Rolette was ruling the skies as a flight attendant for over four years until the world was consumed by COVID-19. She returned to her home country and immediately began researching an alternative way to travel. After traveling the world, dining on local delicacies, and immersing herself in local cultures, Rolette was not finished seeing the world just yet. Read on to find out how TEFL is opening doors for Rolette to continue her globetrotting adventure.

Tell us about yourself, Rolette! We’d love to know about your background, what drew you to teaching in the first place?

I’m a very passionate person who is always looking for new opportunities to succeed in life.

I’ve worked for Emirates Airlines for over 4 years as a Cabin Crew ” flight attendant ” it’s definitely one of the best experiences in my life. Traveling the world and meeting different cultures, eating different cuisine, and every flight was a new destination with new experiences that excited me and I grew to love the aviation industry. Unfortunately due to Covid19, I was sadly made redundant and I came back to my home country South Africa and I knew another way to travel the world was teaching English as a foreign language. So I started doing my research, the my TEFL certification and will never regret that decision. 

Woman with Koala Bear
Rolette meeting the locals

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Can you tell us about your career previous to teaching? Do you think you’ll be able to transfer those skills to teaching English?

Prior to being Cabin Crew, I was a Team Leader in the medical aid industry and had more than 11 team members under me whom I had to guide and train. It taught me patience and an understanding of different personalities, and I’m sure I will benefit from this when teaching English. 

How do you feel the 120-Hour Advanced TEFL Course and Teach English Online course will help your teaching skills and career?

The course definitely gave me more explanation on online teaching and I feel it can open more opportunities for me.          

What was the most helpful portion of your TEFL course? Do you feel like you will be able to draw from your TEFL course while teaching?

Definitely. I would say module five; the VAK (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) module taught me about the different types of students I will teach. This will definitely help me to understand how to deal with each individual learner.

Rolette enjoying the landmarks

Is there a particular age group you’re hoping to work with? Why did you choose this group?

I would love to work with young children ages three to six. Maybe teach teenagers after some exposure and experience. 

What do you wish you knew before starting an online English teaching career path?

Nothing really, did my homework and knew what to expect.

What advice do you have for anyone considering a career teaching English? What advice was given to you?

I would advise them to go for it and have fun doing it. Also, tell them that “You will make a difference in someone else’s life by teaching them English”.

We all dream of having the freedom to choose our own hours and being our own bosses. How do you think teaching English will change your life?

Teaching English will definitely open doors to more ways to travel the world again. It’ll allow for flexibility across different time zones and I can work from home or anywhere in the world with the online opportunities in teaching English.

Woman with two monkeys
Rolette monkeying around

What’s your favourite word or phrase in the English language?

My Favourite word is Tranquillity. And I have to say I like the Phrase “A blessing in disguise.”

Now finally, the last question. What does the future hold for Rolette? 

My travel life is definitely not over as yet. And with this new career to teach English, my future lies somewhere overseas that will allow me to travel and evolve. 

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