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TEFL Internships – Vietnam

TEFL Job vs. TEFL Internship

You’ve been scouring the internet for months, idly scrolling through blogs of current and past ESL teachers, daydreaming your life as one of them. Suddenly, a new concept fills your computer screen: “A TEFL internship?… a PAID TEFL internship? What’s that?” No need to rub your eyes or put your glasses back on. Your peepers […]

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Insider Tips for TEFL Teachers in Vietnam 🇻🇳

Vietnam isn’t just a country—it’s a totally different world. Where else in Asia can you see sandwiches as street food, a mingling of ancient oriental designs and French architecture, and more motorbikes than you can count in a lifetime? It’s not all quaint village life, either. Modern shopping malls and skyscrapers give way to developed […]

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Niamh Carey’s Phở-nomenal time in Vietnam 🍜

Glasgow University Graduate Niamh studied English Literature and Sociology and is now coming to the end of her internship in Hanoi, Vietnam.  She is extremely interested in various cultures and how they can differ from each other so vastly – which makes her an ideal TEFL traveler. Read on to hear all about her Phở-nomenal […]

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