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TEFL with no Degree

6 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Teaching Experience In Madrid 🇪🇸

Spanish people having a chat

Do you find yourself wondering what’s over the horizon or across the sea? Want to begin something new, and exciting? We’ve got the solution for you! VaughanTown’s incredible immersion program will allow you to make your escape and to improve your English teaching skills all in one go. First, let’s look at all the incredible […]

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TEFL Teaching in Taiwan 🇹🇼 – Annalyssa’s Interview

Annalyssa relaxing in Taiwan

Annalyssa’s life has been a whirlwind of travels and adventures, so it’s no surprise that she ended up biting the bullet and living abroad full time! Now a teacher in Myanmar, Annalyssa got her start as a TEFL teacher in Taiwan. Trilingual and full of life, read on to learn more about her journey from […]

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Can I do a TEFL course part-time? 💻✔️

part-time tefl, tefl online

You’re currently working 40+ hours a week and the 9-5 grind is finally getting to you. You’re wrapping up your last year of university, juggling your capstone project, thesis work, quality time with your besties, and those last few tasks in your role in that student club on campus. You’re a stay at home mom […]

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6 Tips: Preparing for a TEFL interview

two people at an interview shaking hands tefl job

You’ve completed your TEFL course and you’re over the moon with excitement—and not just because you can now teach someone how a phrase like “over the moon with excitement” is an idiom, designed to have figurative meaning. Now you’re looking towards your next step: taking your freshly-minted TEFL certificate and landing yourself a job. But […]

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TEFL in Cambodia and on to travel the world ✈️🌏 Meet Eva 🏝☀️

TEFL, Teach English, Teach English in Cambodia, Asia, Southeast Asia

Namibia native and TEFL teacher extraordinaire, Eva, has had some amazing experiences since landing in Cambodia and catching the travel bug! 🐞😍✈️ This girl knows what she’s talking about when it comes to TEFL and travel, a must-read insight of an amazing TEFL teacher who loves both teaching and learning during her travels! She hasn’t retired […]

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China 4 Ways: Which Premier TEFL China Internship Program is Right For YOU? 🐼

With four great program options on offer, it can be tough to figure out which of these Chinese dragons you want to take for a spin. But lucky for you, the moon is full, the jasmine tea is freshly steeped, and we’re ready to make some hard-and-fast predictions about which of these TEFL internship programs […]

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Your Path to Becoming a TEFL Digital Nomad 💻🌎

TEFL Digital Nomad on the beach

Why TEFL as a digital nomad? For many digital nomads, the allure of coffee shop hustles, late night phone calls with potential investors (timezone math, #amiright?), the chance to meet creative, innovative, motivated, and interesting travelers, and the dream of earning money on their terms is tough to beat. But it’s not as easy as […]

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#GapYearGoals Samantha La Mendola’s Chinese Adventure 🇨🇳

Meet globetrotter Samantha La Mendola from Brookfield, Connecticut. After finishing high school, Samantha brought her charisma and vivacity to Xindu, China for 5 months last September, to teach English to young learners. Samantha is a driven and talented young woman, who at the age of 19 has already traveled to 11 countries with her competing […]

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