Congratulations, future TEFL teachers! You’ve earned your TEFL certification and are ready to embark on an adventure teaching English abroad. But did you know there are more ways to make money after TEFL and have fun beyond the classroom? Here are four inspiring ideas to maximize your income while enjoying your TEFL journey.


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1. Online Tutoring: Teach from Anywhere!

So, you’ve snagged that TEFL certificate and are all set to conquer the world one English lesson at a time! But hey, why limit yourself to just one classroom when you can be the globe-trotting English aficionado? Platforms like VIPKid, Cambly, and iTalki are your golden tickets to teaching online. Picture this: lounging in your PJs, sipping on your favourite drink, and enlightening minds across borders. Flexibility? Check. Comfort? Double check. Plus, the bonus? You get to dodge the soul-crushing commute!


2. Start a Language Exchange Group: Learn and Earn
Friends gather at a language exchange to learn English.Why stop at just teaching when you can create a linguistic utopia? Organize a language exchange group—where people come to practice their English while you sprinkle some short lessons. Charge a little something for your expertly curated sessions. The best part? You make friends, exchange cultures, and rack up some extra cash while feeling like a linguistic superhero.

Meetup.com (for local language exchange groups)
Reddit Language Exchange communities

3. Freelance Writing: Pen Your Way to Profits

Alright, wordsmiths, listen up! If you can spin words like a wizard casts spells, why not turn that talent into some cold, hard cash? Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.com are the playgrounds to use those writing skills! Blog posts, articles, website content—English content is always in demand. Set your own schedule, craft engaging content, and watch the moolah roll in!


A TEFL teacher makes money writing online

4. Create Educational Materials: Share Your Expertise

Calling all content creators and masterminds of teaching! Put that TEFL wisdom to work by creating educational materials. Lesson plans, worksheets, e-books—oh my! Share them on platforms like Teachers Pay Teachers or Udemy. Your creativity becomes a cash flow, helping other educators while you sit back and count those bucks.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Bonus Tip: Embrace Side Hustles for Fun and Profit

Why stop at these four suggestions? Think outside the box, my friend! If you’re into photography, capture English language photography classes. Whip up English cooking workshops if you love being in the kitchen. Flex those muscles and offer English fitness sessions! Combine passions and teaching. 

So, gear up, teaching trailblazers! Turn those teaching dreams into a reality jam-packed with thrilling money-making adventures. Remember, it’s not solely about the money; it’s about living your best TEFL life—cultivating experiences, forging connections, and adding more zest to your TEFL journey. 


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