Non-native English speakers make great teachers abroad. You’ve studied the language yourself—which we all know is way more than memorizing verb structures and grammar patterns. You’ve experienced the ups and downs and whirl-around of learning a language from scratch, and let’s be honest… those highs and lows can take a toll on your mental game. But you persevered, worked really, really hard, and did an immersion program in a Native English-speaking country.

Now you’re ready: You’re ready to pass along your hard-won skills to others around the world. You’ve witnessed the impact this language can have on your future prospects and relationships, not to mention you’ve enjoyed dozens of TV shows without dubbing. Speaking English is awesome, and it’s time to teach it yourself.

Here are eight companies eagerly seeking your skills—these organizations are hiring non-native TEFL teachers right now!


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Teach English online as a non-native speaker

1. iTalki

iTalki was created with a singular mission: make learning a language online easier. By connecting native speakers with aspiring learners, the platform has not only improved individual fluency levels, but they’ve also helped foster real, long-distance friendships (that sometimes later turn into travel buds!). 

You can become an iTalki teacher by filling out an online application and submitting information about your relevant experiences. 

2. First Future

We love First Future as an online English teaching job provider because they pay you for your minimum hours whether or not a student shows up, or regardless if a student books a class with you. These guaranteed payments and income will help you budget more effectively.

While they do accept non-native English teaching applications, they explicitly reserve their hiring priorities for native English speakers. It’s always helpful to check back on their site’s job board frequently to learn the status of their hiring ambitions. Priority is given to applicants with a strong, clear speaking voice.


3. Engoo

Engoo could be your meal ticket to getting paid as a non-native online English teacher. Based in the Philippines, their market focuses extensively on working with Japanese students—in fact, it’s one of the most preferred online services in Japan today!

Check out their careers page for current opportunities, and be prepared to submit a Certificate of Proficiency in English Language if you have one.

4. Palfish

Palfish is an app that connects teachers and students one-on-one. The whole system makes it really easy for English learners of all ages to connect with currently available English teachers.

Because the app is entirely in Chinese, it can be a little tricky to find reliable information online for the company. However, we think if you download the app and follow this guideline, you’ll be able to increase your chances of being selected as an English teacher!


5. WaijiaoYi

If you have a neutral accent, a strong internet connection, and the availability to meet with students on their schedule (weekends!), non-native English teaching jobs with WaijiaoYi are worth a look! WaijiaoYi utilizes the dual teaching method (a foreigner and a Chinese-native teacher) to conduct English classes in smaller Chinese cities.

6. COREnglish

COREnglish is actively seeking TEFL teachers of all spots, stripes, and English language fluency to join their growing team. As a COREnglish teacher, you’ll work with 1-5 Chinese students at a time for 25-minute lessons. They also require teachers to have availability for two hours daily, a minimum of four days per week.

If this sounds like a good fit, check out their current openings and hit the “Apply” button today!

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7. Ginseng English

If you want to teach Business English as a non-native English speaker, you’re in luck! Ginseng English provides multiple tracks for its students—and as such, they have a need for English teachers with various skill levels. This is where you come in!

If teaching Business English online isn’t your jam, don’t fret. You can also work with Ginseng English to provide general English lessons, academic English lessons (like TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS prep), or even provide one-on-one classes.

8. Premier TEFL

Hey, that’s us! 

We work with dozens of non-native English speakers every year to bring their teaching dreams to life, whether as an online English teacher or as a classroom teacher abroad

Why not check out our Jobs Board for updated jobs both online and abroad? Get TEFL certified and hired in a matter of weeks, all with Premier TEFL!

Non-Native Teach English Online

Improve your chances of getting hired

  • Have a TEFL certificate. This is a “Duh” step for anyone considering becoming a TEFL teacher—whether online or in-person. The beginners/most common certificate is the 120 Advanced Expert Course, which will put you on a good path towards being an effective English teacher. Did you know that you can even specialize with a TEFL course dedicated to teaching English online?
  • Practice, practice, practice. Part of your hiring process may include running a mock classroom or giving specific ideas about lesson plans, classroom management, and more. Work with friends or your TEFL course provider to make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running—you’ll impress them from day one!
  • Proofread. You have to convince a school that you are 100% capable of teaching English to their students. This means you need to be extra careful about the content on your own application materials. Proofread like a mofo, you don’t want that one tiny grammar mistake to be your undoing.

Teach English online as a non-native English speaker!

There are dozens of companies out there who recognize the value and skills you bring to the table. Don’t let the fact that you weren’t born in one of seven countries on the planet hold you back. Get paid to travel and see the world—become a TEFL teacher as a non-native English speaker!

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