Discover why living in Madrid with the Internship Premier TEFL is amazing!

Teaching internships are one of the best ways to get paid whilst living in Madrid. Have you ever dreamed of experiencing the famous street parties, known as fiestas, and festivals on the streets of Madrid? What about savouring paella and tapas, or enjoying the prolonged summers? You can get all that and much more for free, and even get paid for it, when teaching English abroad. Sounds too good to be true? If you don’t believe me read on.

live in Madrid

Benefits of Teaching Internships in Madrid

When you travel to Madrid and have a stable job waiting for you, your experience not only becomes more local but you also have the means to enjoy your stay at its fullest. You won’t need to worry about tight travel budgets or spending the night in busy hostel dorms. With your TEFL job that can pay between €1000 and €1800 per month, depending on the school you work for, you can easily cover all your expenses.

However, it’s not all about the salary when teaching English abroad. This is a perfect opportunity if you are a solo traveler or simply want to have a very cultural and local experience in Madrid. When you teach English at a school, you fully immerse yourself in the community and experience Spanish life at its most raw and real form. You will learn about the education system, meet locals of all ages and have colleagues that you can go out with for wine and tapas.

Why Madrid is The Heart of Spain

The Spanish capital is one of the most vibrant and cultural cities you will ever visit. From the buzzing night life, where eating dinner at 10 pm and partying till 4 am is as common as anything else, to the cultural sights and tasty food, Madrid has everything you could hope to experience in Spain.

There are unlimited things to do in Madrid, but here are 3 which are probably already on your bucket list:

  1. Eat tapas – because you just can’t live in Spain without indulging in these tasty treats. They are also quite guilt free since you are only eating a taster portion of all the traditional Spanish foods.
  2. Visit Prado Museum – the most visited museum in Spain, it’s a must see if you have an eye for art and would like to see the one of the world’s finest European collections with your own eyes.
  3. Go to a Real Madrid match – even if you are not a football fan, the atmosphere is worth the experience. Spain loves football and the capital is one of the main places where a football much is as thrilling as a night out.

What To Expect From a Teaching Internship

The TEFL internships vary from 3-months over the summer vacation or academic year, to year-long contracts. To start with, the internship will always include accommodation. Some of them also cover your travel costs (plane tickets), travel insurance and Spanish classes. There are many types of internships, from volunteering contracts that only cover your living expenses to full-time paid internships. You can work with public or private language schools, Universities or even large companies. Whilst you work on your internship, if your timetable allows it, you may also be able to earn extra by offering private one-on-one or small groups lessons. As Madrid has many Universities involved in the Erasmus program, you could have the opportunity to prepare students for the IELTS . The usual standard fees for private lessons is around €15-€20 euros per hour for one-on-one and slightly less for groups.

live in Madrid

How to Secure a TEFL Internship

After being reminded of how exciting Madrid is, I bet you can’t wait to start working towards that Spanish dream. The best way to secure a teaching job in Madrid is to get qualified with one of the many accredited TEFL courses. This qualification will give you all the knowledge to excel in the classroom and will also fast track you to get one of the many teaching internships available in Madrid.

Before you find out about the right courses, you probably have one question:

Do I have to speak Spanish to teach English in Madrid?

The answer – not necessarily, it depends on the school. Speaking the local language is definitely an advantage, but as most programmes try to encourage the English teachers to speak in the foreign language only, speaking Spanish is not a great necessity.

Now that you’ve set all your fears apart and you are excited about the opportunity to live a local Spanish life in Madrid whilst earning money with teaching internships, here’s how to make it all happen in 2 steps:

Step 1 – Start a TEFL course today by simply choosing one of the professional and accredited TEFL courses here.

Step 2 – As soon as you’ve got your qualification with a course that suits your needs and lifestyle, start searching for teaching internships here.

Please note that it is also important to ensure you have the legal right to work in Spain. If you have an EU citizenship, you should have the freedom to both live and work in Spain. However, if you are a non-EU citizen you may need to secure a contract first and apply for a scholarship or working visa for the duration of your contract. Contact your embassy for more details.

Living in Madrid is only two steps away. Get trained, apply for teaching internships, find the one that suits you, and off you go to your Spanish dream experience! Hasta luego!

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