So now you have completed a PremierTEFL course, you may be wondering what to do with your shiny new certificate. Here are some handy tips for any budding English teachers out there who are seeking a job.

How to get a TEFL job with no experience

Start contacting schools using Premier TEFL

PremierTEFL gives our users the chance to use an Express Application form to get their name out there into the market almost immediately. This way they can get in touch with those involved in TEFL organisations much more quickly and get advertised on a job board seen by potential recruiters from around the world. The sooner you begin to get your name out the better, as a certification for TEFL and IELTS is only good as long as people know you have it. Speaking of which…


Make contacts in the TEFL industry.

TEFL is all about communication and you can only call yourself a good communicator if you take the initiative to interact with people. It is good to get in contact with potential employers even if they are not currently recruiting. Get your name on their lips so that they recognise you when recruitment time comes around. Establish professional relationships and give employers a good impression of yourself. Show enthusiasm, good communication, clarity and courtesy. It all adds up in the end and makes a future partnership all the better.


Start creating a Budget and save, Save, SAVE!

The power of a good budget and savings plan cannot be understated when you are beginning any career, especially one that will bring you abroad. Set up a savings account and put some money into it each week and keep it for covering flights, accommodation, food and any other costs that might come up. Even if you aren’t volunteering and your accommodation is covered by the recruiting organisation, any trip abroad needs a good cash reserve just in case. A budget is also important not only for saving money but having practice with planning out daily routines in a foreign country. The fewer unforeseen events that occur the better and planning can make dealing with these much easier.

Do your Research

Always keep track of where you are sending your applications to. See what countries are snapping up new teachers with TEFL qualifications and see what kinds of cultures you may be integrating with on your journey. Check out how people live in these countries, what your house might be like and what you may need when you arrive. Don’t get too in love with one place as you never know where you will really end up, but discover new cultures anyway and learn about the places you might teach in.


Start some preliminary lesson plans

Before you even know where you will end up you can begin planning some quick lesson plans to start you off. Practice how you schedule your own plans to suit your own style and what you expect to be teaching your students in the first few days. These can all be changed over the course of the actual English teaching placement but the more work you do now the less you will have to do when you are busy with classes. Even a basic timetable of the first few weeks of teaching could go a long way in helping you structure your days.


Get Ready to Teach with TEFL!

Now that is all done, you can start preparing for any TEFL offers that you receive. Be positive, be patient and be ready to prepare at a moment’s notice. You never know when your adventure can begin!

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