Discover our best destinations to be a TEFL teacher for your Gap year!

You want to teach abroad—but you want adventure too. Some TEFL teachers take off to Taiwan or jetset for Jaipur for one-year teaching abroad jobs. Established routine, neighbourhood gossip, and all that jazz. But not you. You want to teach abroad, but you want adventure too.

You want to stay in a place long enough to know the scenic vs. the quickest route home, where to get the best homemade empanadas in town, and how to help those (downright silly) tourists when they’re looking lost at their Google maps.

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You want to develop meaningful relationships and get to know your students, but you’re also by NO means looking to “settle down.” That’s why a few months here and a few months there—all while still honing in on your teaching craft and your ESL lesson planning skills—is exactly what you’re looking for.

Well, my uprooted friend, you’re in luck. Premier TEFL has just the path for you. Here’s our best advice to not only teach abroad in multiple countries for a year, but also to teach abroad on multiple continents for a year. Grab your passport and let’s bounce!

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Do you have a degree? Start here.

Different career paths avail themselves to different ESL teachers depending on their level of qualification. You will need a TEFL certificate regardless, but those who have completed a four-year degree program will have a wider variety of options when it comes to the TEFL job market.

Here’s our recommended teach abroad itinerary for ESL teachers that already have a bachelor’s degree:

Stop One: Anglo TEFL Europe for 3 weeks

The Anglo TEFL Europe scholarship program is almost too good to be true. You get your 120 advanced TEFL course, 200+ hours of observed classroom teaching, orientation, accommodations in a hotel, three meals a day, visa guidance, and ongoing support. FO’ FREE (basically—there’s a €19 fee).

You can opt to based in one of eleven fabulous European cities in one of the following seven countries: Czech Republic, England, Ireland, Hungary, Malta, Poland and Romania.

Needless to say, your paid TEFL gap year around the world will be off to a (really) good start.


Stop Two: Teach in Argentina for 3-12 Months

An outdoor-lover’s paradise, Argentina does beckon the REI-crowd. But, you don’t have to have a Patagonia jacket to enjoy the beauty of its namesake.

The exuberant energy of Argentina is catching, and anyone who chooses to teach abroad here will have an unforgettable experience. Tango your way across the country with Premier TEFL.

Learning English has been a focus of the business community for some time now—great news for your future ESL job prospects there.

Argentina, South America will be stop number two on your paid TEFL gap year. You’ll get a Monthly pocket money of ARS$4,000 (US$40/£30/€35), 120 hours of  TEFL training, orientation, and accommodation assistance—basically everything you need to start your favorite months ever on the right foot.

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Stop Three: Teach in Thailand for Four Months

There’s no possible way any words that we can write will do justice to the epic beauty of Thailand. And it doesn’t stop there. Thailand sets the bar high for ESL teachers around the globe when it comes to their standard of living, access to nature, and, well duh, ability to eat mind-blowingly delicious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—daily. Thailand is an ESL teacher’s dream, and no paid TEFL gap year around the world would be replete without a semester stop here.

Premier TEFL’s Thailand program hooks up with around $800 monthly, not to mention 120 hours accredited online TEFL cours, VISA assistance, orientation, and more. You’ll get weekends AND holidays off, perfect for mini adventures around beautiful Southeast Asia with your new lifelong BFFs.

Thailand, gap year

Non degree holder? No problem. Start here.

Not every individual who dreams of teaching abroad would have already had the luxury of attending higher education—we see you and we get you. We’ve worked hard to curate excellent teaching abroad opportunities for those of us on our own path. Here’s our recommended round the world itinerary for the best destinations for getting paid to teach abroad:

Stop One: Anglo TEFL Europe for 3 weeks

Say what? You read right ^^, this incredible scholarship program is available to both degree and non-degree holding individuals. We love this as a first stop for ESL teachers jetting off for a year because you get the in-person training you need in a supportive environment. You’ll be doing yourself—and your students—a favor by improving your skills, mastering adaptability in the classroom, and learning to plan effective lessons like a boss.

Poland. gap year

It’s a high-impact learning experience where YOU’RE the student, likewise increasing your empathy for the students you’ll eventually be teaching. It’s hard to be tough on them or impatient when you remember back to a few weeks ago when you were also scratching your head about why that adjective comes first in this instance.

Europe, baby!

You’re ready for a paid TEFL gap year—ALL. AROUND. THE. WORLD.

Whether you are degree-totin’ or not, we’ve got a RTW travel itinerary with YOUR name on it. See the world, but don’t go broke while doing it. Request a callback to start getting all those stamps in your passport today!

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