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TEFL as a Non-Native

A New Life in Asia – Interview with Erick García Plasencia

Erick visiting a Japanese comic book store.

A native of Mexico, Erick García Plasencia has an unusual background for an ESL teacher abroad. A combination of an inspiring father and video games lead him to not only English fluency, but fluency in six languages! Read about his journey to Japan and home again—find the courage to start your own career as an […]

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Why a Non-Native English-Speaking Teacher Can be Better than a Native English Teacher

Many schools around the world will prioritize hiring teachers that are passport-holders from countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. And boy, are they missing out. Not only do non-native English teachers bring a new cultural element to the classroom, but they bring a lot—we mean, a LOT—of expertise and skill. Luckily, not […]

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6 Tips: Preparing for a TEFL interview

two people at an interview shaking hands tefl job

You’ve completed your TEFL course and you’re over the moon with excitement—and not just because you can now teach someone how a phrase like “over the moon with excitement” is an idiom, designed to have figurative meaning. Now you’re looking towards your next step: taking your freshly-minted TEFL certificate and landing yourself a job. But […]

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TEFL in Cambodia and on to travel the world ✈️🌏 Meet Eva 🏝☀️

TEFL, Teach English, Teach English in Cambodia, Asia, Southeast Asia

Namibia native and TEFL teacher extraordinaire, Eva, has had some amazing experiences since landing in Cambodia and catching the travel bug! 🐞😍✈️ This girl knows what she’s talking about when it comes to TEFL and travel, a must-read insight of an amazing TEFL teacher who loves both teaching and learning during her travels! She hasn’t retired […]

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Interview with Ana Silva — Proof You Don’t Need to Speak English Natively to Teach Abroad

Sure, it’s true there tend to be more opportunities for native English speakers to teach ESL abroad, but that doesn’t stop the determined. Take Ana, for instance. She’s a 20 something year old from Portugal, proving every single day that you don’t need to be American, British, Australian, etc. to succeed as an international English […]

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