Now with summer in full swing, these warmer months provide the perfect time to ‘heat up’ the classroom with these fun and adaptable ESL summer lesson plans. Getting students motivated in the summer can be tough for sure, but armed with creative and engaging activities, you’re sure to succeed in the classroom and celebrate summer all at the same time! ️

Non-native children being taught English

Let’s Go to the Beach!

What speaks more of summer than a day at the beach? For this fun lesson, you can introduce a host of new beach vocabulary and weave in some sand-and-surf inspired activities.

Practice vocabulary using a colorful, inflatable beach ball. Have students toss the ball to one another. Whoever catches the ball has to yell out an animal in the ocean. You can also play beach volleyball, with whichever team gaining extra points through a verb conjugation race.

Sunny beach filled with people

Each team member is assigned a pronoun and together you decide on a verb to conjugate. Whichever team misses the point has to do all the conjugations of the other team.  It’s a great way to keep active and practice grammar!

Take a Roller Coaster Ride

There’s nothing like the adrenaline rush of a roller-coaster ride. Get students talking about their favorite amusement parks and activities through this engaging ESL lesson plan!

Set-up a mini amusement park with a ‘pretend’ roller-coaster, game station, and concessions stand. Have a different ESL activity at each location, such as a Rhyming Game, Charades, or Pictionary.

A roll coaster in action

You can also play “Cakewalk” with vocabulary words or verbs. Set up different paper print-out ‘Cakes’ on the floor and have students hop from one cake to another until the music stops. When the music stops, each student has to yell out their vocabulary word or use it in a sentence!

Where Are You Going On Vacation?

What better way to introduce new summer vocabulary than through talking about the perfect vacation? ️

Play “Would You Rather” vacation-style! Would you rather go to the mountains or the beach? Would you rather take an airplane or drive? Would you rather go snorkeling or surfing? There’s no limit to how many fun questions you can weave into this exercise!

Family walking through an airport

Sun Safety ☀️

With the sun blazing outside and every minute spent soaking in the rays, it’s the perfect time to introduce warm-weather vocabulary and practice sun safety in the summertime!

Split the classroom into teams and show different summer scenarios: at the beach, at the pool, in the mountains, at the park – to name a few! Give each team a sheet with various items, like hiking boots, mountain bike, a bottle of sunscreen, beach towel, umbrella, and more. ‍

A dog and its owner enjoying the view of the sea,

Have students discuss what items they would need for each scenario. Be sure to weave in the importance of wearing sunscreen in the summertime!

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for… Ice Cream!

Who doesn’t love an ice cream cone in the summertime? Basing a lesson around this sweet treat opens up opportunities to discuss favorite flavors, introduce new vocabulary, and have some ice cream at the same time!

Bring different tubs of ice cream and cones for the students and have them set up a pretend ice-cream shop. This is a great way to have them practice dialogue with one another. You can even hand out Monopoly money and have them carry out actual transactions in English – practicing math, English, and ice-cream to boot! Doesn’t get sweeter than that!

Ice cream cones, summer

My Five Senses in the Summertime

This is a good lesson plan for elementary-aged students that may have already learned about the five senses. Not only will they be able to practice and review their five senses vocabulary, but they will be encouraged to use their skills in a new context – summer!

As an awesome outdoor activity, split the students into pairs and give each pair a page with the 5 senses listed. As the pairs walk around outside, have them list what they see, smell, hear, and touch. Then have some popsicles out for them to taste!

Sun glasses in the sand, summer

Road Trip Adventure

Summer calls for great adventures and long road trips! This is the perfect chance to review types of transport, favorite destinations, and sights along the road.

Have students play a transportation memory matching game using flashcards. You can also set up a ‘Road Trip’ Verb Conjugation Relay Race. Form two or three teams as your ‘cars’ and have each team line up away from a whiteboard.

Italian car parked - summer

After deciding on a verb, each member of the team has to run up to the board and write a part of the conjugation – I am, you are, she is, etc.

There’s no end to the possibilities of a road-trip-inspired lesson plan!


Summertime is all about savoring those sunshine-filled moments and staying active! ☀️ Keep students engaged with plenty of games and movement-based activities.

And don’t be afraid to take it outdoors! Have students describe clouds in the sky, play a game of ‘Giant Rock-Paper-Scissors’, or simply enjoy the warmer weather while reviewing those tricky irregular verbs. The sky’s the limit when it comes to summertime ESL activities!

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