Are you wondering if TEFL could be a career option for you? TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) may be the perfect solution to help you achieve your career goals! In this blog article, we‘ll meet Madelyn – a TEFL teacher who made a career change and now teaches in South Korea. Read on to learn more about how TEFL can help you make a successful career change!

Madelyn: How I Changed Career with TEFL

Madelyn began her professional career after completing a degree in Theater with job positions such as producer, actor, and event manager. She dabbled in the world of performing arts for 10 years before making her first career change. Madelyn fell in love with traveling and exploring the world, so she took up an opportunity to become a marketing & social media specialist for a documentary. This meant she could travel through Cambodia and Vietnam while still earning money – which was a bonus.

After her experience traveling through Asia, riding motorcycles, and filming a documentary, Madelyn settled on her career goal: she wanted more than just traveling – she wanted to immerse herself and live in another country. Madelyn asked herself: “What are the three things I will need in my life so that I can be happy every day?” She chose the following:

  1.  The ability to travel
  2.  To have creative freedom
  3.  To help other people

“Social media marketing was awesome! I could be creative and I could travel, I could work remotely but I didn’t feel like I was helping anyone.” Madelyn then got to thinking about what she could do – how could she make a difference? Some of her friends who had completed TEFL courses in the past and had been traveling & working around the world introduced her to TEFL.

The Perfect Change?

Because Madelyn had both experience teaching and working with kids from her job in the theater, TEFL seemed like the perfect career change to help her achieve all of her career goals. Once the thought was planted in her head, Madelyn grew to realize that this could be the perfect career change to help her live abroad with creative work that helped others. Madelyn discovered Premier TEFL and found the perfect job for her: A 12 Month TEFL Internship in South Korea.

Would you like to hear more of Madelyn’s advice and her experience using TEFL to change her career? Check out this video.

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>Why I chose to teach in South Korea – Vote for Madelyn to win Best Student Video for this year’s GoAbroad Innovation Awards” with this link: https://forms.gle/rETFmq1GtNRGnoQs6


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