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TEFL Internships – Thailand

US 🇺🇸 ➡️ Thailand 🇹🇭 – TEFL Interview With Stefanie Kreisman

Stefanie posing with her students

Meet Stefanie our Thai TEFL expert. Read her interview about life in Asia for English teachers abroad, then be sure to check out her blog and her Instagram to go even deeper! Tell us about yourself! We’d love to know about your background, what drew you to teaching abroad, and more. Hello! I’m Stefanie and […]

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Interview with Brianna Flores in Thailand 🇹🇭

Briana taking a picture on the Laos and Myanmar border

Brianna, we’ve been following you on Instagram and it looks like you’re having an amazing time. Tell us, why Thailand? Had you ever been there before or even traveled much? Before deciding to intern in Thailand with Premier TEFL, I had never been to Thailand before! It was always one of those places that I […]

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TEFL Job vs. TEFL Internship

You’ve been scouring the internet for months, idly scrolling through blogs of current and past ESL teachers, daydreaming your life as one of them. Suddenly, a new concept fills your computer screen: “A TEFL internship?… a PAID TEFL internship? What’s that?” No need to rub your eyes or put your glasses back on. Your peepers […]

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Colorado 🇺🇸 ➡️ Chaiyaphum 🇹🇭 – Brittany Speigelberg Interview

What made you decide to pursue TEFL? Was it difficult to leave the US to go to Thailand? I decided to pursue TEFL because it was something that once I got the idea in my head, I couldn’t shake.  I had first heard of TEFL around my second year of college and I remember thinking […]

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Lovers in Thailand – Interview with Imran & Saara ❤️

What type of travel experience did you both individually have before deciding to move to Thailand to teach English? Imran and Saara: We were the typical 9-5 couple that took an annual vacation overseas, travelling predominantly in South East Asia and Europe. After a few years, it seemed like each year would roll around even […]

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