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Teaching Young Learners English

Teaching Young Learners English

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Time to complete: 1-2 weeks
Tuition fee: £149.00 £24.50
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£149.00 £24.50
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This course includes:

30 hour teaching young learners training
Internationally recognized certificate
Personal tutor support
Immediate course access
Lesson planning eBook
70+ page Grammar eBook
Friendly job hunting advice
Flexible study schedule
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English language minimum level: Fluent.
At least an international standard of intermediate or advanced fluency: B1

What will you learn?

Teach the five key areas of language acquisition: reading, speaking, writing, pronunciation

Plan and deliver effective lessons that meet student and class learning objectives

Understand the nuances of teaching English to young non-native speakers

Grasp English grammar terminology and know how to teach it to students of all levels

Manage young learner classroom and student behaviour effectively

Find and create effective learning materials, text-based and digital to target language use

Grow in confidence as a new teacher to be able to enter your first young learners class

Search and find the best jobs, online and abroad

About this course

The 30-hour Teaching Young Learners course has been created to provide you with real, comprehensive knowledge of everything you need to become a confident, influential TEFL teacher.

The 5 modules introduce you to the key elements of TYL, from building a portfolio of writing activities for young learners to understanding the importance of safeguarding.

Working with eager young minds between the ages of three to 16 is a privilege and we know you want to be fully prepared to do the best job. You’ll see the impact of your teaching instantly with this group of learners, and feel the rewards to match.

The modules have been specifically coordinated to be engaging, accessible and intuitive, with real-life classroom examples, quizzes and videos to review your learning.

Premier TEFL accreditation

TQUK (Training Qualifications UK)
Licence number: 1709191
ACDL (Accreditation Council
for Distance Learning)

30 hour Teaching Young Learners Course


Introduction to Teaching Young Learners

Module 1: Introduction to Teaching Young Learners

 The role of English as a global language and the rise in young learner numbers
 Student motivation and learning needs of different age groups
 How to adapt your teaching for very young learners, young learners and teens


The Role of the Teacher

Module 2: The Role of the Teacher

 Practical classroom management techniques
 Classroom discipline routines and procedures
 Adapting teaching techniques for different class contexts
 Safeguarding and child protection information


Teaching Grammar and Vocabulary

Module 3: Teaching Grammar and Vocabulary

 Approaches to teaching grammar
 Activities and techniques to teach grammar
 Activities and techniques to teach vocabulary


Teaching Receptive Skills

Module 4: Teaching Receptive Skills

 Difference between receptive and productive skills
 Principles of teaching reading and listening skills
 Suitable reading and listening activities for different age groups
 Know how to stage a reading or listening comprehension activity


Teaching Productive Skills

Module 5: Teaching Productive Skills

 What is involved in being an effective writer or speaker
 Main principles of teaching writing and speaking skills
 How to stage writing or speaking activities
 Suitable writing and speaking activities for different age groups

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Accredited TEFL Certificate
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This world-beating system is used often by schools to ensure new teacher authenticity.

Bonus Resources

Included with the course

40+ page Blueprint to Lesson Planning (worth £15, €20, $25)

Complete 70+ page Grammar Guide eBook (worth £15, €20, $25)

Verified Student Reviews

Johanna K.
Johanna K.
12:04 03 Aug 20
My experience with Premier TEFL has between excellent. The course material is engaging, practical and valuable. The staff are genuine, professional and very helpful, they have been a pleasure to work with. My expectations, of the material and staff, have always been exceeded. I thoroughly recommend Premier TELF. I'm so grateful I chose to work with them.
Iv I.
Iv I.
20:03 19 Jul 20
Really pleased with the quality of the material. I did 3 top-up courses with Premier TEFL and wish I had done the main TEFL course with them also. They also offer a wealth of free additional materials and regular free webinars. Well done! Highly recommended!
Alina Z.
Alina Z.
18:39 16 Jul 20
I have purchased 168 hour TEFL Course from Premier TEFL. Sarah answered all my questions in a professional and friendly manner. So far, I am happy with the service and the course.
Emily B.
Emily B.
16:33 16 Jul 20
I really enjoyed taking the 120-Hour Advanced TEFL course with Premier TEFL. I found that the course was interesting and it used a variety of material to keep the learner engaged. It was broken down into appropriate lessons (there are a total of 10 if I remember correctly). Each lesson is different and it covers a lot of information. It was very organized. I also appreciated that they included videos of real-life examples of teaching english as a second language in a classroom. They provide you with valuable resources too to supplement your learning (e.g. teaching grammar, lesson planning guide) free of charge. Lastly, they also provide you with very helpful resources to continue your learning (webinars, coursebooks for teaching).In addition to the material, I took the course at a time when they were offering a free 30-hour online teaching course. This was helpful because I was more interested in teaching online instead of abroad. They have other specialty courses depending on your interest.If you are looking to teach english abroad, I highly recommend looking into courses with Premier TEFL. They have different programs to help students work in whichever part of the world they are interested in.Along with the material, they also offer a referral letter once you successfully complete the course which outlines what you accomplished in the course and your overall course grade based on your quiz scores for each lesson. This is helpful when you start to look for jobs.
Melita K.
Melita K.
12:29 07 Jul 20
Very good, professional service. Easy to navigate the system!
Jonathan P.
Jonathan P.
06:04 30 Jun 20
More than halfway through the 240 hour course and very impressed with both the material provided and the level of support from the company. There is always someone willing to volunteer their time when I have a question or issue and so far the feedback received has been first class and very professional. I never feel that I'm alone
02:48 25 Jun 20
I'm learning much and this will help my career.
Susan S.
Susan S.
19:01 23 Jun 20
Great opportunity to learn about teaching English as a Foreign Language. It is a dry read, and to really learn this information, it needs to be done at least online with a teacher. There is lots of good information on the website, and other interesting courses.


How long does a TEFL course take?
How long does a TEFL course take?

The time taken to complete a TEFL course depends on how much study time you can dedicate each week and which duration of course or training package you choose. You’ll

Questions and Answers

What does TYL or TEYL stand for?

TEYL stands for Teaching English to Young Learners.

Who is a young learner?

A young learner is typically defined as someone between the ages of 3 to 16 years old.

How do I become a young learners English teacher?

There are no prerequisite qualifications to become a young learners teacher, however, you should hold an internationally recognised TEFL qualification and have some teaching experience.

Taking a professional development course in teaching English to young learners will help you understand how to be most successful at educating your YL class.

How do I get a job teaching young learners?

Teaching young learners is a common role for newly qualified English teachers. The job opportunities for teaching young learners are plentiful worldwide. In addition to classroom-based contracts there are hundreds of openings to teach English online to young learners one to one or in small groups.

Is it hard to teach young learners?

Teaching English to very young children can be challenging, particularly if you have little or no experience. Short, varied activities will be your key to success. The more exposure you have to work with children and teens, the better you will become at teaching this group of eager learners.

How do you teach young learners?

Young learners will best respond to these 6 key tips:

  1. Establish routines
  2. Keep discipline consistent and fair
  3. Understand student motivation (and tap into it!)
  4. Exercise patience
  5. Change activities frequently
  6. Swap partners / mix up groups

Can you teach young learners online?

Yes, teaching English to young learners online is very popular. Not only is it more affordable for parents, but it can be done from the comfort of home. Some online teaching platforms cater solely for young learners, with Chinese students making up a large portion of the student body.

In most cases, when teaching young learners online you will have a one to one class or a small group size (around 4 – 6 learners). Your students may be as young as five years old.