How do I choose between a TEFL job or TEFL internship?

We get this question every day at the Premier TEFL HQ. We recommend a TEFL internship if you are a first-time English teacher, looking for a shorter commitment (e.g six months or less) or would prefer to arrive with a group of other TEFL newbies.

A TEFL job is ideal for more experienced teachers, who seek a teaching position of 12 months or more. You may be part of a large group of teachers or a small handful of intakes, it depends on the program.

Your work permit may cost you more, but you enjoy the benefits of being a local citizen in your new home. An added bonus is the higher salaries usually associated with TEFL jobs. Make sure your passport has plenty of empty pages, you will definitely need them for all the traveling you will do!

Still undecided? Read more on TEFL internships vs TEFL jobs for a ton of extra advice.

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