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Online English Teaching Heroes

America 🇺🇸 ➡️ China 🇨🇳 – Briana Liu Interview

Briana taking a picture with her husband on their wedding day.

Briana, a native of Tampa and graduate in Music Education at Clearwater Christian College, didn’t know that her future path included teaching English abroad in Beijing, China! After teaching herself Mandarin with the help of Chinese movies (impressive!), she knew there was one destination for her: the Middle Kingdom itself. Learn more about Bri’s journey […]

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Meet Victoria our Traveling TEFLer 🌏✈️

Victoria chilling on the beach

Originally from Liverpool—and armed with a BSC in Psychology—Victoria Bennett has been traveling the world, eating all-the-foods (she’s a self-proclaimed “food enthusiast”), and sustaining her epic lifestyle by teaching English online. Sound like a path YOU want to pursue? Read on to learn more about her journey to becoming an online ESL teacher! Tell us […]

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New Regulations For Teaching English Online With Chinese Companies

Anyone who dreams of ultimate-flexibility and a life of wayward travel knows that one of the best strategies for geographically untethered income is to become an online English teacher. With dozens of companies sprouting from East Asian nations in the last few years—primarily China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam—it’s no surprise that English-language-speaking digital nomads […]

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Teach English Online: 5 Awesome Companies to Choose From

Teach English Online

Teaching English online can be a great—or a horrendous—experience. Avoid the latter by choosing awesome, reliable, trustworthy companies from the get-go. Here’s our comprehensive list of the best and most reliable companies to work for when teaching English online. But first… What to look for in trusted online English teaching companies Regardless of which company […]

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19 Tips & Tricks to Make Your Online English Lessons More Interactive 💻

man relaxing with a laptop, teaching english online

Don’t just go through the motions with the same ‘o, same ‘o lesson plan this week. It’s time to spice up your game plan and really master the art of hosting interactive lessons—even digitally. Just because you’re not sharing a physical space with your students doesn’t mean that you need to drone on for 30 […]

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Your Path to Becoming a TEFL Digital Nomad 💻🌎

TEFL Digital Nomad on the beach

Why TEFL as a digital nomad? For many digital nomads, the allure of coffee shop hustles, late night phone calls with potential investors (timezone math, #amiright?), the chance to meet creative, innovative, motivated, and interesting travelers, and the dream of earning money on their terms is tough to beat. But it’s not as easy as […]

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