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This course includes

30 hour teaching young learners training
Internationally recognized certificate
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What will you learn?

Teach the five key areas of language acquisition: reading, speaking, writing, pronunciation

Plan and deliver effective lessons that meet student and class learning objectives

Understand the nuances of teaching English to young non-native speakers

Grasp English grammar terminology and know how to teach it to students of all levels

Manage young learner classroom and student behaviour effectively

Find and create effective learning materials, text-based and digital to target language use

Grow in confidence as a new teacher to be able to enter your first young learners class

Search and find the best jobs, online and abroad


English language minimum level: Fluent.
At least an international standard of intermediate or advanced fluency: B1

About this course

The course is divided into five modules. Each lesson is subdivided into bite size learning blocks which include real-life classroom examples, reflective tasks and an end of lesson assessment.

After you complete this certification for teaching three to 16 year olds you will know how to enter your first young learners English lesson well prepared and confident. 30 hours of TEFL-Pro teaching advice will teach you the skills to understand your students’ needs, plan suitable lessons, get hired and be successful in your new job.

Premier TEFL accreditation

Highfield (Ofqual Regulated)
Center Number: 21338
ODLQC (Open & Distance Learning Quality Council)
ACDL (Accreditation Council
for Distance Learning)
Premier TEFL has done wonders to introduce me to the world of teaching. All the information throughout this course is extremely detailed and well orgainzed. This course is a ABSOLUTE MUST for any aspiring English teacher for very young learners to teenagers.
Hyun Shin

30 hour Teaching Young Learners Course

Modules One-Two:

Module One: How to Make Sense of Teacher/Learner Needs

Understanding your students’ language abilities and why they want to learn English. Get to know the basic principles behind teaching younger learners and teens. 

Module Two: Understand Your Responsibilities as a Young Learners Teacher

Classroom routines are important in any good classroom but for younger learners it is vital to have structure and consistency. Learn classroom management techniques that will eliminate the chaos and make your lessons run smoothly.

Modules Three-Four:

Module Three: How to Teach Grammar and Vocabulary

Did you know that we say about 7,500 words on an average day? Don’t worry you will only be asked to teach your young learners a few hundred of these. From beginner vocab like HELLO and GOODBYE you’ll study the tools to teach vocabulary and use them effectively so that your students can use it in the right context.

By the end of this module, you’ll also know your present continuous from your present simple tense. Most of all, you’ll be familiar and confident with grammatical terms.

Module Four: How to Teach Reaching & Listening Skills

These are called ‘Receptive skills’ because the student is receiving language. By the end of this lesson, you’ll know the most effective ways to engage students in reading English and how to write it. This includes setting listening tasks to music, audio stories and recordings, to reading articles, emails, facebook posts both inside and outside the classroom.

Modules Five:

Module Five: How to Teach Writing & Speaking Skills

These are called ‘Productive skills’ because students produce language. You’ll learn plenty of  useful ideas about how to get your students up on their feet and chatting to you about favorite superheroes, games or pets. You’ll also get help with how to teach your students to write English – at all levels, from favorite foods, to their hobbies.

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Frequently Bought Together

30 Hour Teach English Online Course


Can I go back to study in the same place where I left?

Yes absolutely, the easiest way to pick up right where you left off is to bookmark that page. Typically this is a star icon in your browser

Can I get help securing a TEFL job?

Yes! We’re here not just to get you TEFL qualified, but it’s our mission to help you secure your first (or next) teaching English ad

Questions and Answers

What does TYL or TEYL stand for?

TEYL stands for Teaching English to Young Learners.

Who is a young learner?

A young learner is typically defined as someone between the ages of 3 to 16 years old.

How do I become a young learners English teacher?

There are no prerequisite qualifications to become a young learners teacher, however, you should hold an internationally recognised TEFL qualification and have some teaching experience.

Taking a professional development course in teaching English to young learners will help you understand how to be most successful at educating your YL class.

How do I get a job teaching young learners?

Teaching young learners is a common role for newly qualified English teachers. The job opportunities for teaching young learners are plentiful worldwide. In addition to classroom-based contracts there are hundreds of openings to teach English online to young learners one to one or in small groups.

Is it hard to teach young learners?

Teaching English to very young children can be challenging, particularly if you have little or no experience. Short, varied activities will be your key to success. The more exposure you have to work with children and teens, the better you will become at teaching this group of eager learners.

How do you teach young learners?

Young learners will best respond to these 6 key tips:

  1. Establish routines
  2. Keep discipline consistent and fair
  3. Understand student motivation (and tap into it!)
  4. Exercise patience
  5. Change activities frequently
  6. Swap partners / mix up groups

Let us take care of your first 10 lesson plans for teaching online. Check out our useful online teaching lesson packs here.

Can you teach young learners online?

Yes, teaching English to young learners online is very popular. Not only is it more affordable for parents, but it can be done from the comfort of home. Some online teaching platforms cater solely for young learners, with Chinese students making up a large portion of the student body.

In most cases, when teaching young learners online you will have a one to one class or a small group size (around 4 – 6 learners). Your students may be as young as five years old.

Want some ideas to get you started? Let us take care of your first 10 lesson plans for teaching younger learners online. See all available lesson packs here.

Teaching Young Learners English

TEFL-Pro. Flexible. Affordable
Average time to complete: 1-2 weeks
Tuition fee: $50.00
Price Increases In

Teaching Young Learners English

TEFL-Pro. Flexible. Affordable
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This course includes:

30 hour teaching young learners training
Internationally recognized certificate
Personal tutor support
Friendly job hunting advice
Flexible study schedule
Study using the TEFL app
6 months course access
Letter of enrolment
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Cameryn Sweetman
15:42 11 May 22
Rose was a beautiful help.I was well assisted
Tom Davies
11:21 10 May 22
I was very satisfied with the TEFL course. Great customer service from Sandra Lane, very helpful!
Edward Hickey
16:29 06 May 22
I had a problem signing in (not a simple password reset) and chatted with Rose. Rose was quick, knowledgeable, and friendly. Got me up and... running in no time.read more
Starbuck Friend
21:21 29 Apr 22
Staff are helpful and friendly and the customer service is brilliant. My first assessment was marked within one day, and the modules are... set out pretty clearly. The information is presented in different ways, and there are activities throughout so it's not just dry reading.The only reason I'm not giving 5 Stars is because there are a few issues within the learning materials themselves e.g. typos and stuff. There are quite a few recordings to listen to, and most of them are done by a computer voice so I think they would be better with a real person. But at least the module on pronunciation is done by a real person so that is good!read more
sara ayub
15:26 29 Apr 22
Przemek was amazing! She solved all my problems quickly. Premier TEFL indeed has excellent customer service.
09:44 27 Apr 22
Excellent customer service - a few weeks ago I spoke with Rose and she was so understanding and helpful in sorting out and organising... classes for me, I had previously bought access to 35hr online teaching practice some months ago, but due to extenuating circumstances with a family member passing away, I had to put all of my studying on hold and never ended up starting it. I contacted customer service after a notice that my 6 month access would be ending soon, Rose was very sympathetic and understanding, she explained that while I would be unable to entend access becasue of it's practice teaching sessions and not a course, she was very happy to help me sign up to a different instructor led 2 day teaching practice class with other peer to peer practice, which I was so grateful for, and relieved that I hadn't wasted all my money from being unable to start the 35hr practice.read more
14:52 21 Apr 22
I enjoyed this TEFL course. It was really in depth and they covered a lot of topics. It doesn't take a long time to go through all the... modules. You also receive a reference letter at the end so I would definitely recommend it.read more
Jay Friedenthal
13:42 20 Apr 22
Sandra Lane, student affairs manager, has been excellent. She's really helped me through the process and made this an excellent experience.
Leilani Yats
15:53 14 Apr 22
The Premier TEFL team has been so wonderful every step of the way along this learning process. Not only are there weekly check-ins with an... advisor, but their chat team online and Discord chats keep learners fully informed in realtime. The learning experience is designed to offer bite sized chunks and the modules are totally manageable. Huge cheers to the Premier TEFL team and I can't wait to make you proud!read more
Ellen Baeten
02:08 07 Apr 22
I have purchased and completed several certificates. All of them have been of the highest quality in terms of material presented and... covered. The team has been extremely helpful when I have had a question or problem. They get back to you right away. I have only interacted with Jacob, Aveen and Sandra and they have been very helpful.read more
Benson Majiwa
14:01 27 Mar 22
A rich learning experience
17:27 23 Mar 22
I really liked Premier TEFL. It was a gratis experience for me because I was looking for an approved TEFL certificate for my new job and in... this place I found the appropriate certificate.read more
22:44 20 Mar 22
I found the course very helpful and interesting. Premier TEFL were attentive and professional throughout. I recommend them if you are... looking to do a TEFL course.read more
LaTisha Brown
21:16 22 Feb 22
I am very satisfied with the opportunity to train with Premier TEFL. I highly enjoyed the portion of the course where we got to practice... teaching techniques with our peers. Whenever I have a question, or need assistance with something, Sandra Lane has ALWAYS helped me, or connected me with someone else who can. I look forward to completing my certification in the next few months and hopefully finding my first job through them as well.read more
Natalia Dorofeeva
16:44 19 Feb 22
I liked the course. Even though i have just started, but i found lots of useful information for myselfm so for my students. I believe all... English teachers have to take one just refresh their knowledge and be up to date.read more
Kim Natalya
18:48 14 Feb 22
Frankly speaking, provided tutorial, practical and lecture lessons have a unique visual, verbal, video, u- tube materials, being one of... the wonders for me, since I have seized a chance to train both receptive and productive skills. To be precise, I consider earning a cerificate at Premium is not the easiest one, since it has a person accomplish a lot of logical writing assignments, associated with various tasks. To pursue a TEFL certificate means not only to take in leacture materials, but also to respond to communicative materials, investigate a great number of visual resources, grasp other experienced specialists' teaching approaches both deductic and inductive , being connected how to teach vocabulary, syntaxis, lexicology, grammar, be accurate with prononciation and punctuation. A teacher is entirely plunged into English learning atmosphere, being a part of English expats. However, for a second language learner like me - one of the most significance is english learning atmosphere, a great possibility to listen to real English speakers. One of the focal features is a fact that being in a student shoe is extraordinary, due to the fact that one will have to cope with exercises, tests and write written explanation or summaries on every theme in a certain module in a specific theme in extended content without plagiarism and be a creator and organizer of your understanding of every topic in a module. I am currently working with writing assignments for part 1 assessment, thinking over a lot of writing questions, being given by my examiners and this kind of writing examinanion pushes me to recall material, visualise and comprehend it better, since every teacher has a talent and aptitude to explain the grasped material differently. Consequently, I deduce that Premier TEFL course is a very valuable one, that on line distant learning can organize for teachers, being resided in a remote destinations from England, where the English language is a mother tongue. Owing to this programme, I have a great possibility to expand professionalism, teaching 4 skills and methodologies, being provided with TEFL teaching and observe experts' overseas teaching whose aim is to use more communication and less apply grammar-translation method. Some gained experience I practiced on my students from Uzbekistan, getting them to speak more EnglishFrom Natalya Kimread more
Michael Ripoll
02:25 13 Feb 22
Premier is a great value for anyone who is serious about TEFL. The online curriculum is extremely accessible and the staff will support you... throughout the entire process. Mr. Jacob Thomas was very helpful. I wouldn't have gotten through it without him.read more
Mark Curtin
23:28 05 Feb 22
Going well so far! I'm enjoying the program.
Hiroe Misawa
17:05 25 Jan 22
I chose 168 hours course initially but it was too hard for me so I contacted one of the staffs and asked if I can change the course. They... were very helpful and quickly responded to my request. With the 120 hours course I learned lots of new practical skills that I will be able to use when I teach English :)read more
K Schumacher
13:46 25 Jan 22
Just got my certificate of completion today. Now able to teach in roughly 12 countries, even without a degree. Thanks Premier TEFL!
Alexandra Charlesworth
13:40 24 Jan 22
A really great course which allows you to study at your own pace. Great customer service from Sandra Lane - she was very responsive to all... of my queries. Highly recommend.read more
Mat Esp
19:09 21 Jan 22
I have recently purchased the Ultimate TEFL-Pro Bundle course as a complement to the Level 5 TEFL Certificate I got last December. I've... already completed Teaching Online and Teaching Young Learners course. I'm now doing the Advanced Grammar course. They are very interesting and useful. I hope they can help me in getting a job. Thanks to all the Premier's staff for the support.read more
Kae Sol
14:00 20 Jan 22
Michelle K. was a joy to learn from! She didn't hesitate to answer any questions we had throughout the process and allowed ample group... discussion time.read more
Chelle Riley
11:59 18 Jan 22
Fantastic course, impressed at the layout and ease of the online course. Looking forward to finishing.
L. Stillo
09:20 18 Jan 22
Sandra Lane quickly responded to my email, answered all my questions in a very kind and professional way. Thank you Sandra
kevin boodhoo
18:30 13 Jan 22
I have had the privilege of taking courses with Premier TEFL and I must say the support . assistance and materials for training are of a... high quality. I highly recommend to anyone wishing to get certification here. It is an investment well made. Special thanks goes to both Ms. Aveen Healy and Ms. Sandra Lane for their outstanding work. Keep up the good work Ladies and all those at Premier TEFL.read more
15:51 13 Jan 22
Thanks to the team at Premier TEFL, I've have great support throughout my training. Particular thanks to Sandra and Luke. :-)
krysia j
10:20 11 Jan 22
Really happy to be doing this interesting course. I needed little support and would personally like to thank Sandra Lane for her kind, warm... and friendly support. Thanks again Sandra for your help and making my day brighter. Very appreciated. Kread more
16:12 10 Jan 22
Premier TEFL is an excellent site that supports and guides learners to grow and explore different teaching techniques in a setting. Sandra... Lane has helped and taught me throughout my process, from purchasing the 168-hour course to answering my concerns in such a quick response. There are a lot of great techniques in the system itself.read more
Nabila Salahuddin
11:15 10 Jan 22
I am loving my experience with Premier TEFL. Sandra, the student affairs manager has been a godsend. She has helped me sort out my course... related problems and has always been so professional and warm. I am glad to have joined Premier TEFL.read more
Sophie-Louise Whiteford
13:14 05 Jan 22
Friendly company! Sandra Lane has been especially kind and helpful in helping me access my teaching course for my trip to thailand this... summer :)read more
jamal fakhreddine
10:25 05 Jan 22
My 168 hours Tefl course with " Premier Tefl " was very insightful, instructive, and professionally designed . Everything I wanted to know... during the course was answered and explained .It was very enjoyable and the time flew by.I'd highly recommend this course with " Premier Tefl " .Last but not least , I would like to thank Sandra Lane for her assistance and support whenever I need .read more
Sem Ciccioni
22:40 04 Jan 22
I would like to thank Sandra Lane for her help and assistance. Very much appreciated!!!
John Grey
21:42 04 Jan 22
The 120 course has given me what I needed to start as an English teacher, I found it really accessible and the dashboard straightforward to... use. When I had a query, Sandra Lane came back to me promptly with a solution, very helpful. 👍read more
19:33 03 Jan 22
I took the 120 hour course and I was very pleased with the information each module contained. I learned more than I thought I was going to... and was provided with many resources to advance as a professional and be able to create my own portfolio as an instructor.read more
06:08 02 Jan 22
I was very pleased to hear back from the team at Premier TEFL regarding extension of my course. Sandra, who helped me with the process, was... very quick to respond and was friendly.read more
Mel Hardy
16:05 31 Dec 21
I have done a few TEFL courses with other providers but my TEFL courses through Premier TEFL have always been the best. The courses are... detailed and the learning management system is easy to use making the courses that much simpler. I have have enjoyed all my courses with Premier TEFL. Cannot fault the service team either, Sandra has been fantastic with answering any of my questions and getting back to me quickly! Highly recommend.read more
Gre Thi
12:06 20 Dec 21
just booked my course with the help of lovely Aveen and I'm very excited to start studying. again Aveen thank you so much for being kind... and patient and for clearing all my doubts!read more
Lizi Kulis
23:47 17 Dec 21
I took the level 5 tefl course and I've already got my Ofqual Certificate. The course has been really useful and well organized. Everything... has been quite clear and easy to follow. I got the necessary support from the stuff. Thanks to Luke, Jacob and Sara for your kind emails. I will soon do the 30 hour pro courses and the teaching practicum to be really prepared and confident to start teaching English. Thanks a lot.Olga Elizabeth Kulis from Buenos Aires, Argentina.read more
Amanda Ali
06:09 17 Dec 21
I'd definitely recommend Premier to others, everything is very organized and the curriculum is perfectly paced for self-studying.There's a... quiz after every module and most of the questions are open-ended, so it's quite a lot of work, but it's worth it, because since it's required to pass all of the assessments to get the certificate it means that the certificate itself is of high quality.And aside from the certificate, the material was very helpful and got me to improve on my teaching skills by applying what I learn in class.Upon reflecting on it I realize that the teaching techniques I'd developed on my own through time and experience were already mentioned in the course, so I'd imagine that the new things I learned in a few hours just by taking the course would've taken me years to learn on my own from experience.But there's one problem.. They don't mention at the begining that you have to pay 53$ for the digital certificate, just to get the PDF. It's really annoying finiding out like that at the end of the course, but if you already know before purcahsing the course then it's not as bad, so make sure you add 53$ to the price of every course you might consider when you're browsing, just generally add an extra 53$ to your budget before getting into anything.read more
Dean Curry
12:41 16 Dec 21
Premier TEFL is a great company to complete your TEFL qualification with. They are hugely supportive. They are fast to respond to any... queries or problems you may face. The course itself has fantastic content. I would also recommend the Hybrid course which includes the observed teaching practice. You will work with students from across the world. It's a great experience. The supplementary courses are also well worth completing, Teaching Young Learners, Teaching Online, Business English. TOEIC and IELTS. Shout out to Sandra Lane who has been extremely helpful.Good luck on your TEFL journey.read more
Rebecca Myers
21:13 10 Dec 21
As I am becoming a new EFL teacher, I really appreciate the extensive information in the 168hr Level 5 course. The information is supplied... in a variety of different ways which keeps the course engaging. If rating the course alone, I give it 5 stars. The only unfortunate issue for me is that the 168hr course is being phased out, while I'm still studying the content, and a 180hr course is taking it's place. So now, as my nursing career is coming to a stressful and time-consuming end, I have no option to extend normally on the website. This makes me feel "left behind" as my options are now limited. I'm hoping that the prompt acknowledgement of my concern by Sandra Lane will prove helpful and allow me to finish my last module without rushing!read more
Pia Lopez
03:13 10 Dec 21
Great course! I feel well equipped to take on my first teaching job after undergoing the 120 + 30 TEFL courses. Miss Sandra Lane was... extremely helpful everytime I needed assistance and always replied promptly. Thank you for the great service.read more
nisrin nagaria
15:04 07 Dec 21
The course is well designed and explicit. The staff at Premier TEFL is very helpful and prompt in resolving petty matters too, may it be... academic or any other issue. They are always there to assist and reply very quickly. I have had problems solving some of the questions, but due to the promptness of the faculty, I never had to wait and could immediately move on and continue with my work.Jacob the academic director and Rachel assessor have been very supportive and helpful throughout the course. Discord is the best platform to resolve our matters immediately, with the help of the faculty and other members taking the same course.Sandra Lane has always been there to assist with any matters we had trouble with. A very supportive team working at Premier TEFLThank you Premier Tefl, customer service and faculty for your tremendous support 👏 🙂👍read more
Ria Lenz
11:42 06 Dec 21
Sandra is very helpful and very professional. She took the time to discuss with me the different courses they offer. I have previously... acquired TEFL certificates from Premier TEFL | TEFL Courses. Now, I am back for the big leagues! I am finally getting my Ofqual.My certificates are the keys that opened new doors for me. I am able to choose where I work and I gained leverage in negotiating my pay.I highly endorse Premier TEFL | TEFL Courses. Look for Sandra to help you.read more
Korey Gill
01:13 03 Dec 21
Today it was such a Blessing speaking with Sandra! She was able to answer all of my questions and guide me according to all of my needs. To... make things better, she was obsequious and down to earth, which made my experience all the more pleasant. Premier TELF is fortunate to have her in their ranks!read more
Roshni Haye
14:12 02 Dec 21
Doing my TEFL course with PremierTEFL has been a very rewarding journey; so much so that I landed several job offers while still doing my... course! However, that also meant I became swamped with so much work that I needed an extension on my TEFL course. Enter Ms. Sandra Lane: with her prompt responses and comprehensive advice, I was saved from the incessant dilemma of choosing between work, life and study in a timely fashion. Forever grateful for her assistance and to the PremierTEFL institution!read more
Ana Civavonovono
22:45 30 Nov 21
Customer service was great! I enjoyed talking to Aveen she was polite and clear with all the questions I had.
Nicholas Dunham
01:54 27 Nov 21
Sandra Lane helped out a lot setting up my application process! Premier tefl changed my life, thanks Sandra!
Nathalie Morgado
19:14 17 Nov 21
Very good trainings with very efficient contents dedicated to teachers and wanabee teachers ;) The lessons are so useful ! As an english... teacher, I strongly recommend PREMIER TEFL to anyone who is interested in TEFL. I learnt a lot. The trainings are very cost-effective. The lesson materials are very relevant too. I'm very satisfied. The staff of the school is very friendly (special mention to Sandra Lane). When you enroll you have access to your training and to bonuses like job database, free guides and advice. They give you important tips for different countries if you want to settle and to start your activity abroad. I have subscribed to 5 trainings so far and I have rallye enjoyed all of them !read more
S Chan
03:30 16 Nov 21
I had a situation where I, in the midst of trying to complete multiple uni assignments at once, completely could not spare time to finish... my TEFL before the time expired. I had been worried about not being able to add time again to complete it after my uni semester finished but student affairs promptly set me at ease with just an email. Shout out to Sandra for her friendly advice and quick replies :) Really appreciated it.read more
Ghazaal Hashemi
18:14 15 Nov 21
I am currently doing an extensive TEFL course and the experience has been exceptional. The structure of the course as well as the study... materials are undoubtedly great. The customer service has been great as well. I sent an email to the student affairs manager, Sandra Lane, to ask for some guidance and I received a very quick response from her and the issue was resolved in just a few hours. I highly recommend this company.read more
Hacene C.B
14:07 03 Nov 21
many thanks to @Sandra.Lane . I really appreciate your prompt response that was helpful and clear. I did recommend your service to some... colleagues previously and definitely will do.read more
Christine Davis
10:27 03 Nov 21
I made a rookie error by not checking the expiry dates on my courses. I'm very grateful to Sandra Lane for giving me an opportunity to... complete them. It's rare these days to receive this kind of customer service. Thank you so much Sandra.read more
Mina McLeod
20:50 28 Oct 21
I recently completed the 168 hour level 5 Ofqual certification. My experience with this company has been nothing less than outstanding.... Aveen Healy was my first contact and answered all of my initial questions in detail. I had an issue during reassessment and it was IMMEDIATELY solved by Rachel Hammond. Sandra Lane offered help or any information I might need throughout my enrollment and sent my certification as soon as it was available. If you are looking for a 5 star, informative course with support... this is your company! Completing this course was completely worth it and a fantastic experience. Thank you to all of you at Premier for your amazing courses and student/customer support!!read more
Oksana Gnatiuk
08:49 27 Oct 21
Thanks Sandra Lane for your support and good care!
Anande Pallangyo
16:19 26 Oct 21
My experience with Premier TEFL has been motivational and inspiring. They give immediate feedback to your queries, both for clarification... and emergency situations. On my part, the problem was on my end. In addition, the course I am applying for, the 300 Hour Level 5 TEFL Course, is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. And, it is affordable. Premier TEFL are definitely the best online programme providers. A BIG, WARM thank you to both Aveen Healy and Megan Cronin for their professional, valuable and quality support!read more
simon strickland
12:02 26 Oct 21
Sandra at the TEFL help line was so efficient and helpful in providing me with the information I required to assist a student I am... sponsoring in Zimbabwe to complete her TEFL course, she was a pleasure to chat to and I cannot thank her enough for her assistance.I am very happy with the services that are being provided for this courseread more
Iolyn Gardner- Gordon
15:55 13 Oct 21
I have completed the 168 hour course. The course was very in-depth as well as very rigorous. The quality of the course as well as the... service are unquestionable.The support that was given by the staff was amazing. I enjoyed the live question and answer sessions. I must record my gratitude to team for their unwavering support and the effort that has been made to ensure the quality of the courses offered. Special thanks to Sandra, Aveen, Laura and Nickki. Continue the excellent work.read more
Camilla Di Carlo
15:33 08 Oct 21
Megan Cronin has been fantastic in helping me understand better about how to become TELF certified teacher. She listened to my queries and... provided answers that were tailored to my needs and listed out a range of different options. She was kind, professional and very easy to chat to. She gave me a quick overview of the course and the requirements, internships run by the company and success stories. She understood my needs and my personal situation and was very helpful and informative and has since been at disposal for any other questions I had. She has also sent a follow up email summarizing everything we had discussed which I loved including extra information and external links customised to what I am looking for. Thanks Megan! Camilaread more
jordan howard
06:38 07 Oct 21
Sandra Lane has been very helpful answering all my questions for my internship.She has been wonderful to email back and forth with…very... excited to continue forward with my internship process.read more
Nancy Mora
17:18 06 Oct 21
I am trying to find a job in Germany and Megan Cronin was able to provide information about it in a very fast and efficient way. Thank you!... Now I have to wait and see if I can really get some job offers :Dread more
Wilma Du Toit
16:17 05 Oct 21
Thanks you so much to Premier Tefl for your great support and for all your help during my studies.Thank you to my Tutor (Laura Graham) for... clarifying certain questions and for your quick responses.Thank you also to my Assessor (Luke O'Dea) for your help too. I would also like to thank Sandra Lane for your fast response in informing me that I have passed all stages. I am really just so happy I chose to do my tefl through joining this great team. 🎊🎊read more
thank you
08:20 04 Oct 21
Very informative and well-done. The entire process went really smoothly.
Ifeoma Nwaicha
13:11 02 Oct 21
Ms Rose was of great help to me. She gave honest feedback. I wish I could give her a hug. Thank you Premier TEFL and thank you Rose.
Rossmary Fariña
14:25 01 Oct 21
They have excellent customer service 24/7. It is always helping you if need assistance through the course or if you have problems with the... payments as well. They solve your problems fast and give you even more that you've asked for!! No words to describe! They are amazing!! Best of the best!!read more
Lisa Hutton
12:13 01 Oct 21
A huge thank you to Sandra Lane for all of her assistance and patience with me throughout my Premier TEFL journey. She went out of her way... in a professional and friendly manner!read more
Lynne Fourie
10:09 30 Sep 21
I wanted to order 3 specialized TEFL courses and was having technical difficulties whilst doing so. I connected with Przemek on their... website and received the most AMAZING service. Immediate responses and super helpful and patient with me. I cant wait to get started and would definitely recommend Premier TEFL for all your requirements.read more
Gemma Jenkinson
15:40 29 Sep 21
My experience with Premier TEFL has been excellent from the beginning. I found the course materials to be in-depth and very extensive while... the course platform is easy to navigate and use. While the course is not easy, the concepts are presented in a way that make them easy to understand and follow. I have also found the materials to be very comprehensive. Any time I have needed assistance there has always been someone on hand to help either my personal tutor, on Discord or Sandra in the office, who has been an absolute angel and is as helpful as everyone says.read more
Della Adriano
14:04 29 Sep 21
I have availed courses from different providers but nothing beats the customer service and after sales of Premier TEFL specially from Ms.... Sandra Lane. It's not just about the premium courses that they offer, a great after sales service matters a lot since most purchases now are through online. Highly recommended.read more
Tg Tv
15:42 28 Sep 21
I reached out a couple months ago via email to Ms. Sandra Lane about an issue with my account that was resolved immediately, to which I... left a wonderful review. Since then I've asked a million questions about various qualifications to which they have always quickly and promptly answered. And today, I received an email from Ms. Lane helping me resolve an issue I didn't even bring to her attention! I absolutely love this program because of how involved and aware they are of the people they are providing services to and their eagerness to assist them in any way possible. Thank you Ms. Lane for your help, you are truly a life saver!!read more
Carlos Anzola
14:59 27 Sep 21
I am really happy with PREMIER TEFL. Everything is outstanding. The assistance provided by the staff related to any enquiry, is amazing!... Thank you very, very much Sandra Lane, you're the best of the best: professionalism, cooperation, excellent service and kindness. I always recommend you guys. Love premier TEFL.read more
Angel Gonzalez
08:22 27 Sep 21
I am doing the TEFL course. I recommend it to everyone!!! They are really helpful and the course itself it´s excellent. I am learning a lot... and I am looking forward to finish it and start a new career as an English teacher. Thank you so much Sandra Lane for all your help. You are absolutely wonderful.read more
Lewis de Beer
13:50 26 Sep 21
Premier Courses adds a huge value to my current TEFL experience.
Federica Santolin
01:32 25 Sep 21
I’m studying for the 120 hour Advance TEFL course and I really enjoy the way the course is structured, with plenty of material available to... implement my study. I had a great experience from the moment I registered. Currently my studying schedule has to change and when I asked for an advice on how to manage it, Sandra Lane, the student affairs manager, was very quick and friendly in showing me the options available for me. Having such an easy and fast communication, made me feel more confident knowing that if I ever need more guidance I can rely on Sandra and other stuff members from the school.read more
Eliza Haddad
22:15 21 Sep 21
This is an outstanding constitution with qualifications accepted worldwide. They are professional and have helped me with any issues I've... had. I highly recommend taking courses with them.read more
Stéphane Narcis
17:14 20 Sep 21
Sandra Lane (Student Affairs Manager) has been extremely professional and helpful. She was always happy to answer all the questions that I... had in mind. On top of it, I definitely recommend their different courses. Thanks!! :)read more
Rachel Kagoya
11:46 20 Sep 21
Am kagoya Rachael from Uganda. Taking a course with Premier TEFL level 5.( 120 hours course).Being a non-native speaker, was not easy for... me. But thanks be to God for Premier TEFL.This has transformed me into some one different. They have the best customer care services, and they are loving.With Premier TEFL, I learnt that everything is possible. They encouraged me to be brave, and they have strongly supported me from module 1 to module 7.Rosie, mega Collin, Sandra and Luke. I appreciate your help. You have been my sunshine 🌞 when ever it gets dark in this course. May the living God bless you 🙏.Please I advice you all to join Premier TEFL. They are the best. You will come out with the best experience in life and you will be the best online teacher in the whole world if you train with Premier TEFL.God bless you as you join Premier TEFL.read more
kamal khogali
21:36 15 Sep 21
A great course!! Tremendous benefit.Staff are so helpful and very quick to respond. You are never left alone. I thank them all and... specially Sandra Lane and Nikki Foley.Kamal A Khogaliread more
charlotte maude
18:43 15 Sep 21
Just finished a long chat with Megan who was really helpful and patient when explaining to me the differences between all the different ... English teaching courses. Really impressed so far! Thank you Megan!read more
Anna Kay Harris
16:58 15 Sep 21
I am in the process of doing this course. I'm completely blown away by how great it is. It helps you to understand the english language on... a more advanced level and the support from the team at Premier TEFL has been amazing. Special thanks to Sandra Lane, Student Affairs Manager who is always quick and ready to help if there are any issues.read more
Vivian Hsu
14:51 15 Sep 21
Sandra was extremely helpful assisting with any sorts of problems as well as my assessor, Luke. Thank you guys!
18:25 14 Sep 21
My experience completing 300 Hours Hybrid Level 5 course has been great.Their team is very supportive and quick in addressing your queries... and concerns.I needed help extending my course duration and their student affair manager was very supportive and guided me through the entire process.read more
Allison L
20:54 16 Aug 21
I was lucky to get a callback from Megan Cronin and after a few minutes in, I was sold. She patiently answered my questions completely,... asked about my goals, and recommended a customized Premier TEFL plan for me. I cannot wait to begin my journey toward TEFL certification with them.read more
SpeedQuizzing Live Ireland
12:48 09 Aug 21
The organised teaching practice attracted me because I want to get some experience before applying for jobs. Can't wait to start!
Mary Tenney
15:40 27 Jul 21
Rose was extremely helpful and gave me a lot of options to explore in my career as a TEFL teacher. I am very tankful
Pei Pei Tan
09:30 02 Jul 21
Thank you so much for calling me back. I appreciate your staff, Megan, for her patience in responding to all my queries on TEFL courses and... internships and for painstakingly explaining what each type of TEFL course has to offer. It's been a great experience connecting with your team. Thanks so much!read more
armando presta
16:06 28 Jun 21
Megan Cronin of the customer care has been pretty kind and rapid in the answer
Mike Ross
10:48 22 Jun 21
Excellent course, not a DipHe/CELTA mill of some kind. Megan was great help.
Fumi Stephenson
08:56 17 Jun 21
I have had a great experience with Premier TEFL so far. No problems and great customer service.
Saifuddin Shah
17:29 13 Jun 21
It really provides a great platform in achieving the targets for a better beginning ahead in getting self certified with many flexible... options on TEFL courses. I'm very satisfied & privileged to have my TEFL course done from Premier TEFL.read more
Yusuf Hamid
15:58 11 Jun 21
Great staff who respond to all questions and queries in a timely fashion. Megan in particular helped alleviate some of my concerns and... provided me with all the information I needed. Thanks!read more
Carlos Anzola
21:52 29 May 21
Me inscribí hace unos días a un curso para certificación de 120 horas. Ha sido muy instructivo y a la vez divertido. He reforzado muchos... temas y aprendido mucho. Es un curso muy serio y profesional y el respaldo de la acreditación de Premier es garantía de sobra. Gracias Premier!read more
Mike Sigma
14:50 17 May 21
I did a 30 hour online tutoring specialization course and got it at an unbeatable price and received a free Advanced Grammar book. I also... appreciate the ongoing support from Premier TEFL and special invites to online seminars and podcasts on TEFL life abroad and overall tips for teacher success. Special thanks to Sandra Lane for helping with the processOne thing I would have loved to have included upon completing is a 30 - 45 min online teaching practice session to prepare for work. But these are usually extra. Would've also liked to go a bit deeper in online teaching preparation.read more
Melina Gardini
15:41 22 Apr 21
I took the English for Business course and I loved it. It´s very complete and clear. Not only do they explain everything but also they give... you external resourses that you can check. I really recommend it.read more
R.J. Campbell
15:15 21 Apr 21
I signed up for the Level 5 TEFL course with Premier TEFL and must say I am impressed with the information it provides. Sarah was very... instrumental in my decision in helping me to choose the course which would be most beneficial to me and I appreciated the guidance she provided. I have found the courses to contain a lot of information which will support me when I start to teach and I must say, I am excited to do so! What I also appreciated also were the extra resources that were listed in the lessons for things that interested me more or that I felt warranted more learning. For anyone looking to enter the EFL world, I would definitely recommend Premier TEFL. Happy Teaching!read more
Gemma Jenkinson
17:05 20 Apr 21
Brilliant learning platform. The layout is easy to use and the content is very professional and interesting.
Paul Davis
14:18 16 Apr 21
Great price, great materials and user-friendly interface
Carol Winkler
15:13 10 Apr 21
I Inquired on Chat regarding a teaching practicum. While the practicum did not cover what I was looking for, the chat person provided me... with some other links within Premier. That was generous and kind.read more
Aaron Muir
01:20 05 Apr 21
I'm not far into the course but as of yet it seems lengthy and comprehensive.I'm doing the 168 hour level 5 TEFL, it does in fact seem to... take around 168 hours to complete and is great value for the money.I've been contacted several times so far by Premier TEFL staff, wishing warm welcomes and it seems quite supportive (although I have yet to ask for support).So far so good, I'm happy to be studying this course and will likely enter another course with them after this one.read more
albert botchway
22:44 03 Apr 21
Don't believe in any fake news or media lies. Premier TEFL is genuinely the best amongst the rest.
Faisal Reza
18:48 25 Mar 21
I'm so glad for completing my 30 Hour TEO Course from PremierTEFL. It was such an awesome experience for me and I would definitely... recommend to my friends for better online teaching career. 👍read more
Susan Powers
02:45 25 Mar 21
Easy to reach and excellent, friendly, professional customer service.
21:18 16 Mar 21
i liked it. Excellent materials!
The Dias Clan
10:51 12 Mar 21
Excellent customer service skills displayed by Przemysław. He was patient enough to solve the query I had that I was struggling to resolve... for almost a week now. He made sure I was content with the service he provided.A big Thank you!read more
Ро ман
18:16 11 Mar 21
Very helpful course. Unbelievable things that you don’t know before are really need for any teacher around globe. Thanx a lot.Have a nice... day!read more
Elsa Geldenhuys
09:34 09 Mar 21
Staff is very friendly and supportive. They also respond very quickly which is wonderful.
Jonathan Perez
09:39 23 Feb 21
Did plenty of research before choosing an online course to teach English as a Foreign Language. Have been more than vindicated by my... decision to choose Premier TEFL. The material provided is first class, but more importantly this is a company with employees who are willing to go that bit further to help, whatever the issue. After completing a number of courses, I am feeling highly motivated and ready to begin teaching based on the methods that I've been taught.read more
Jeff's English Coaching
22:44 21 Feb 21
I've started working on my TOEIC course and am very impressed with the simplicity and clarity of the material. It's very organized and... straightforward. After I finish this course and do the grammar and IELTS courses, which I've also signed up for, my rating for Premier TEFL might be higher. Cheers.read more
Joanne “Jo” Loach
11:51 17 Feb 21
This is the second Premier TEFL course that I have taken, and this time I took the IELTS preparation course so I can help my students to... prepare for the exam. It was very informative and I liked the fact that you can work at your own pace within a 6 month time frame.read more
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