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Paid TEFL China Homestay Internship

Armies of motorbikes flooding wide, grid-like streets, delicious, steamy street food on every corner, a hospitable, ancient culture, and enough sights, sounds, and smells to last a lifetime—TEFL in China is a popular choice amongst the culturally curious.

Both education and kungfu have been long time values of the locals, which now extend to include improved English language skills.

In fact, China recently became one of the fastest-growing teaching English job markets worldwide, with Beijing and Shanghai as the epicenters (score!). Last one to teach English in China is a rotten century egg!

China Homestay Internship

Start: Year round

2 - 3 months

Offers End: January 18


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What’s up for grabs?

Monthly allowance of minimum RMB¥1,500 (US$220/€195/£170)

120 Hour TEFL Course

70+ page Grammar eBook

In-depth Lesson Planning Guide

Flight reimbursement of RMB¥3,300 (US$485/€430/£375)

Completion bonus up to RMB¥3,300 (US$485/€430/£375)

Airport pick-up & transfers



2 meals a day

Mandarin lessons 2 hours a week

Cultural excursions

Ongoing in-country support

Apply if you are:

  • Aged between 18 – 30 years
  • Native English speaker
  • High School graduate (A-levels, High School Diploma, Leaving Cert, Matric)
  • TEFL qualified (included)
  • Desiring to be a cultural ambassador
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Adaptable, patient, caring and flexible
  • Culturally sensitive, well-mannered and respectful
  • Creative and open-minded
  • Experienced with young children

Accredited Courses

Hear from our past interns

Discover if home-tutoring English in China is for you with the help of Rosey’s story. She was amazed when little Bob started sleep talking in English.

How it works

  • Apply

  • Interview

  • Documents

  • Go to China!

Before you go, you’ll have an application form to fill out and documents to submit, a video chat and then you’ll be on your way.
Before you go
You’ll have an application form to fill out and documents to submit, a video chat and then you’ll be on your way.

Your Teaching Experience

We’ll kickstart your internship with an intensive arrival orientation—covering more than just the basics, you’ll walk away 48 hours later a confident teacher, traveler, home-study tutor, mentor, and cultural ambassador.

Why? Because that’s exactly what you need to excel in your new role within your homestay family. Yes, that’s right—your students’ family will also be your hosts in this unique home-tutor internship. (It doesn’t get more “local” than this!).

Most placements require working with 1-2 students, young children to teens, who have varied English language capabilities. Expect to teach ~25 hours weekly, with additional time needed to lesson and activity plan.

Leapfrog your students’ conversation skills over their peers while you dig deep and prepare them for exams like IELTS. In your free time, hang with the fam, master dumpling wrapping, pick up a few Mandarin words, and more!

Cultural Excursions

Wondering what you’re going to do with your precious free time? We’re glad you asked! We know your adventure bucket list is long, but make sure you tack these recommendations from past TEFL interns in China towards the top!


Visit Xi'an, one of the four ancient capitals of China. Taste-test Hui food, count Terracotta warriors, & take a breezy bike ride along the fortified city wall.


It's hot out. REALLY hot. Follow Chinese food tradition and avoid 上火 shànghuǒ by eating cooling foods like green tea, watermelon, cucumbers, and grapefruit.


You can simply visit the Great Wall, OR you can watch the sunrise over a secluded section of the Great Wall after camping overnight on it with your 朋友 péngyou.

China Homestay Internship

Our experience means we know the ins and outs of living and working abroad.

The Guide to Teaching English as a Home Tutor in China gives you a real understanding of how exciting your new life will be in one of the most mesmerizing countries in the world.



    With 1,500 Renminbi (RMB) monthly allowance & 3,300 Renminbi (RMB) flight reimbursement upon completion, free accommodation throughout the internship and free workday meals, you are pretty much set to enjoy your time and be comfortable while traveling in your spare time.

    You’ll also receive an end of internship bonus of 675 – 3,300 Renminbi (RMB), best spent doing some final sightseeing, if you ask us.

    Monthly allowance of minimum RMB¥1,500 (US$220/€195/£170) Per Month

    Getting there

    All qualified applicants will fly into into Shanghai Pudong International Airport OR Beijing International Airport where you’ll be picked up.

    Get the Guide

    Please note final decision on exact placement location will be determined based on your best family match. Almost everyone is placed in the capital city or one other location.

    • Beijing
    • Shanghai


    Practice a few Mandarin phrases, learn about food and culture, plus get tips for moving to China that you won’t find in any guide book!).
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    What do you need to organize?

    • International flights: You’ll need return flights

    • Police check: Need to have police clearance

    • Budget: You’ll need to cover living essentials, eating out and any excursions etc

    • Insurance: It’s really important to sort your travel and health before you go!

    • Vaccines: Consult your local doctor for advice

    • Visa costs

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