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This course includes

30 hour teaching TOEIC preparation training
Internationally recognized certificate
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Average time to complete:
1-2 weeks

What will you learn?

Teach the four key areas of language acquisition for the TEOIC exam: reading, speaking, writing, pronunciation

Plan and deliver effective lessons that meet student and class learning objectives

Understand the nuances of teaching English to professional exam-focused non-native speakers

Grasp English grammar terminology and know how to teach it to students of all levels

Manage classroom and student behaviour effectively

Find and create effective learning materials, text-based and digital to target language use

Grow in confidence as a new teacher to be able to enter your first exam English class

Search and find the best jobs, online and abroad


English language minimum level: Fluent.
At least an international standard of intermediate or advanced fluency: B1

About this course

Did you know that over 6 million people take the TOEIC exam each year? TOEIC teaching skills are in demand.
The course is divided into six modules. Each lesson is subdivided into bite size learning blocks which include test examples, reflective tasks and an end of lesson assessment.

After you complete this certification for teaching TOEIC preparation you will know how to enter your exam English lesson well prepared and confident. 30 hours of TEFL-Pro teaching advice will teach you the skills to understand your students’ needs, plan suitable lessons, get hired and help your students to achieve a great score.

Premier TEFL accreditation

Highfield (Ofqual Regulated)
Center Number: 21338
ODLQC (Open & Distance Learning Quality Council)
ACDL (Accreditation Council
for Distance Learning)
I'm 2/3 the way through studying for my TOEIC student preparation certification. The material is very well presented. It is detailed but doesn't overwhelm. I look forward to reaching out to my tutor when the time comes. So far, I am very happy with my investment!
Regina Burdett

30 hour Teaching TOEIC Exam Preparation

Modules One-Two:

Module One: Understand the Test of English for International Communications 

Learn where in the world the TOEIC test is popular and why it is important. Understand the exam elements and how it is scored. Get to know the basic principles behind teaching TOEIC preparation.

Module Two: How to Teach TOEIC Listening

Listening is called a ‘Receptive skill’ because the student is receiving language. By the end of this lesson, you’ll know the most effective ways to engage students in listening activities to improve their English. This includes tasks to tune into music, radio, audio books or recordings both inside and outside the classroom. Oh yes, you’ll be setting plenty of homework for your professional students!

Modules Three-Four:

Module Three: How to Teach TOEIC Reading 

Reading is another ‘Receptive skill’, known as such because the student is receiving language. Discover the most effective ways to engage students in reading English. This includes setting tasks to read articles, emails, workplace-style documents. 

Module Four: How to Teach TOEIC Speaking

Speaking and writing are called ‘Productive skills’ because students produce language. You’ll learn plenty of useful ideas about how to get your students chatting confidently. They’ll proudly present their opinions on topics and offer solutions to challenges – both important features of the speaking test.

Modules Five-Six:

Module Five: How to Teach TOEIC Writing

Writing is another ‘Productive skill’, known as such because the student is producing language. You’ll get help with how to teach your students to write in English. Scoring well in the test will consist of writing competent essays or descriptive responses to images and you will receive plenty of ideas to help students practice in preparation. 

Module Six: Teaching for the TOEIC Bridge Test

Understand the core differences in TOEIC versus TOEIC Bridge preparation when teaching learners of lower English levels. The TOEIC Bridge allows learners to understand their proficiency and set fluency goals for the future.

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Is there a difference between TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS?

TOEFL and IELTS are the preferred tests to complete for EFL students who wish to study in English speaking countries. TOEIC is more business

Can I teach English as a non-native English speaker?

Yes, you can teach English abroad as a fluent English speaker!   TEFL teachers are expected to have a high fluency in spoken English an

What is a TOEFL test?

TOEFL is an acronym for Test of English as a Foreign Language. EFL students can take this written test online or in an authorized test centr

Questions and Answers

What does TOEIC stand for?

TOEIC stands for the Test of English for International Communications. It’s the most popular English language proficiency test with over 6 million participants annually.

TOEIC is designed to score a person’s skill level for everyday English and is most commonly taken by non native English speakers who work in an international environment.

What is TOEIC teaching?

A TOEIC preparation teacher is responsible for priming their students to take the TOEIC test. The exam has two main papers: Listening & Reading and Writing & Speaking, with a third option called the TOEIC Bridge test.

TOEIC classes are run globally in over 120 countries with over 6 million test-takers annually.

How can I become a TOEIC teacher?

There are no prerequisite qualifications to become a TOEIC teacher, however you should hold an internationally recognised TEFL qualification and have some teaching experience.

Taking a professional development course in TOEIC preparation will help you understand the test format, how to prepare your students well, what the scoring system means and give you confidence when teaching TOEIC exam preparation.

Who can teach TOEIC?

Any English language (EFL) teacher can become a TOEIC tutor. There are no formal qualifications or licences required. It’s important to understand how TEOIC works and the goals of your learners, getting a good score can essential for their career goals.

How much do TOEIC teachers get paid?

As a TOEIC teacher you can expect to earn between US$22 – $40 per hour. This will depend on previous experience and the country / origin of your learners.

Who sits the TOEIC exam?

The TOEIC is taken by non native English speakers who are typically in an international workplace (or wish to join a global corporation). It is very popular in Japan and is also mandatory for anyone applying to join the French Naval Service. The test is offered in over 120 countries worldwide.

Which organisations use TOEIC?

TOEIC is recognized by a wide range of financial institutions, international corporations, manufacturers, airlines, universities as well as public authorities.

Become a TOEIC Coach

TEFL-Pro: Flexible: Affordable
Average time to complete:
Tuition fee: £50.00
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Become a TOEIC Coach

TEFL-Pro: Flexible: Affordable
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This course includes:

30 hour teaching TOEIC preparation training
Internationally recognized certificate
Personal tutor support
Friendly job hunting advice
Flexible study schedule
Study using the TEFL app
6 months course access
Letter of enrolment
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Rachel Nixon
Rachel Nixon
15:59 26 May 23
Very informative course, and Shauna was so helpful with any questions I had.
Ashwa Samuel
Ashwa Samuel
15:15 26 May 23
I've had a great experience with the Premier TEFL course, it enhanced my learning experience and taught me many new learning techniques.... And I would like to say thanks to Shauna Twohig for showing me my first step into finding a job, I'm so excited to take on this journey with Premier TEFL.read more
shaivya garg
shaivya garg
09:07 26 May 23
The course is excellent and helpful. Sandra Lane is a great course tutor! She is friendly and very generous in teaching and looking for... English teaching jobs. I am so thankful!read more
Tony Trotter
Tony Trotter
19:28 23 May 23
I recently had the pleasure of attending the 10-hour Classroom Methodologies TEFL class, and can say with honesty it was an outstanding... experience. From start to finish, each stage of the course was presented with exceptional clarity, ensuring that every participant understood the concepts thoroughly.Our tutor, Kate Popova, showed consummate ease in creating a positive and engaging atmosphere. Kate's enthusiasm for the subject matter was contagious, and it was evident that she possesses a wealth of experience and expertise in TEFL teaching. This not only made the class enjoyable but also instilled confidence in us as learners.Despite the sessions being quite long, Kate skilfully managed the time by incorporating ample short breaks. These breaks were much-needed to recharge and refocus, and they helped us stay engaged throughout the lessons and activities. Surprisingly, considering the considerable amount of ground covered in both sessions, the time seemed to fly by.What impressed me most was Kate's practical experience in TEFL teaching; her first-hand knowledge and understanding of the challenges faced by teachers in the classroom allowed Kate to bring us to see the core of what truly matters. Kate's advice given during the teaching exercise was invaluable, providing us with essential guidance for our future endeavours.Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the 10-hour Classroom Methodologies TEFL class. Kate's passion, expertise, and practical approach made it a memorable learning experience. I feel well-equipped and motivated to apply this learning, hopefully in the not-so-distant future. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to enhance their TEFL skills and if it happens that Kate Popova is your allocated tutor, then fantastic: as they say in Scotland, "you've won a watch!" (Other tutors are available! 😁!) Well done Kate, keep up the excellent work! 😀 👍read more
Shuvasini Pradhan
Shuvasini Pradhan
13:19 21 May 23
I've just completed my 10hr virtual teaching course today, and I loved every part of it to the core. Our instructor Michelle was extremely... supportive, friendly and enthusiastic. I got to learn a lot of things from this short course and I'm glad that I took it up. There were many things that I read of, but I didn't know how to use them in practice and when she demonstrated them, I got to experience and well as got tips on using them. I'm cent per cent sure that this session will help me in the career I'm looking forward to. Last but not the least I'd also like to thank my fellow classmates who also ended up giving me loads of ideas. Really happy to be a part of it from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Michelle, thank you classmates, and a very big thanks to Premier TEFL for the amazing session. Thank youread more
Nthabiseng D
Nthabiseng D
12:43 21 May 23
There aren't enough stars to give this course! I've just completed my 310 hour Level 5 TEFL Diploma with Premier TEFL and it exceeded my... expectations. The content was well presented and the team has been thoroughly supportive from the beginning. My 10 hour hours Practical Teaching Course with Michelle left me feeling confident and ready to teach. She was encouraging, funny and supportive. She gave relevant feedback and interacted with every single student. She is 100% passionate about this. I didn't want the class to end. The courses are all worth it.I should have done this sooner!read more
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