Interested in teaching English as a foreign language abroad or from home? Of course, you are! Newly qualified teacher Quresh walks us through his journey on landing a career in China. During COVID-19!

Open a New Chapter with TEFL and Take the Steps to Work Abroad!

Starting our courses and learning to get hired abroad is how Quresh made the most of the pandemic!  Sounds crazy, right? If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what it would be like to travel abroad while making money? Or wanting to become a TEFL teacher? Then set your reminders, because this webinar about the Steps To Getting Hired Abroad was for you. Watch it below!

What to Expect During the Process with TEFL and Taking the Steps to Working Abroad

In March 2020, when the pandemic struck, Quresh had an extended list of experiences in the hospitality industry. From March 2020 to July 2020, he found himself on furlough until eventually made redundant. After extensive research and a clear view of the options available it meant that in no time, the choice, of course, was obvious to Quresh. By the end of August, Quresh had managed to qualify as a TEFL teacher and set his sights on China

Upon completion of the course, there was a lot of excitement to go and see what opportunities awaited. Shortly after, the excitement to start applying for jobs abroad began and so did the interviews. Soon as the right choice had been made it led him on his journey to China.

Find out what it was like to fly during a pandemic and what life was like being quarantined in China upon arrival, why he loves teaches in China and his top places to visit since he’s arrived.

Words of Encouragement

Test your English with Premier TEFL - Steps To Getting Hired Abroad

Take the risk, jump at the opportunity! This is certainly what Quresh recommends.

Who knows, it may just be the change you need.

Are you comfortable traveling at the moment? Let us know below.

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