Employers may request a proof of TEFL course enrollment or proof of completion letter from applicants when processing your job application.

Unless you are applying for a job and have been requested to provide a letter, you do not need to purchase a letter from us. Your TEFL certificate(s) is widely accepted as evidence of course completion, but as an extra verification step employers are at liberty to ask for a formal letter from your training provider.

Proof of course completion & enrollment letters are issued by email on Mondays. If you’re urgently in need of a letter then let us know and we can make a special case to help your job application.

If you do not wish to purchase a TEFL Resource, head over to your Course Dashboard to download your digital TEFL certificate

Digital Ofqual Certificate & Transcript

Now that you’re officially a qualified TEFL teacher, it’s time to order your hard copy certificate(s). Printed on embossed certificate card, your Premier TEFL certificate(s) will be mailed on Monday from our Irish Headquarters. Once your certificate has been sent by Standard Post, delivery estimates are – Ireland & UK within 1 week, Europe up to 3 weeks & Rest of World up to 4 weeks.

Do you certificates need authentication? Please contact your TEFL advisor for advice before purchasing your certificate.

Digital Ofqual Certificate & Transcript

Congratulations! You are now officially qualified as a TEFL teacher and ready to travel to your dream destination and make your mark on the world!
Having a Proof of Course Completion Letter will ensure that you have evidence of all of the hard work you put in to complete your course. It is available for purchase upon completion of the final module of your course. The letter will specify the name of the course/s you completed, the number of hours and the date of completion. This is the document that you should submit together with your CV and cover letter when applying for a teaching job

Digital Ofqual Certificate & Transcript

A reference letter is a vital addition to any job application that gives you a much higher chance of being called to an interview. The Premier TEFL team can put together a tailored reference letter for your upcoming job application that will show any future employer that you have what it takes to be the best TEFL teacher out there! Premier TEFL’s accreditation by TQUK and ACDL also means that your reference letter is coming from an organisation deemed reliable and trustworthy by the top accrediting bodies of online education, something that will make your application stand out among all the others your employer is looking at.

Do you certificates need authentication? Please contact your TEFL advisor for advice before purchasing your certificate

Reference letter are emailed in PDF format weekly on a Monday.