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So you want to teach abroad, but the idea is overwhelming? Moving abroad can be nerve-racking, especially if it is your first extensive trip or you are making the move alone. This is where Premier TEFL’s Paid Internship Programs come in.

Teacher exploring the world on a paid internship program.

From paperwork for visas to securing housing in your country of choice, there is a lengthy list of to-dos when you decide to move abroad.

Your teaching adventure is made simple; with an all-inclusive and fully organized TEFL internship!

We take all the hassle out of securing your teaching placement, meaning you’ve more time to focus on the fun stuff. Get ready to begin a supported teaching semester or year abroad, jam-packed with unbeatable inclusions. From rent-free housing to bucket-list trips, we’ve got you covered!

Join the Premier TEFL crew for your paid internship, launch your international teaching career, and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. We’ll briefly go over the different internship structures below:

*Please note this information is subject to change as programs grow*


What’s included in the Paid Internship Programs?

Although all of our internships are ever changing the majority of our internships will include:

120-hour Accredited TEFL Course

Depending on the location and internship specifically, this course is typically completed online at your own pace. We do however offer in-person courses at some of our intern locations! (Keep an eye on our Thailand packages!)


The majority of our internships are paid with salary amounts varying based on country, location and previous experience. As explained below, no experience is necessary for our internships but it can help you in achieving a higher salary. Please refer to the specific internship page to see the salary range for that country.

The majority of our internships are paid with the exception of a few of our shorter programs. During these, you will receive housing, 3 meals a day and teaching experience in lieu of a salary.

Rent-free Accommodations/ Accommodation Assistance

One of the things we hear people worrying about the most is finding housing before moving abroad. This can be a stressful experience, so we are happy to help. Depending on the country you decide to teach in your employer may offer you a rent-free accommodation. If you are staying in a country where this is not offered then our on-the-ground team is there to help find you a safe and happy home!

Visa Assistance, let us help you with the paperwork!

Paperwork is definitely not the most fun part of travelling, but it needs to get done. That’s where we come in! Our in-country teams will help you navigate the government systems both in your home country and abroad. We assist you with what forms you need to fill out, where you need to send them and the overall timeline for when things happen.

Arrival Orientation

We want to make sure you feel supported when you arrive in your destination country. Therefore, we provide you with an orientation to learn about your new home!

Depending on the country your orientation may take place online or in person once you land. We offer orientations that are anywhere from 3-7 days long!

During these orientations, you’ll get familiarized with the customs (and the faux pas to avoid), practice your TEFL skills, make new friends and maybe even learn some of the language. We always try to include something fun in our meetings so you may be surprised by cultural excursions or cooking classes!

Previous cultural excursions include a city tour and visits to local museums that bring to life the most famous parts of the country’s history. Previous interns have also spent free time exploring cultural landmarks as well as sampling some tasty local dishes.

Ongoing Support

Even once you have started teaching we are still here to help support you. If it is questions about labour laws, contracts or general assistance with moving abroad and best teaching practices, we are there to help.

What is Required of You for the Paid Internship Programs?

Every country you work in is going to have different requirements based on their government regulations. Below is a very brief overview of some of those requirements.

*Not all countries will require everything on this list
If you are interested in a certain country or program please reach out to one of our experts who would be happy to see if you fit the requirements.*

A TEFL teacher enjoying a paid internship abroad
What you may need:
  • Be a native English speaker
  • Bachelor’s degree or High School graduate (A-levels, High School Diploma, Leaving Cert, Matric)
  • Have a clean police record
  • 120 hour TEFL certificate (included)
  • Be in good mental and physical health
  • ** Check your age – On average countries take teachers between 20-35 but check the details on each internship page
  • ** Have a passport from the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa (EU is also sometimes accepted)
  • Be ready for a life-changing teaching experience abroad!

**Please refer to the specific internships page to see the ranges or requirements for these sections.

What’s not required:
  • Any teaching experience (although this can boost your salary!)
  • To speak any other languages

What Are the Next Steps?

In essence, Premier TEFL’s paid internship program is your ticket to a seamless and enriching teaching adventure abroad. By offering a diverse array of opportunities, from online teaching adventures to cultural immersions, Premier TEFL ensures that you not only receive top-notch training but also comprehensive support throughout your journey.

With accredited TEFL courses, financial compensation, and rent-free accommodations, this program transforms the complexities of moving abroad into a hassle-free experience. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, Premier TEFL opens doors to global opportunities, providing a life-changing teaching experience beyond the borders of the classroom. Join the Premier TEFL community and embark on an adventure that promises growth, cultural exploration, and a world of teaching possibilities!

Start your internship journey today
by chatting with one of our experts here!


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