If you are on the hunt for the best TEFL provider, you need to search for these key factors. There are countless options available on the market now but choosing the best provider for you should be a key goal in achieving success.

Nowadays, the internet is riddled with scams and dangerous websites, making it increasingly difficult to find an authentic and reliable TEFL provider. It seems that TEFL companies are popping up in the dozens overnight. We understand the frustration experienced by those who have been tricked and misled by TEFL providers. For this reason, we created this blog article to detail what to look for in a TEFL provider to guarantee success and ensure safety.

A range of courses to pick from

Something that a great TEFL provider will always have is a wide variety of courses to choose from. This shows the school actually cares about the needs of the students. Creating and certifying these courses takes weeks and months of work to write and get approved. So, repeating this process over and over shows the provider’s commitment and drive to certify the student as a teacher.

Every TEFL teacher has varying needs when it comes to their certification. Meeting the needs of these teachers should be at the core of every TEFL provider’s purpose. Therefore, the best TEFL schools will create many programs to suit the needs of their students.

At Premier TEFL, we are dedicated to creating quality courses that will form the best TEFL teachers. Therefore, we have an array of courses to choose from. Which course best suits your needs? Find our top 3 courses for you HERE.

From the standard 120-hour course to a 310-hour hybrid course (with teaching practice included) and even IELTS coaching courses – we have it all!


Excellent customer reviews

How can you trust a business online? Simple: customer reviews.

Customer reviews are the most authentic and honest forms of verification both on the internet and in person. When students are so impressed by a school’s materials and services that they feel the need to write a review, that is a good sign of an excellent TEFL provider.

When customers speak highly of a business, it is common that the business will then flaunt this to attract more customers. However, what is also important when researching reviews is to look at the number of reviews left by customers. The more customer testimonials, the better. For example, would you trust a TEFL provider that is rated 5 stars but only has 3 reviews more than you would trust a 4.5-star provider with thousands of reviews?

We are so thrilled to receive glowing reviews from our students. So proud, that we dedicated an entire blog post to our favourite reviews written by students in 2021. Read it HERE.

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Knowledgeable staff to advise you

When it comes to the best TEFL providers, they will always have the hardest working staff. Members of staff will work diligently to ensure all of your needs are met and that all problems are resolved. These are the types of people who will work to the bone until you are completely satisfied.

Not only is their goal to help you to work through your course smoothly, but they are also fountains of knowledge when it comes to travelling abroad and teaching online. This can be extremely helpful to students who are looking to travel and teach with their TEFL certification. Because they have been in the same situation as the students before, they have a better understanding of the experience than anyone else.

Our staff here at Premier TEFL are extraordinary in every sense of the word. Equipped with the knowledge of TEFL and experiences from all around the world, this bunch can help with all TEFL and travel-related questions. Want to meet our team? Click HERE.


Heaps of alumni testimonials

Not only are reviews important, but so are testimonials. A review will show that a customer was satisfied. A testimonial, on the other hand, will show that they were more than satisfied with their experience. The customer is so impressed and pleased with the product or service that they are compelled to share it with their network.

Oftentimes, companies will ask for reviews, making them feel ingenuine and manufactured. Comparing these to testimonials, testimonials come straight from the heart of the customer. At Premier TEFL, we have received such wonderful reviews as well as testimonials from thoroughly satisfied customers. Take a look at Denise’s testimonial:

Quick response times

Something important for many of our TEFL students is working through their courses quickly. This can be for a multitude of reasons. No matter the reason, it is vital that we respond to any queries as fast as we can. This is key to reducing frustration amongst users and boosting the level of trust between our staff and the students.

Having a team that respond quickly to any customer complaints or issues shows that the staff care about their students. Ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for the student is at the top of the school’s priorities, so resolving issues quickly is very important to an excellent TEFL provider. When a member of staff responds quickly, it also reinforces that they understand and know what they are talking about.


External accreditation 

What is ‘accreditation’ and how does it make a TEFL provider legitimate?

Well, accreditation according to the Cambridge English Dictionary is “the fact of being officially recognized, accepted, or approved of, or the act of officially recognizing, accepting, or approving of something.” In TEFL terms, this means an external body or third party will evaluate your school to see that it meets the official standards and needs to provide a meaningful service.

Why is this important?

Having an external organization analyze a TEFL provider’s courses allows for an unbiased evaluation of the content being taught. Also, it is important that certain standards are met, especially when training students to become teachers. Ensuring that the program is thoroughly detailed and prepares the learner for the world of TEFL is key to creating well-rounded and high-quality teachers.


A clear path to employment for you to follow once you graduate

Many TEFL providers will set you up with a course and that will be it. A top-tier TEFL provider will go the extra mile to support you once you have completed your course. As TEFL providers, we understand how difficult it can be to source a job once you have completed your course. From non-native English speakers to students with no bachelor’s degree, there are a number of reasons that a TEFL student could find it difficult to source a job.

That is why we partner with a number of schools that offer a wide variety of TEFL jobs. We list these jobs on our website as well as our partner website. Also, we post regularly in both online TEFL jobs and teaching abroad TEFL jobs Facebook groups.

If you’re on the hunt for the best TEFL provider, ensure they meet all of these standards. But of course, you won’t need to look far, as Premier TEFL meets all of these requirements and more! So what are you waiting for? Book a course with us now!

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