What if we said you can have it all? That you can travel as an online English Teacher and be successful at it too?

16+ countries. Two years traveling. One job: Teaching English Online. Join Premier TEFL graduate Vanessa to discover how you can begin a new career as an online TEFL teacher and see the world. Learn how to liberate your life; it’s easier than you think. Ask Vanessa questions about getting TEFL certified and teaching online or abroad, and leave feeling ready to launch your new career as a global educator!
Make sure to watch the live recording of TEFL teacher Vanessa where she answered your burning questions about how to travel and as an Online English teacher!
What Vanessa covered.
  • Traveling and teaching as an online English teacher
  • Tips and tricks for packing the classroom essentials
  • Relocating to different countries during a global pandemic
  • Air travel during a covid-19 and travel restrictions
  • Teaching challenges after moving and how to deal with them

Want to know more about Vanessa ahead of the webinar? Check out her interview about how she got locked down in Ireland for longer than she expected!

Check out the recorded webinar!

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