You might still be on the fence on whether you actually want to take up the TEFL challenge. Well, let me tell you why you should start a TEFL career!

For the Challenge

For some people, taking part in TEFL can be almost like a calling.
English is in high demand and the market for teaching TEFL is exciting and phenomenally competitive.
It can prove to be a real challenge to get out there and make yourself known in the TEFL world, but those that manage to do so are rewarded with a job that is fulfilling and pretty interesting too!
The personal reward for being able to enrich the lives of others can be a powerful feeling whenever you pull it off. Couple the sense of achievement with a good dollop of adventure abroad and you have a winning combination.

For the Professional Experience

Speaking of achievement TEFL can be a great thing to have for your personal resume, especially if you wish to do some work abroad. The fact that you are an individual who has proven themselves independent enough to live alone abroad, educated enough to teach to a certain standard and professional enough to do both at the same time speaks a lot about what kind of worker you are. In the modern workplace it is essential to touch on several key skills in order to work with others. Through completing a TEFL course you are preparing your teaching, written and communication skills as well as having experience working in a market abroad. TEFL is a great stepping stone on to bigger and better things in your future.

For Learning about New Cultures

This is a no-brainer; the fact you are teaching abroad means you are immersing yourself in a culture set aside from your own. TEFL is a wonderful way to find a place overseas that allows you to teach and also practice another language. Through living alongside the people you are teaching you will pick up more and more words through osmosis and association. Some schools even offer free language tutelage in local languages! Even just learning to live like the locals gives you a new insight into how the world works far away from your own home. It is always best to get to know the neighbors, living as they do in their own country and learning new skills to help you along the way. Seeing new traditions, festivals and cultures is always a bonus to a TEFL adventure.

For travelling the world and getting paid to do so.

While some TEFL jobs may be completely voluntary, others cover your expenses when abroad and some are full time paying jobs. There are very few countries in the world where you won’t find at least one potential school organisation looking for a TEFL teacher. Many are willing to offer enticing contracts for you to join them in teaching their students an internationally significant language. While you should always be careful about accepting an offer too quickly, the fact that the market is bustling means the odd are in your favor for beginning a rewarding career in TEFL.

If you want to join the exciting and evolving TEFL industry, complete one of our handy TEFL courses and kickstart your TEFL career.

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