Teach English in Dubai, UAE

Conservative, yet glamorous. Modern, yet rooted in Arabic and Islamic tradition. Dubai is quickly becoming the central hub of Western Asia and the Middle East. Not only is it a retail haven for shopaholics, but it is also one of the top options when it comes to teaching English abroad. There are so many reasons to decide to teach English in Dubai, UAE, as your next TEFL adventure. 

Know About Teaching English in Dubai, UAE

With the Persian Gulf to its Northwest and the desert to its Southeast, Dubai, UAE appears to have an ecosystem of its own. This ecosystem consists of multiculturalism, flamboyance, and audacious architecture. Many travellers, including English teachers, flock to this side of the world to revel in its essence.

Due to its influx of businesses and travellers, the demand for English teachers in Dubai is high. Hospitality and retail play a fundamental role in its thriving economy, and a command of English is needed to accommodate the surge of travellers. If you are qualified, there are plenty of English teaching jobs available in Dubai and the UAE. 


Teaching English in Dubai, UAE has a myriad of benefits, both experimental and financial. English teachers in Dubai, UAE can expect to earn around $3,400 – $5,600, per month, untaxed! English teachers in Dubai, UAE will not only operate in a tax-free region but they might receive additional benefits such as free accommodation, health insurance, and even airfare reimbursement. It is fair to say that when it comes to teaching abroad, teaching in Dubai and teaching in the UAE boasts of some of the highest benefits. 

Teaching Commitment

Admittedly, it is not somewhere where first-time TEFLers often go. Many flock to countries where they can experience low workloads, a decent salary with low cost of living. However, teaching English in Dubai, UAE requires a high level of responsibility and professionalism. 

The workload will be higher, as will the administration aspects of teaching English. However, English teachers in Dubai will receive extremely handsome salaries in an untaxed city, and sometimes even free accommodation. When you receive an untaxed salary and free accommodation, what else is there to spend money on? Whatever English teachers desire. Teaching English in Dubai, UAE will have people living like royalty. 

However, it’s not just about the salary, is it? Teaching English in Dubai, UAE can provide you with an enriching experience not just financially but experientially. Teachers in Dubai will use world-class teaching facilities to operate in the classroom with students who genuinely want to learn English. 

Not only that, many adults in Dubai and the UAE are keen to learn English. Not only general English but English in a specific context. This could mean business English, engineering English, medicine English, and so on. Knowing English, and having experience within a desirable industry, can be very advantageous for English teachers in Dubai, UAE. Furthermore, it is an excellent location for career progression. Many businessmen, investors, digital nomads, and so on are turning their gaze towards Dubai and the UAE. 

How to get Teaching English Jobs in Dubai, UAE

There’s no beating around the bush, English teaching jobs in Dubai, UAE, require teachers of high standards. This means that teachers need to have either experience or a good level of qualifications. 

Academic Qualifications

To teach English in Dubai, UAE, teachers will need a TEFL certificate and a Bachelor’s Degree. Unfortunately, it isn’t legally possible to teach English in Dubai, UAE, without a Bachelor’s Degree. Some employers from reputable language or international schools may even require a Master’s Degree from teachers.

Experience & English Proficiency

In addition to these qualifications, schools prefer that teachers have prior teaching experience. Not only that, schools might require that your Bachelor’s Degree is related to either English or education. Native proficiency is also a requirement for teaching in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. To get the best-paid teaching jobs in Dubai, UAE, your resume must be reinforced with qualifications and experience. 

If you have neither a Master’s Degree nor a teaching qualification from your home country, you can still find a job. There are many things you can do to bolster your chances of becoming employed as an English teacher in Dubai. Firstly, you can gain some experience teaching abroad. Entry-level experience can be obtained through some of our Premier TEFL internships. Experience can also be obtained by volunteering at home or abroad.

TEFL Certificates

Additionally, teachers should opt for a TEFL course which is reputable. An example of this is a CELTA course. The CELTA course is one of the most highly recognised certificates when it comes to teaching abroad. By becoming CELTA qualified, your chances of being hired to teach English in Dubai, UAE, will increase tenfold. 

Another important point is that the teaching English market in Dubai is incredibly competitive. There are other areas in the UAE where teachers will still have an enriching experience and a high salary. Some of these areas include Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, and Fujairah.

When to Apply for English Teaching Jobs in Dubai, UAE

English teachers in Dubai can work at public, language, or international schools, and even universities. Each may vary in their ‘hiring seasons’ depending on when their academic year starts and ends. 

And while there are job vacancies throughout the year, the academic year for most schools and universities begins around September. Therefore, it is advised that most applicants should apply for English teaching jobs early in the year or during spring. 

The reason that applicants should apply so early is that they can complete many of the administrative procedures required. Teaching English in Dubai also requires optimal mental and physical health. English teachers should expect to complete a health declaration and assessment. 

Not only that, they need to prove that they have a clean criminal background along with their academic documents. It will take a few months at the very least to complete the process from applying to departing for the UAE. Planning early will ensure that teachers navigate the interview process as well as their visa process before finally entering the country to teach English. 

All You Need to Know About Teaching English in Dubai, UAE

While generally teaching English in Dubai will equate to a high monthly salary, there is still a  discrepancy between non-qualified and qualified teachers.


The currency in the UAE is the Emirati Dirham (AED). An English teacher in Dubai, UAE will earn around 12,000 – 22,000 AED per month, equating to around $3,000 – $6,000 per month, excluding benefits.

Along with a handsome monthly salary, teachers can expect benefits such as health insurance, free and furnished accommodation, airfare or flight reimbursement, and more. This will of course vary from one school to another. 

Workload & Responsibility

The workload for teaching English in Dubai, UAE isn’t for those who are using TEFL as a means only to travel. While travelling is an essential aspect of TEFL, professionalism and hard work are required. 

This is because not only does it require hard work in-country, it requires a lot of previous hard work. Teachers will need to have qualifications such as Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s Degrees, TEFL certificates, teaching licenses, and prior teaching experience. This is to be expected if you’re teaching English in Dubai or the UAE with reputable schools earning high salaries.

You could be teaching children or adults, depending on your school. Those teaching at public schools through the Ministry of Education will be teaching young students. This means that they will be working a typical school schedule.

Working at a language school, however, might mean that you are teaching adults. These will be adults who want to learn English within the context of business, hospitality, medicine, and so on. Or, they may just be adults with the intrinsic ambition to learn general English. Since this might consist of teaching adults, most lessons might take place during the evenings and on the weekends. This will accommodate the student’s occupational responsibilities.  

How much do English teachers make in the UAE?

English teachers can make a lot of money in the UAE. On average, they can expect to earn between 12,000 to 22,000 AED per month. This equates to around $3,000 to $6,000 per month, or £2,300 to £4,700 per month. Not only that, an English teacher’s salary in the UAE is untaxed. They’ll also receive additional benefits such as accommodation, reimbursed airfare, and so on. 

How can I become an English teacher in the UAE?

Firstly, you need to identify the requirements to become an English teacher in the UAE. If you have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher, a TEFL, a teaching license or teaching experience then your chances are high. The minimum you need to become an English teacher in the UAE is a Bachelor’s Degree and a TEFL certificate, however, you may need experience. 

Can non-natives teach English in the UAE?

They can. However, they may face stern competition from native English speakers. The teaching English market in the UAE is highly competitive, and it’s strict. Non-native English speakers who have teaching experience, a CELTA or teaching license, and hold a Bachelor’s Degree from an English-speaking country will maximize their employability.

Is teaching English in Dubai worth it?

Teaching English in Dubai will provide plenty of desirable experience and a high, untaxed salary. Teaching English in Dubai will allow the teacher to gain incredible insight into the vastly popular Dubai. Dubai is known for its cultural dynamism, glamour, and wealth. Teaching English in Dubai will facilitate a luxurious lifestyle for teachers. 

How much does an English teacher earn in Dubai?

The high salary is one of the biggest benefits of teaching in Dubai. An English teacher in Dubai could earn anywhere between $3,000 to $7,000 per month depending on their qualifications, experience, and their employer. Not only that, their salary is untaxed!

How can I start teaching English in Dubai?

First of all, you need to double-check that you meet the requirements. The requirements typically include a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree, English proficiency, a TEFL certificate, and sometimes a teaching license and experience. Then, you can start applying for jobs that fit your criteria. 

Is it hard to teach English in Dubai?

Teaching English in Dubai isn’t as easy as teaching in other countries. The market for teaching English in Dubai not only has strict requirements, it’s highly competitive. The standard of teaching in Dubai and the UAE is very high. Teachers will need to assume a large amount of responsibility in their school.

Can a non-native teach English in the UAE?

Non-native English speakers can teach English in the UAE. However, employers favour native English speakers. Non-native English speakers may need a Bachelor’s Degree from an English-speaking country. Additionally, they might need a certificate (e.g. IELTS) to prove that they are proficient in English.

Can I teach English in Dubai with TEFL?

Dubai is one of TEFL’s hottest destinations. This is because Dubai and the United Arab Emirates offer high salaries in desirable locations. However, you will need some high qualifications if you want to teach English in Dubai or the UAE.

Can I teach in Dubai with a TEFL?

Yes, however, you will need more than just a TEFL to teach in Dubai. You will need a Bachelor’s Degree, a TEFL, native English proficiency, and a clean criminal background.

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