore it thoroughly, a holiday is not enough. What you need to do is live there and earn while you do so.

When you are in  Mexico do not forget to enjoy these:

  1. Guadalajara
  2. Lake Chapala and Ajijic
  3. Tequila Express Tour
  4. Magdalena, Jalisco

You you want to travel the world and become a global citizen by teaching wherever you go, teaching internships are your answers. An accredited TEFL course can be your best ticket to travel the world as you teach English and learn the language of the world. Find premier and accredited TEFL courses here.

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