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Teach English abroad in Argentina. Where else in the world can you spot a cowboy and a colony of penguins in the same country?

Famed for its waterfalls (the kind worth chasing) and wine — not to mention indomitable spirit and unique cultural mishmash, teaching in Argentina will have you feeling all warm and gooey inside like a fresh empanada in no time.

An incredible backdrop for your next adventure, living and working in Argentina as an ESL teacher is *just* the added HUZZAH your resume/CV needs. Join us next semester for a 7.5 month internship!

Secure your place today by paying a deposit. After being officially accepted to the program a balance of US$1595 will be due.

Argentina Buenos Aires Highlights

Hear from our past students
Hear from our past students

Fully Inclusive Programme

  • 4 week face-to-face TEFL course
  • Arrival orientation
  • 6-month teaching placement
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Sponsored work visa
  • Ongoing & emergency support

Your Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Getting there

Travel to Buenos Aires International Airport (Ezeiza International Airport). You’ll either take a cab (or book an Uber) from the airport or take the bus called Manuel Tienda Leon.

Day 2-29

TEFL training & orientation

Full orientation and TEFL training will be the focus of your first month in Buenos Aires, with additional time budgeted according to Covid-19 requirements.

Currently Argentina has no quarantine requirement for travelers who are vaccinated against COVID-19, and is operating a 7-10 day self-isolation quarantine policy (in accommodation of your choice) for travelers who are not COVID-19 vaccinated.

Your teacher training classes run Monday through Friday; and depending on your training group you will typically have lessons from 9am until 2pm or 3pm until 8pm, leaving plenty of time for class prep AND exploring the city. Your final week of training includes a professional development day where you’ll work on your résumé and meet employers from teaching placement schools.

This is an action packed four weeks. Get ready to share lunch breaks with new friends where you’ll be challenged to bring snacks from your home country (or cook a favorite dish), take a class trip to Tigre island and don’t forget to say Salud while sampling the local birra.

Day 30-226

Your teaching experience

It’s time to get into the classroom! You’ll interview with a range of hand-picked schools after the employer’s showcase and professional development day which will determine your school placement. Typically you’ll start teaching one to two weeks after graduating from your TEFL course.

You’ll be confident after already completing your four week classroom TEFL training including 10 hours of observed teaching practice at local schools (or online), with real ESL learners. Plus you’ll have had time to dive into your free online Spanish lessons, helping you to feel more like a local.

You’ll be teaching learners ranging in age from young learners to adults with mixed English ability, giving you an incredible first-time teaching experience. You can expect around 20-25 hours of hands-on teaching per week, plus some time to plan lessons following the in-house curriculum.

Your goal will be focused on conversational English practice, helping your eager students to feel confident as they develop their skills. You’ll be able to ask advice from local teaching colleagues but don’t forget to bring your own creativity and ideas into the classroom, this is your chance to shine!

On days off and your salary to enjoy, you will have a long list of sightseeing and travel plans. Master this local colectivos (public buses), find the best plazas for late night milongas, and make it to a Boca Juniors’ match (hint: don’t wear red and white). Prepare to check off a few amazing bucket list items!

Day 227

After your internship

Congratulations, you did it! Make sure to celebrate this achievement. It’s time to decide if you’d like to see more of Argentina, traveling or teaching (or both).

You might decide to extend your stay in Buenos Aires and teach for longer – and schools will love you for it. The possibilities are endless for you now as a confident and experienced TEFL teacher.

Essential information about this trip

Monthly salary of USD $650~$900 (€575~€800/£500~£700)
6-month long teaching placement
Teach in private language schools
4 week face-to-face accredited TEFL Course
Welcome orientation
30 hour Teaching Young Learners Course (online)
Free Spanish lessons (online)
Social & cultural excursions
Weekends off (except two Saturdays monthly 10am - 2pm)
All public holidays off
Visa assistance
Ongoing in-country support
What you need:
Be a fluent English speaker
High School graduate (A-levels, High School Diploma, Leaving Cert, Matric)
Be aged between 18 - 60 (Contact an advisor if you're older)
TEFL certificate (included)
Be ready for a life changing teaching experience abroad!
What’s not required:
Any teaching experience
To speak any other languages
International flights: You’ll need return flights (can be two one-way flights)
Quarantine: Not required if you are COVID-19 vaccinated. Currently Argentina is operating a 7-10 day self-isolation quarantine in accommodation of your choice for travelers who are not COVID-19 vaccinated
Budget: Spending money for your first eight weeks including housing & excursions etc
Police check: You’ll need a clean criminal record
Visa cost: You’ll have support to obtain your sponsored work visa.
Insurance: It’s really important to sort your travel and health before you go, covering COVID-19 treatment worth at least US$100,000
Vaccines: Consult your local doctor for advice


After you settle in, you will spend seven months in stunning Argentina. Placement locations are in Buenos Aires city.

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    Cultural excursions

    Wondering what you’re going to do with your precious free time? We’re glad you asked. We know your adventure bucket list is long, but make sure you tack these recommendations from past TEFL interns in Argentina towards the top!


    Hip, working-class La Boca & it’s multi-colored walkway is a must-see barrio for street art enthusiasts. The 90s live on here. Be sure to stick to side streets!


    Life for TEFL teachers in Argentina is sweet thanks to dulce de leche. A far cry from your fave ice cream, the real deal is as cultural as it is delicious.


    Go wild at La Bombonera, the local football stadium. Fireworks, insults, fan fervor, choripán. You’ll be screaming footy chants alongside the locals in no time!

    Questions and Answers

    How much extra spending money should I bring?

    Your teacher’s salary is highly paid by comparison to local Argentine standards. With a budget of around US$1,000 to $1,300 per month you will have a very comfortable life in Buenos Aires.

    So, by bringing an extra US$250 to $400 of monthly savings with you, you can explore everything there is to see and do on days off. You can expect to pay around $8 for a meal out and $1.50 for a local beer.

    Note: you will need to bring enough spending money to live on while you complete your 4-week long TEFL course and for the month before your first payday.

    Can I teach for less than 6 months?

    Yes, if you’re short on time you can have a 5 month teaching placement making your total stay in Argentina just over 6 months long.

    What help is available to organize housing?

    Our partners will share a range of local accommodation options that previous interns loved. A private room in a shared apartment can be arranged for you for US$700 per month (including WiFi & utilities).

    Rental accommodations close to your TEFL training school can be seen on Airbnb for between $400 to $700, depending on the time of year.

    How quickly will I start teaching after my 4-week TEFL course?

    You can expect to start teaching within one to two weeks after graduating from your TEFL course.

    During your professional development day (in the final week of your course) you’ll watch presentations from local employers who are showcasing their schools. You’ll interview with a range of hand-picked schools to determine your placement location.

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