Teaching English in Hong Kong is the best opportunity to earn a great salary whilst travelling. It blends both Western and Eastern culture, and offers locals and tourists a vibrant environment full of culture, great food and entertainment.The former British territory always puts English on the curriculum of young learners and professionals, giving countless opportunities for teaching English as a foreign English.

Let’s start with the great diversity of teaching jobs that you can find Hong Kong.Or have a look at our supported job in Hong Kong

Types of Teaching Jobs in Hong Kong

Public Schools

If you want to work in a public school in Hong Kong, one of the best ways to apply is through the Native English Teacher Scheme (NET). This is a government sponsored program offering teaching jobs for elementary and middle school positions. This programs are looking for native English teachers, with TEFL certificates from accredited TEFL courses. They may also require a degree diploma and some teaching experience. You can find more information about the NET programs at the Education Bureau here.

Private Schools

You can teach English in private schools in Hong Kong, which usually offers more flexible hours and higher pay. Most of the classes will be carried out in the evenings and over the weekends, as they tend to work with after-school hours.

International Schools

You can also work as a TEFL teacher in one of the numerous international schools in Hong Kong. You can choose from American, British, Australian and Canadian curriculums. For this type of teaching jobs you would need to show a degree qualification, a TEFL certificate and some proof of teaching experience. The pay is very good compared to public schools.


If you are a qualified English teacher with a TEFL certificate from one of the accredited TEFL courses, you can teach English in one of the universities in Hong Kong. The pay is one the best and they usually offer you free accommodation on campus.

Corporate Language Programs

This is one of the best paid opportunities to teach English in Hong Kong. You can work on freelance contracts with a corporation or you can work for a private corporate language program. You will be teaching English, at business level, to professionals. The jobs are usually flexible, covering full training days and plenty of free time in between.


If you prefer to set your own working hours, you can offer private classes to young learners, university students or professionals. Since there are many students that go on Erasmus programs in UK and US, you could help them to prepare for IELTS exams.

How to Get a Teaching Job in Hong Kong

Here is a 3 step guide on how to find dream teaching jobs in Hong Kong

Step 1 – Get a TEFL certificate

A TEFL certificate is mandatory for teaching English in Hong Kong. The great news is that these programs are very inexpensive and you can learn online, in your free time and from the comfort of your own home.

Step 2 – Find the type of job you want!

Above we’ve listed 6 types of teaching jobs in Hong Kong, all with different salaries and requirements. If you are an experienced teacher with a graduate degree and a TEFL certificate, private and internationals schools are some of the best jobs available. University jobs are even better paid, and they are a great opportunity if you prefer to work with older students.

For public schools and universities you can expect a salary between $2000 and $6000, depending on your experience. International schools salaries usually start higher, at $3000-$4000 per month. As a freelance private tutor, the hourly rates vary depending on your experience and who you are teaching, but you can charge anywhere from $20 to $100.

If you are just starting out, you can join a NET scheme and work on a two-year contract in a public school. However, if you want the most flexibility and free time to travel, a freelance job is your best choice.

Step 3 – Get a Visa

You can enter Hong Kong with a tourist visa, but if you want to work you need an employer sponsored Visa. Be wary of this in case you want to opt for the freelance job.

Step 4 – Plan Your Trip

This step really depends what type of travel you want to do. If you aim is to live in Hong Kong, work in a good school and earn a high salary, whilst having enough money to enjoy the area you are in, you probably only have to plan for living costs.

If you want to make time to explore more places in Hong Kong and maybe take a trip to Macau or Shanghai, it is best to plan in advance.

Before you get started with your TEFL qualification and get ready to find a teaching job in Hong King, here are 3 things to look forward to for your Asian adventure:

1. Eat out

Hong Kong has more than 1000 restaurants and street food kiosks to choose from, and you can buy tasty food for as cheap as $1.

2. Take a walk at Sai Kung Park

The National Geopark is a paradise of wild life and exotic landmarks, and here you can also get a sneak peek of a collapsed volcano.

3. Visit Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is one of the hottest tourist spots, where you can climb up to 373 meters for some of the most spectacular views of Hong Kong.

Teaching English in Hong Kong is rewarding, exciting and for most, an Asian dream come true.

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