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Paid TEFL Internships in China

Want to teach English in China? You’ve come to the right place! Find yourself in one of our amazing Chinese locations to experience teaching at its finest in Asia.

As a first-time teacher in China you’ll have it all…from airport pickup, full welcome orientation, accommodation, Mandarin lessons and sometimes even meals!

Choose one of our fully-inclusive paid internships and feel at home in no time.

China is an aspiring ESL teacher’s dream. A land of creaking wooden pagodas, the hum of tai chi, rolling grasslands, fiery cuisine and equally passionate locals, there is plenty to be discovered across China.

Join Premier TEFL in the Middle Kingdom, where your neighbors range from energetic children, studious college kids, adorably-wrinkled yeye’s and nainai’s…and pandas.

Create lifelong memories while bargaining your way through stunning markets, paddling down the watery wonder of the River Li and strolling along the Great Wall.

We combine our internationally recognized, fully accredited courses with practical teaching environments for an immersive, hands-on teaching experience. Our internship placements range from a few weeks to twelve months, and their flexible term time allows you to get a real taste of living and working abroad without any prior teaching experience. PremierTEFL internship programs offer real salaries with reputable partners, and are located in some of the most popular destinations for teaching English. They’re the best way to fill gaps in your resume, travel the world and experience TEFL on a whole new level – and get paid for doing it.

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