Do I need teaching experience to do TEFL?

No, there are plenty of TEFL jobs for first-time English teachers. Phew!

However it depends on the teaching position offered whether you will need previous teaching experience or not. Just like in any industry there are jobs for beginners, right up to those with years of classroom experience.

Teaching experience can range from personal tutoring, volunteer homework clubs to teacher placements as part of an education degree.

If you want to compete for the best paid jobs and get hired quickly, we recommend pairing your TEFL qualification with some certified or observed teaching practice. And the good news? We offer fully organized practicum programs so that improving your job opportunities is stress free.

We can help you to get certified teaching practicum so that you can get hired quickly in a competitive job market. We also specialise in paid teaching internships abroad for first-time teachers and experienced teachers. We’re the perfect helping hand to launch your TEFL career.

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