You can teach English abroad and have some of the best experiences in your life. Imagine yourself living in a scenic Nepalese village, teaching English to young learners or monks, whilst you live in a slow-paced environment and learn about the Buddhist culture. Since Nepal is a tourist hub, the country puts a high emphasis on speaking English, so that they can interact with visitors and share their culture. Children are also encouraged to take up English as part of the curriculum.  This offers many opportunities to find TEFL jobs. To teach English Abroad in Kathmandu is a good experience when you consider the mesmerizing views of the Himalayas

Nepali is truly a wonderland, as the country is still fairly underdeveloped, it retains a great level of authenticity, where life is slower, connected with nature and one’s thoughts. The country is known for its undeveloped villages, where Buddhist monks live a slow-paced life, in touch with religion and strict daily rituals. These locations are a dreamland for curious travellers, and if you are one of them, teaching Buddhist monks English whilst living in Nepal is probably on your bucket list. Teaching internships are amazing experiences, however, most of them are volunteer roles. You will get accommodation and living covered, but most likely no further remuneration for your teaching services.

If you want a busier city life, and a paid TEFL job, the capital is the best solution. Kathmandu is the heart and soul of Nepal, a metropolitan city with over 1 million residents that still manage to keep that ‘rural’ and authentic feel of Nepal. With over 2000 years of history, the city was ranked by Trip Advisor as one of the top 10 travel destinations currently on the rise.

Teach English in Kathmandu or a Remote Nepalese Village

As mentioned before, there are plenty of opportunities to teach English abroad in Nepal, both paid and unpaid. If you are looking for the ultimate local experience, search for teaching internships in small villages, where you would work with children or monks. Many schools are understaffed either due to insufficient government funds or because the locations are too remote to attract local teachers. However, what may seem like an ordinary proposition to a Nepali teacher from the big city, could end up being the adventure of a lifetime for a travel enthusiast from outside the country. These teaching jobs are usually unpaid, but you will have food and accommodation included.

However, if you prefer to get the same authenticity in a metropolitan environment and earn a good salary, teaching internships in mesmerizing Kathmandu are a great opportunity. This could be the gateway to an extended vacation at your dream destination. You won’t have to worry about saving ahead for a large travel budget because you will have a salary coming in every month. As Kathmandu is the capital, many educational and professional institutions offer paid teaching jobs.

Types of Teaching Jobs in Nepal

One of the most sought-after teaching jobs is the volunteer role, where you work with monks or small groups of young learners in remote villages. Your role would involve conversational classes with monks or children, and also living life with them. Although it doesn’t come with a paycheck, this will give you one of the most amazing cultural experiences of Nepal and Buddhism.

Another option is to find a job in a private school in one of the bigger Nepalese cities, such as Kathmandu. You will enjoy all of the comforts of a modern life, whilst still surrounding yourself in a completely foreign environment with unfamiliar customs and people. In private schools, you will be teaching young learners.

How to find TEFL Jobs in Kathmandu?

To land a sustainable teaching job in Kathmandu, you should complete an accredited TEFL course. This certification will give you a competitive advantage when applying for both paid and unpaid TEFL internships, and could also secure you a higher salary.

Salary and Working Hours

For volunteer jobs, you are unlikely to get any payments, but both food and accommodation will be covered. Some programs might include a refund of your airfare costs and a spending allowance.

For paid jobs, especially in Kathmandu, you can expect to earn anything from $500 to $2500 a month, depending on the type of school you work for. Small language schools have limited budgets and can only pay you a small salary, enough to cover your living costs, but international schools can pay significantly more.

For language schools, you can expect to work a few hours a week, during evenings and weekends. However, for a $2500 salary at an international school, you will most likely work full-time Mon-Fri, with some occasional weekend shifts.

However, if you earn a small salary, Kathmandu is known as one the cheapest cities in the world, so your living costs won’t be very high either.

Kathmandu is also famous for food delicacy as there are tons of flavours to choose from. Right from Dumplings to Noddles.

Requirements to Teach English Abroad in Kathmandu

To work in Nepal, you need a working visa. Whilst tourist visas are usually available at the airport, do check with your embassy and the school you plan to work for, as they might be able to support you in getting a working visa. One of the best ways to travel is to teach English abroad, and wouldn’t it be a dream to do it among monks or Nepalese children?

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