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TEFL Scholarship in Central Europe

Teach English and explore Europe whilst experiencing its diverse cultures

Start: Year-round

1 – 3 weeks

From €69

 (*Includes €50 refundable deposit, claimed on successful completion)

120 Hour Advanced TEFL Course

Observed teaching practice (up to 200 hours)

 City pick-up & transfers


Hotel accommodation

3 meals a day

Visa guidance

Ongoing in-country support

*€50 refundable deposit applies to three-week program only.

TIP  You don’t need to be degree qualified or have a previous teaching experience to apply for this experience.

TEFL Scholarship in Central Europe

Teach English and explore Europe whilst experiencing its diverse cultures

From €69

 (includes €50 refundable deposit*)


Thanks to continuous globalization the demand of English teachers is constantly high in Poland. A nation of international travelers, you’ll find Polish people living and working all over the world.

During this teaching practice scholarship you’ll be immersed in Polish tradition and culture; each week gaining up to 65 hours of English teaching practice to proudly boost your TEFL resume. Local cuisine is also a huge hit with previous teachers, especially those with a sweet tooth.  

Before or after your teaching experience with adults or juniors, make the most of your time in Poland and check off some famous must-see places the country has to offer.

Teach English in Krakow

A popular destination even in winter months due to the magical Christmas markets in the center of the city. A TEFL stay in Kraków won’t be complete without visiting the Wieliczka Salt Mine housing the world’s largest underground church. Day trips to Auschwitz concentration camp take you back in time to experience the legacy of the Holocaust.

Teach English in Poznan

On your free time from teaching, walk along the riverbank and visit Poznan’s Old Brewery “Centrum Stary Browar” which is now a grand shopping centre. For a tour of a working brewery, you won’t be disappointed by a trip to Lech Brewery Wielkopolski. Book in advance to make sure an English speaking tour guide is available.

Teach English in Warsaw

The Old Town was rebuilt using many of the original bricks following World War II and the architecture sits beautifully alongside gothic churches and modern skyscrapers. Wandering around with a coffee is a must-do. Warsaw is home to the Polish Army Museum and tells the story of the nation’s history. Complete your day by hitting the Miedzeszyński Embankment, watching the sun set on Warsaw’s urban beach.

Teach English in Wroclaw

The largest city in western Poland is home to many artists, teachers located here will enjoy the relaxed vibe. Every holiday seems to accompanied by a local festival, Jazz on the Odra is a popular Spring event. The country’s tallest building is found in Wrocław, take in the whole city from the Sky Tower’s observation deck. Purchasing tickets in advance at the shopping centre is a must.

With its name derived from the Polanie tribe, which means “dweller of a wide plain”, Poland is a vast country dividing Europe into East and West. It also has the largest and most promising economy in central Europe.

Warsaw, as the capital city is geographically central in Poland. Gdańsk, famous for its coastal location and beautiful harbor. There’s no better spot to take a beach holiday to fully relax after your teaching experience. Gdynia lies in the north, and Krakow, Katowice and Wroclaw in the South.

As one of the top 10 largest countries in Europe, travel by train is one of the best ways to see the country. Tickets are very reasonable and the rail system is well connected. You can very easily combine nightlife and nature, sea and mountains, lakes and harbors.

All this and more uniquely cultural celebrations wait to be experienced by you in Poland. Apply today and start planning your TEFL adventure in central Europe.

More beautiful venues available throughout the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.