Exploring a new country while teaching English as a foreign language? Sounds like a paid TEFL internship.

Will couldn’t imagine anything worse than being stuck in a cubicle doing a 9 – 5. In his search for a rewarding and more meaningful job he discovered the paid TEFL internship in Vietnam and submitted his application. After a semester of teaching, Will was hooked. His plan was to stay and continue teaching in Vietnam, but COVID had other ideas. Join this webinar to learn all about teaching English in Vietnam with Premier TEFL plus find out about how during the pandemic Will has switched to teaching online while he saves, to return to Asia.

Make sure to watch the recorded webinar to learn all about his paid TEFL Internship and what made it so unique.


Will is an English Foreign Language Teacher from Wales! After graduating with a degree in English Literature, he set his sights overseas! He traveled to beautiful countries such as Vietnam and Romania to teach English and gain international experience and seek new and unfamiliar environments. With TEFL experience and a keen interest in writing and traveling, he is currently teaching online and directing his creativity towards travel writing!

What Will covered about the Paid TEFL internship:

  • Why I applied to teach in Vietnam / abroad and why you should too
  • Benefits of the Internship (over independent teaching) for first time TEFLers
  • Lifestyle / Teaching in Vietnam
  • How I became an online teacher
  • Paid TEFL internships
  • FAQ about online teaching, benefits and drawbacks


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