Teaching English in Cyprus is more than working experience, it’s a true traveler’s adventure. Cyprus is that beautiful East Mediterranean island country most of us dream to visit in summer. From laying in the sun on one of the stunning beaches in Cyprus, skiing in winter or just enjoying amazing Greek and Turkish food, the country island will offer you an experience full of culture, adventure and fun.

One of the most amazing facts about Cyprus is that it is believed the first time the island was populated dates back to 10 000 BC. If you are a historian, archaeologist, or simply a curious traveler, Cyprus is an ancient treasure worth visiting. A holiday is never enough to truly grasp the beauty and reality of a country. If you want to experience life in Cyprus like a local, look for a teaching job and spend some time working and living there. You never know what ancient secrets you might discover.

To help you make up your mind if teaching English in Cyprus is for you, here are 5 questions and answers with the fundamentals:

 1. Where Can I Find Paid Teaching Jobs In Cyprus?

The best paid TEFL jobs in Cyprus are found in international schools. The schools usually carry their entire program in English, and are in constant need of native and TEFL certified English teachers. The average monthly salary is for about €1000 for a full time job, which is more than enough to live comfortably on the island. The best time to apply for jobs in international schools is during summer, around August, before the academic year starts. You will be working with young learners, and although the classes are thought in English, it follows a similar curriculum to the standard public schools. The contracts rarely cover accommodation and travel costs, so you will need to manage everything from your salary.

2. How Can I Find Volunteer TEFL Jobs In Cyprus?

If you prefer a shorter contract or a volunteer role, there are many non-profit organisations that arrange teaching programs for less privileged children. For instance, you could teach English in summer camps or orphanages. These volunteer programmes usually cover accommodation and food costs and some might reimburse your plane tickets. If you have a TEFL certification, your chances of finding volunteer jobs in summer camps in Cyprus are higher.

 3. What Do I Need To Teach English In Cyprus?

The most important qualification you need to teach English in Cyprus is a TEFL certificate from one of the accredited TEFL Courses. To find one the best premium accredited TEFL courses online, visit Premier TEFL. If you want to work for higher institutions, some of them might also require a BA or teaching experience.

If you are not a European Union citizen, you might need a visa to work in Cyprus, so do ensure to check that with your embassy before you travel to work in Cyprus.

4. How Much Does It Cost To Live In Cyprus?

As mentioned before, unless you are part of a volunteer programme, most TEFL jobs in Cyprus don’t cover accommodation costs. The cost of living can vary between €700 and €1000, depending on your standards. To give you an idea, renting a 1 bedroom apartment could cost you around €450 per month. However, you could share that cost with other TEFL teachers and save money. The costs vary depending on where you choose to live in the country island. However, if you plan your budgets well, your monthly salary can cover all your accommodation and food costs as well as some extra pocket money to explore the surroundings.

5. What Can I Expect From The Working Culture In Cyprus?

Teaching English in Cyprus is a slightly more professional experience compared to other European countries. The students address teachers by their title and surname, and the dress code is quite conservatory. However, since international schools usually work with small groups of young learners, you can expect to get a personal teacher-student experience.

Speaking the local language is not required, as the teaching curriculum is strictly in English. However, knowing a few local words can always help you to get around and also connect better with your classroom.

Teaching English in Cyprus can be one of the most amazing experiences of a lifetime. Start by getting certified with one of our courses and look for your dream full time or part time TEFL jobs.

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