Teaching English in summer camps is that perfect adventure during your student years or any other time in your life when you feel up for a travelling adventure. If you want to enjoy great weather, finger-licking food and some of the most amazing sights in the world, what better place to find jobs in summer camps than Croatia? The central European country is culturally diverse, has incredible weather in summer and holds ten of UNESCO’s World’s ‘intangible’ cultural masterpieces.

Croatia is still recovering from the war and is less developed than other countries around it like Czech Republic. Whilst the economy is still in recovery mode and 18% of the country lives in poverty, the demand for English is high. Like in most other European countries, English is the first foreign language that Croatian children learn in school. If you want to visit this beautiful country and share your language skills, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. However, the job market is smaller than the rest of Europe, and more competitive, so make sure that you give yourself a professional edge with a TEFL certification.

Teaching English in Summer Camps – What To Expect

One of main organisations that deliver summer camps programs is Camp California. With a TEFL certificate and a willingness to spend 10 fun weeks sharing your language skills with students, you are on the right path to landing a job.

The summer camps programs are designed to teach young learners English in a fun, safe and creative environment. Instead of focusing solely on classroom lessons, they create a 1 to 2 week experience for students to come in and live, sleep and eat at the camp. The English teachers and other staff members create this fun environment, full of games and songs and great activities, all in English.

So, if you want to teach English in summer camps in Croatia, you can expect to work with an international community to create a fun environment for Croatian children to learn English. Your job will involve singing camps songs, playing games, playing sports at night and lots of good food! You will most likely get to swim in the clean waters of the Adriatic seas and make lifelong friends.

The contracts for jobs in summer camps are usually 10 weeks long, but your students might change every 2 weeks. Your contract includes accommodation and food, and in return you speak English, keep the atmosphere lively and play/coordinate games. You usually get a full day off per week, when you can take advantage to explore the surroundings.

Whilst teaching English in summer camps rarely involves a salary, you will get a reimbursement for your travel costs and something extra that you can use to travel more around the country. All these terms will be laid out in your contract, and they might vary depending on what organisation you choose to work for.

Once you’ve got a glimpse of Croatia, you probably want to stay longer. The country is boasting with popular tourist destinations including Dubrovnik, Split, Korcula, Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes and Kornati Islands. So, once you wrapped up your summer camp TEFL job, there is plenty out there for you to explore.

How To Get Jobs In Summer Camps

Whether you want a summer camp teaching job or to stay in Croatia long term, a TEFL certificate will open the right doors to teaching abroad. This course gives you all the knowledge you need to teach English as a foreign language, and also gives you a professional edge in the eyes of your future employer.

If you want to stay longer in Croatia after your summer camp, check out vacancies at language institutes in the major cities. Public schools also offer some jobs, but some of them might require undergraduate or masters qualifications and prior teaching experience.

Get that one step closer to teaching English in summer camps in Croatia.

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