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Premier TEFL offers a spectrum of courses, from foundational certificates to the esteemed 300 Hour Ofqual Regulated Level 5 TEFL Advanced Diploma, tailored to launch and enhance careers in the TEFL industry. These courses, known for their comprehensive content, are delivered by expert DELTA qualified tutors and are augmented with modern AI modules for a personalized learning experience. The flexible scheduling accommodates diverse lifestyles, ensuring accessibility for all aspiring educators. With additional benefits like live Zoom classes, career coaching, and exclusive job board access, Premier TEFL stands out by providing robust support and advanced training, opening doors to lucrative teaching positions worldwide and fostering a thriving community of English language educators.

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Unlock Your Future: TESOL/TEFL Certification in Miami with Premier TEFL

Embarking on your TESOL/TEFL journey in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, offers a unique blend of cultural richness, linguistic diversity, and educational opportunities, making it an ideal backdrop for teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language. Premier TEFL, a leading provider in the TEFL certification arena, offers a comprehensive array of courses designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in this rewarding career path. Immersed in Miami’s multicultural environment, you’ll gain invaluable insights into different teaching methodologies tailored to a diverse student base, enhancing your global teaching competencies. This city, teeming with life, art, and history, provides an unparalleled canvas for applying theoretical knowledge in practical settings, ensuring a holistic learning experience that transcends traditional classroom boundaries.

Flexible Learning, Global Teaching

Our course offers adaptable learning modes, allowing you to balance your studies with other commitments. Upon completion, you’ll be ready to inspire minds and make a difference in classrooms worldwide.

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Accredited Excellence

Our Level 5 TEFL diploma is not just a course; it’s a passport to global opportunities. Accredited by Highfield Qualifications UK and regulated by Ofqual, this program is synonymous with quality and professionalism in TEFL education.

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Teach English Abroad - Complete Guides

Interested in teaching English abroad but you don’t know where to start? There are over 60 countries on our TEFL Job Centre where you can teach English abroad.
Check out these TEFL country guides to get you the dream job teaching abroad.

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Core Cert
Split the cost of your purchase into 2 interest-free payments

180 Hour Ofqual Level 5 TEFL Diploma

Original price was: £999.00.Current price is: £225.00.

Course includes:

180 hour accredited online training
Internationally recognized certificate
Personal online TEFL tutor support
Ideal if you want to teach English online
6 months of study time
Completion Time 2-4 Weeks
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Pay in 6
Split the cost of your purchase into 6 interest-free payments

300 Hour Ofqual Level 5 TEFL Diploma

Original price was: £1,399.00.Current price is: £335.00.

Course includes:

180 hour Level 5 online training
Highfield Level 5 TEFL Diploma digital included
Personal online TEFL tutor support
Opportunities online & abroad
6 months of study time
Completion Time 6-8 Weeks
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Pay in 6
Split the cost of your purchase into 6 interest-free payments

310 Hour Ofqual Level 5 TEFL Diploma

Original price was: £1,569.00.Current price is: £395.00.

Course includes:

180 hour level 5 Online Training
Highfield Level 5 TEFL Diploma digital & hard copy
Personal online TEFL tutor support
Opportunities online & abroad
6 months of study time
Completion Time 6-8 Weeks
14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Why Miami, Florida, is an Ideal Location for TESOL/TEFL Certification

Miami, with its sun-drenched beaches and pulsating nightlife, stands as a vibrant canvas of cultures and languages, offering a rich tapestry that greatly enhances the TESOL/TEFL educational journey. The city’s mosaic of diverse populations provides a living classroom, where language teaching methodologies can be applied in a myriad of real-world scenarios. This dynamic and engaging environment is a boon for educators, fostering an interactive and immersive learning experience that transcends conventional teaching methods.

Beyond its scenic allure, Miami’s cultural festivals, international culinary scenes, and bustling marketplaces offer a plethora of opportunities for TESOL/TEFL students to immerse themselves in authentic linguistic exchanges. From Little Havana’s lively streets to the artistic murals of Wynwood, each neighborhood serves as a unique backdrop for practical language application and cultural exchange. Educators and students alike can draw upon Miami’s rich heritage and contemporary global connections to enrich their teaching practices and broaden their linguistic horizons.

Moreover, Miami’s status as a global business hub and its proximity to Latin America position it as a strategic location for language educators aiming to specialize in Business English or Spanish-English bilingual education. The city’s international conferences, business expos, and academic institutions offer additional platforms for TESOL/TEFL professionals to apply their skills, network, and stay abreast of the latest trends in language education.

In essence, Miami’s blend of cultural depth, linguistic diversity, and educational infrastructure makes it an exemplary setting for TESOL/TEFL students seeking to enhance their expertise and embark on a fulfilling career path. The city not only provides the practical settings needed for applying teaching methodologies but also the cultural and linguistic diversity that is crucial for developing well-rounded, globally-minded educators.

Premier TEFL's Comprehensive Course Offerings.

Premier TEFL’s comprehensive course offerings, including the entry-level certifications and the prestigious 300 Hour Ofqual Regulated Level 5 TEFL Advanced Diploma, are meticulously designed to set you up for success in the TEFL industry. These courses not only pave the way for high-paying teaching roles globally but also ensure a robust educational journey with their inclusion of expert DELTA qualified tutors, innovative AI modules, and adaptable study schedules. The 300 Hour Advanced Diploma, recognized for its rigor and quality, equips you with the expertise needed for a standout career in teaching English as a foreign language.

The curriculum is enhanced with live Zoom classes that provide real-time interaction and personalized learning experiences, further enriched by job coaching seminars aimed at career readiness and an exclusive job board that connects you to premium teaching opportunities worldwide. This holistic approach ensures that you receive continuous support and guidance throughout your TEFL journey.

Moreover, the integration of modern technology and personalized tutor support in Premier TEFL’s courses allows for a learning experience that is both engaging and effective. The AI module, a pioneering feature, tailors the learning experience to your individual needs, reinforcing concepts and ensuring mastery. The flexible study schedules cater to busy lifestyles, making it feasible for aspiring teachers to pursue their certification without compromising on their existing commitments.

In essence, Premier TEFL’s diverse course range, encompassing both foundational and advanced levels, is designed to empower aspiring educators with the skills, knowledge, and support needed to navigate the TEFL landscape successfully. Whether you’re aiming to teach online or in diverse classroom settings across the globe, Premier TEFL provides a solid foundation and the advanced competencies required to excel in your teaching career.

What qualifications do I need to teach English abroad with TEFL?

To teach English abroad with TEFL, most employers require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in any field. Additionally, obtaining a certification is highly recommended. The standard requirement for certification is usually a 120-hour course, although some countries or employers may have specific preferences or requirements. It’s essential to research the requirements of the country or institution where you plan to teach.

Can I teach English abroad with TEFL if English is not my first language?

Yes, you can still teach English abroad with TEFL certification even if English is not your first language. Many non-native English speakers successfully teach English as a foreign language. However, it’s crucial to have a proficient level of English language skills and fluency, as well as the necessary qualifications and certifications.

Do I need teaching experience to get a job teaching English with TEFL?

While prior teaching experience is often preferred by employers, it is not always a strict requirement to get a job teaching English with TEFL. Many entry-level TEFL positions are available for those without prior teaching experience, especially in countries with high demand for English teachers. However, having some teaching experience or relevant skills, such as tutoring, volunteering, or working with students, can enhance your job prospects and confidence in the classroom.

Will I need to speak the local language to teach English abroad with TEFL?

In most cases, speaking the local language is not a requirement for teaching English abroad with TEFL. English immersion classrooms are common, where only English is spoken to create an optimal learning environment for students. However, having some knowledge of the local language can be beneficial for daily living and cultural integration. Additionally, some employers may prefer or require basic proficiency in the local language, depending on the location and type of institution.

How hard is the TEFL exam?

The difficulty of exams depends on what academic level your course is, but with the right preparation and study materials, you can put your best foot forward and pass the assessments with comfort. Make sure to focus on answering assessment questions accurately according to the assignment description and the tips in the question amplification. Practice by writing notes in a study journal about each topic that you cover in your modules to show your understanding of English language teaching methodologies. You will also benefit from completing the interactive activities and reflective tasks throughout your coursework to get a feel for what is expected of you during the actual exam. Remember: there is no one correct way to approach preparing for the exam – just make sure that you are thorough in your preparations!

Does TEFL pay well?

Yes, teaching English as a foreign language can be very rewarding. Depending on your location, qualifications and experience, you could achieve an annual in excess of US$60,000 pa. In some countries your TEFL salary would be tax free. In addition to pay, teachers also enjoy various benefits such as comprehensive paid training, stable employment with good hours and weekends off, and opportunities for career growth.

Can you fail a course?

As part of Premier TEFL’s customer pledge, we guarantee that you will pass your course or get your money back. Once certified we focus on helping you successfully prepare for getting hired as a teacher of English as a foreign language. There are many factors that can help you achieve success. One important aspect is making sure that you have a well written resume/C.V. and the skills to write a relevant cover letter. It is important to know what employers are looking for, which is why we hosts job coaching seminars monthly for all students and graduates. Additionally, graduates can apply for jobs both online and abroad on the TEFL jobs board.

Nearby Towns for Extended Learning Opportunities

Fort Lauderdale: Known for its boating canals and stunning beaches, Fort Lauderdale provides a serene environment for educators looking to expand their teaching experiences outside Miami.

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Boca Raton: Offering a mix of cultural, artistic, and educational opportunities, Boca Raton is an excellent place for TESOL/TEFL educators to explore suburban teaching settings.

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Key West: Famous for its laid-back atmosphere and historical sites, Key West offers a unique setting for educators interested in integrating historical and cultural elements into their teaching.

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Verified Student Reviews

Testimonials from students who have taken courses through the website and found success teaching English online or abroad.
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Shauna was so very willing to assist, love the courses, got me the job of my dreams! Thanks friends!
Dayyán Robbie
Dayyán Robbie
15:07 28 May 24
I had a fantastic call with Shauna regarding the TEFL certificate program. She was incredibly knowledgeable and patient, answering all my... questions thoroughly. Her professionalism and clear explanations made me feel confident in my decision. The experience convinced me to enroll in the course soon. Thank you for your outstanding service!read more
Mariane Costa
Mariane Costa
15:02 28 May 24
Shauna has been great so far is providing very helpful information on the different TEFL options for me in Thailand! I look forward to... starting this journey with the help of premier TEFL!read more
Lauren Bagshaw
Lauren Bagshaw
12:10 28 May 24
I'd like to commend the excellent service provided by premier TEFL , especially by Shauna. I contacted TEFL regarding my lost certificate.... Shauna was incredibly helpful and professional. She was patient and answered all my questions attentively. Thanks to Shauna's assistance i received my certificate via email immediately after our conversation. Thank you for your dedication and the wonderful experience. Thank you TEFL.read more
14:09 27 May 24
I would like to thank Shauna Hurley for her assistance with job advice and sending all links to make it easy for me. It's refreshing to... know there are people who really care & I know if I ever get stuck she'll go out of her way to help me. It's overwhelming when you don't know where to begin, but you have been God sent. Thank you also for extending my time so I can complete my second course. The Lord bless you.read more
Thoko Tshabalala
Thoko Tshabalala
10:46 27 May 24

You do not need a degree to enroll in a TEFL course. However, a degree is required in certain countries to get a work visa as a TEFL teacher. If you do not have a degree, there are plenty of schools across the world that are open to hiring you, as well as online teaching platforms too.

To sign up for a TEFL course you should be fluent or native English speaking, have completed High School education to the age of 18, and have excellent written skills.

The best TEFL courses will match your personal needs. Knowing what you’re looking for will help narrow your options and allow you to choose faster.

  • Do you want self-study or in-class experience?
  • Want to study on an app?
  • Expect a personal study tutor?

All of these factors will impact your decision. Use our Course Picker Tool to narrow your course choice.

Employers seek 120 hours of TEFL training for entry-level teaching jobs. This is the industry standard and the minimum amount of TEFL training you should undertake.

At Premier TEFL, our most popular courses are our Level 5 qualifications that include certified teaching practice. They help you qualify for more jobs, better pay and are trusted and respected globally by employers.

The best TEFL training providers will have:

  • A range of courses to pick from
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Knowledgeable staff to advise you
  • Heaps of alumni testimonials
  • Quick response times
  • External accreditation
  • A clear path to employment for you to follow once you graduate

Most learners complete 120 hours of TEFL training in around 3 – 6 weeks, depending on how much free time you have to study.

As a self-guided course, you do not have to wait for scheduled classes, classmates, or seminars. You can complete the 10 modules of coursework in your own time, at your preferred pace.

You will have 6 months of study time access from the day that you enroll and can add more time if you run out.

No matter which TEFL course you enroll on, unless you have teaching experience you might feel daunted by the idea of taking your first class. This is completely normal and it’s recommended to take an instructor-led teaching practice class to boost your confidence and presentation skills.

You do not need any previous teaching experience to become a TEFL teacher. Expect an entry-level pay grade if you are a first-time teacher.

Many online platforms and will supply full training for newly recruited teachers plus a comprehensive bank of lesson plans and resources to use. Experienced TEFL teachers can expect to earn higher hourly rates of pay.

Jump a pay grade by completing our instructor-led teaching practice class. You will get a certificate to attach to job applications.

If you need academic help or support you will be able to email your personal tutor. You can simply reply to the welcome email that you are sent a few days after signing up.

Additionally you can find support on the online community forum from fellow learners and our academic team. Our weekly drop-in live support sessions on Zoom are also popular.

Yes, 120 hours of training is the industry standard for entry-level TEFL jobs. If you want to teach online, this is a popular course to take.

If you do not have any previous teaching experience, add our instructor-led teaching practice class to your training package to satisfy your future employers.

To further improve your employment chances and teaching skills you should study professional development courses in areas such as coaching IELTS students or business English.

In a competitive TEFL job market we recommend taking a Level 5 TEFL course which will typically get you hired more quickly for better paying jobs.

You will have 6 months of study time access from the day that you enroll and can add more time if you run out.

Yes! You can complete the 120 hour online TEFL course entirely on your smartphone.

You can either study the 120 hour TEFL course by downloading the Premier TEFL app to your smartphone or by logging into your Course Dashboard on your phone’s internet browser, we recommend using Chrome.

Premier TEFL courses have a 99% pass rate and 95% of our customers would recommend us.

120 hour fast track TEFL courses are pitched around the High School level and require a score of 80% to pass. The end of module tests can be retaken if you don’t pass the first time around. 

A Level 5 TEFL course has the difficulty level of the first year of university and requires more commitment and effort to pass. The essay style questions on a Level 5 course will be reassessed if the answers do not meet the required standard. 


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With Premier TEFL’s globally recognized certification and Miami’s dynamic environment, you are set to embark on a fulfilling TESOL/TEFL career. Whether you’re drawn to the city’s cultural diversity, its educational resources, or the opportunity to teach in a vibrant and engaging setting, Miami, Florida, offers an unparalleled experience for aspiring English language educators.

For more information on Premier TEFL’s courses and how they can help you achieve your teaching goals, visit Premier TEFL.

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