I want to teach English online, which course should I choose?

To get hired as an online English teacher, companies will require you to have completed a comprehensive TEFL course. Typically this means a minimum of 120 training hours.

Recommended courses for teaching English online
120 hour Advanced TEFL Course (fast track certification)
168 hour Level 5 Ofqual-regulated TEFL Course

For a personal recommendation of which Premier TEFL courses will suit your career, goals and current level of experience, try our handy Course Picker tool.

Traditional TEFL training courses focus on preparing you to teach in a physical classroom. This gives you the flexibility to start out teaching online but also provides you with the skills base to manage an in-person class.

To better understand the differences between teaching digitally compared to in the classroom, take a bolt-on teaching English online preparation module alongside your core teacher training.

There are many hundreds of online teaching platforms to choose from; and active Facebook groups to join for hints, tips and impartial employer reviews.

ProTip: Read our ultimate guide to get started as an online TEFL teacher.

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