Argentina is a country filled with surprises—and we don’t just mean on the tango dance floor. While on your TEFL internship in Argentina, you will be delighted by the warm welcome received from the people; the stark, otherworldly beauty of the landscape; and the sheer size and cultural prowess of its cities. Famous sights, like the Iguazú Falls and Patagonia, will blow you away—but the unique blends of culture will also continually fascinate. Did we mention the scenery is spectacular? In this blog we will explore top 10 things you can do while teaching in Argentina

To truly visit Argentina you would need a lifetime, but let’s make sure you soak up every last ounce of it—get started by following our go-to list of the best things to do while teaching in Argentina.

Teaching in Argentina means lots of penguin sightings!

Here are the Top 10 Things to do in Argentina

1. Get Soaked at Iguazú Falls

Is there even a list of things to do in Argentina for travellers where Iguazú Falls isn’t the #1 recommendation!? The stunning Iguazú Falls lie along Argentina’s border with Brazil. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, these huuuuge waterfalls—made up of 150 to 300 individual falls—are one of the most extraordinary sights not only in Argentina, but in South America as a whole. Period. Bring a rain poncho (or don’t. It’s more fun to get wet!).

Iguazú Falls
Visit waterfalls while teaching in Argentina

2. Photograph the Barrios of Buenos Aires

Don’t write off the capital and largest city as a quick stop en route to your TEFL internship in more rural locations. Take time to sit back, linger, and enjoy the energy of this hodge-podge city. Are you in Old World Paris? Somewhere near Rome? Nope, you’re still in Argentina—and we’d love to see how many barrios—or neighbourhoods—you can squeeze in a day. Browse museums (we love the Caminito Street Museum, a pedestrian zone, and open-air museum) and art galleries, or simply take in the gorgeous colonial buildings. Make sure the Plaza de Mayo, La Boca (famous for its colourful homes!), and the Belgrano barrios are top of your list.

3. Go South (REALLY SOUTH) to Ushuaia—the southern tip of South America

If you ever thought it would be cool to see “the ends of the earth,” then when better to check that off the bucket list than in Ushuaia, the launch pad of most Patagonia adventures? Spend a night or two wandering the streets and learning more about the history of this distinctive spot on earth. Be sure to visit the San Juan de Salvamento Lighthouse—also known as the End of the World Lighthouse—built in 1884 on the nearby Isla de los Estados.

4. Visit a National Park

There are 35 individual national parks across Argentina—carve out a weekend (or weekends, you outdoor enthusiast!) of your TEFL internship in Argentina to get some dirt on your boots in at least one of them. The most renowned, Tierra del Fuego National Park, is also Argentina’s oldest coastal national park. Hike Senda Costera and see if you can spot Andean condors. Snap photos of gorgeous Lake Roca and Ensenada Bay. Make these hiking trails your own—this dramatic scenery is unlike anywhere else in the world. Except maybe Chile. But that’s beside the point. 😉

National Park in Chili
Hiking and teaching in Argentina

5. Drink Malbec in Mendoza

Mendoza is more than a Malbec lover’s paradise—it’s also a base for four-season fun thanks to its nearby Andean ski slopes, mountains just begging to be climbed, raging rivers, and gorgeous lakes. Visit Mercado Central (the central market) to try your luck at bartering for delicious produce, meat, and fish—the perfect little picnic and pairings for that bottle of wine.

6. Get Your Chocolate Fill in Bariloche

You might not have considered Argentina a destination for chocolate lovers in the past, but how wrong you’ve been! Come to San Carlos de Bariloche—more commonly known as Bariloche—and indulge in chocolate-y sweetness reminiscent of the Swiss villages it looks so similar to. If you’re an avid skier or hiker, you’ll love this spot as a gateway to adventure. The landscapes here are out of this world!

7. Go Penguin-Spotting in the Peninsula Valdes

Penguins, penguins, and more penguins! And other incredible marine creatures, too (like whales and elephant seals to name a few!). Your TEFL internship in Argentina will not be complete without a trip here. The Valdes Peninsula is considered one of the most valuable wildlife habitats in the world and has boomed as a tourist destination in recent years as a destination to spot its incredible wildlife. Take a dip in the waters yourself—it’s pretty cold, but it’ll be memorable, nonetheless!

Penguin on the beach
Exploring nature while teaching in Argentina

8. Hike a Glacier

Did you know that you can visit the largest ice cap outside of Greenland and Antarctica while teaching English in Argentina? Or that you can lay your eyes on a glacier roughly the size of a 15-story building that goes back three miles? Not just visiting a glacier—but strapping on your crampons and grabbing your ice picks and actually hiking along one—is one of the most thrilling activities for locals and visitors alike in Argentina. If hiking isn’t really your thing, I guess we can support you in visiting the glaciers in the National Park Los Glaciares by boat!


9. Sit Quietly in Awe in a Cathedral

If walls could talk, the cathedrals of Argentina would have quite a bit to say. Nowhere is the combination of Argentina’s colonial history and modern contemporary culture more present. The most cathedral famous of all—and a must-see for history nuts—is the Cathedral of Córdoba in Córdoba. According to Planetware,

“… it’s a splendid mix of Baroque and Neoclassical styles that can trace its roots back to the original Roman Catholic church built here in 1580. Highlights of the structure, much of which dates from the 18th century, include a delightfully ornate interior with exquisite 20th-century frescoes and murals painted by leading Argentinian artists, a unique silver altar, and an important collection of gold votive offerings.”

– Planetware

Pro tip: Don’t forget to stop by its crypts—many famous Argentinians are resting there!

10. Try Your Luck at Tango

Do you have two left feet?! We’ll never know until you swallow your pride, take a shot of liquid courage, and join the dozens of dancers moving gracefully and to the beat at a tango meet-up about town. Whether you come across an impromptu dance in a barrio or sign up for a dance class, you’ll be clenching roses in your teeth—and ‘wow’ing the locals—in no time!


Argentina is a TEFL teacher’s playground

With meaningful work by day and endless adventures by night. Your weekends will be jam-packed with activities to satisfy the bucket list of even the most adrenaline-loving TEFL teacher. Get up close and personal with nature, and observe the amalgamation of indigenous and European cultures. Eat lots of world-class steaks, and soak up the good life while teaching in Argentina.

This is a chapter you’ll want to relive again and again!

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